Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone now shipping in Russia


The Samsung ATIV S has started shipping in Russia with orders being fulfilled from Wednesday, 20th. The Windows Phone was priced in the country late last month and made available for purchase in the first week of February. The handset is stocked at multiple Samsung stores, as well as online retailer Euroset.

You can check out the ATIV S over on Euroset for 24,990 rubles ($820). Russia will also be experiencing Huawei hardware this month with the Ascend W1 launching soon. The Ascend W1 is the cheapest option of the trio with a price tag of just 11.990 rubles ($400). Huawei matches Samsung and Nokia in the 4-inch display region, with a 2000mAh battery and dual-core CPU.

Source: WinPhoneLive.ru; thanks, Stanislav, for the tip!


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Samsung ATIV S Windows Phone now shipping in Russia


This is getting ridiculous. I have been waiting for this phone to hit T-Mo since it was announced. Guess I'm going to wait for the second wave of w8 phones. Really wanted that big screen, removable battery and being able to bump up the storage. Looks like my hd7 will be soldiering on :)

For what is worth, I had a HTC hd7 as my 1st Win phone. I loved it, and if I didn't go out n purchase the ATIV S, I would have bought another hd7 because it is real workhorse.
Now my teen daughter has it and loves it!
I miss the kickstand though!

Lol I love the kickstand! It really is a workhorse and I'm happy with it and have been since I got it when it was first released. I have been up for an upgrade for over a year and trying to be patient ha ha ha

@jonchai I would have to agree with you. I think they're afraid it will sell as well as the Galaxy S 3. Their loyalty to Android seems to be their focus. I'm inclined to believe that they will release it, once the GS 4 is out, and everyone will be moving on to the next hot thing. It's a shame, really. The Ativ S would have given WP8 another bump in share in the US. If it had come out around the time Nokia Lumia 920 did, I think WP would have a 5 to 7% share in the market. It nearly double with the debut of the 920. No reason to think the Ativ S wouldn't have added another 2% to that. I loved my original Focus, but seeing how Samsung is acting, I don't want to spend money on a device they aren't going to support properly. Love their hardware, though.