Hands on with CoPilot for Windows Phone 8

As we promised earlier, we have a hands on demo of the new CoPilot Navigation app coming soon to Windows Phone 8.

The version you see here is in “demo mode” but we checked out ourselves and the software is quite nice. There’s not a Live Tile yet but CoPilot seemed jazzed about what they could do with it, meaning you can expect that feature to come in a later update.

Head past the break to see the video and read our earlier article on CoPilot’s history and their exciting return to the Microsoft ecosystem.


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Hands on with CoPilot for Windows Phone 8


Feature wise, this easily beats Nokia drive. The "Directions" is something that I wish Nokia drive would add. I've had customers ask me how to get a list of directions on Nokia drive but its not available. This might be my replacement of Nokia drive. I have to check what I'm going to miss in the free version.

Nokia drive is for navigating from where you are and to where you have to go not for directions from a certain part if the world to another ... For the directions thing you should be able to do that in nokia maps

The problem about switching to Nokia maps is that ill have to leave "Drive" and come back to it later. I want the list of directions by clicking a button while navigating using Nokia drive.

Exactly. This needs to be in there yesterday. Also contacts integration. I want to pick mt destination from my contact addresses. How is that not the most obvious thing?

Interesting.  But shouldn't we already know where our contacts reside and/or work?  Oh well, while interesting, it certainly wouldn't be a function that I would need or use.

Contacts isn't integrated, but you can go to the people hub, click on an address. This will open up maps. Click on get directions and then click drive which will open up Nokia Drive. Not an elegant solution but still works.

Yeah... I know.  Very not optimal.  :)
I don't understand why they don't all have the Garmin interface where you click on contacts from within the app, and it brings up your contact list and you pick the address.  Very simple.
As for people saying should we know how to get there, the answer is that not all of us are as directionally gifted as others.  Especially with place I may only go once a year... I nearly always use the GPS function.

Thanks but no thanks.
Did you rellay just use a back button up in the top left corner of the app? OMG! Get out of hear. I dont want to see this ugly app again until you do some proper WP8 skinning.
This looks exactly like an Android/iOS app! If I wanted those kind of apps I would never have bought a WP phone. So begone and welcome back when you have learned the Metro design language instead of just copying the interface from other phones.

I agree, it looks foreign on the WP platform. And on an unrelated topic, Lumia 920's screen is simply stunning.

Here's a hint for you.....don't buy it if you don't like it. There seem to be a lot of people who do like it.

Looks pretty nice, definitely appears from the quick demo to be better than Nokia Drive in some ways.
That being said, why is it that no GPS app for Windows Phone supports voice commands / TellMe yet?  I'd think that would be a no-brainer.

A word of warning about Co-Pilot. When I first went from a Windows Mobile to Android, I bought a copy of Co-Pilot from Amazon. When it arrived, it clearly had an option to install it on Android on the box, and the software went so far as to actually install on my Android phone, but every time I ran the App it said that I didn't have any maps installed on my phone, despite the fact that I did. Co-Pilot's stock answer was that I'd bought a Windows Mobile version, despite the fact that the damn thing installed on Android and said that it was for Android on the box. They completely abdicated all responsibility. Their customer service was absolutely appalling.

I've had issues with activation in the past on Windows Mobile versions. Hopefully this is purchased in the store and that is the only activation or account required.

I luv nokia drive use it several times a day not having list view sucks and also not having traffic sucks as well other than that its my go to app, I still have to use bing some times, if the price is right I might jump on board. Ill miss my surfer dude though.

Too bad it comes with so much chrome, doesn't really seem to fit on Windows Phone. No live tile and a lot of flash that distracts from the content.

This is why people don't wanna make apps for WP's because when we get apps people always diss their apps when they don't look like they want them to look... Shut up and be grateful for what we have, the more the merrier.. I happen to like the apps design and don't like some of WP designed apps with no background colors and looks too plain.. Add some color and pizzazz too them..

Not too bad. It looks to be in need of some optimization as it appears to stutter between swipes. All in all, not a bad option for Windows phones.  Get this in the 29.99 dollar price range and it'll make some moves. After that, the maps have to be accurate otherwise, it'll be a bust at the gate.  I dig the options panels but for now, I'll stick with Nokia Maps (Nokia Here) for now.

It looks nice, but they're competing against free offline maps for the whole world (Nokia Drive/+). They're gonna have to do something special to turn a profit on this I think.