Apple underwhelms with the iPhone 5. Here's why the Nokia Lumia 920 is better.

Today's winner is...

Today, Apple finally took the wraps off of the long-awaited iPhone 5 (you can get all the dirty details at our sister site iMore). Funny thing happened along the way though to the announcement: many leaks came forward early on that turned out to be highly accurate, taking the punch out of a lot of the new features. What’s more, even the media started to get a bit bored with Apple’s plans for the next-gen device.

The question for our readers though is in terms of raw technology—who came out on top? We say that because we know Apple will win the PR and hype war, but for the first time a Windows Phone has gone toe-to-toe and in terms of specs, has beat out the next-generation iPhone.


iPhone 5 vs the world


Specifications - iPhone 5

Here is what the new iPhone 5 packs for the main features:

  • 112 grams (20% lighter than the 4S)
  • 7.6mm thin
  • 4” in-cell 1136 x 640 display (16:9; 326ppi)
  • 8MP rear camera with F/2.4 lens, BSI sensor and Sapphire crystal
  • Apple A6 Chip

The crux of the update is this though: the iPhone 5 increases the display vertically to show more, but does not make the phone wider thereby making it easier to hold. In turn, Apple have also made it much thinner and lighter, going for the super-temporary title of “world’s thinnest” blah blah. We’re sure that will change in like 3-6 weeks, knowing how fast technology moves these days.

They also added 4G LTE, re-did their proprietary connector and gave it a faster A6 processor.


Lumia 920 and 900

The Lumia 920 and the Lumia 900, chillin'


Let's compare

By comparison, the really thin Samsung ATIV S is 8.7mm thick and weighs in at 135g. Of course the simply massive 2300mAh battery on board makes up for that in our opinion. The Lumia 920, meanwhile is a monster, coming in at 185g and 10.7mm thick.

So if you want small and nimble, yes, the iPhone 5 is your choice and let’s not deny the fact that many people do prefer small, thin phones.

But it was the rest of the news that made the presentation, soporific. That’s because Apple either didn’t reveal anything new or what they did say was quite unexciting.

For instance, the in-cell display is neat—they put the touch sensitive components within the display directly, making it super thin. But it’s not Nokia’s Super-sensitive display. That means you have to take your gloves off to use it. That's sooo early 2012.

That's a killer commercial right there for Nokia: Show someone wearing their gloves while using the Lumia 920. Next, have the iPhone 5 with someone mashing their gloved phalanges on the screen in frustration. Sold.

Lumia 920

Lumia 920 looks good on paper

What’s more, Nokia’s PureMotion HD+ has a 60Hz refresh rate, making it “blur free” and the fastest display on a phone.  Throw in ClearBlack for super saturated colors, 4.5” inches in size and a massive 332ppi that dwarfs the iPhone 5 and we know the winner.

But that didn’t stop Apple from exclaiming, "This is the world's most advanced display and I couldn't be prouder of it."

Sorry, but bullshit.

Next up was the camera. Here, Apple could have snuck in some new tech that none of us would have predicted. But no they gave users an updated iPhone 4S camera--a very solid camera—but not ground breaking. With an F/2.4 lens, BSI sensor and an improved chipset, the iPhone 5 will be good but it's not pushing the boundaries.

Nokia though has an F/2.0 camera (more light for the sensor, more ‘bokeh’ blur), 1/3” BSI sensor and optical-image stabilization (OIS) with that last one being a first for a smartphone. Toss in Nokia’s algorithms plus Scalado’s software and in terms of raw specs, Nokia crushed Apple.

Yes, we need to do side-by-side comparison, but any photographer worth their salt would reach for the Nokia’s PureView camera over the iPhone 5 just based on specs.

Even on battery life and talk-time, Apple did not fair so well. Talk time over 3G is just 8 hours versus the 10 hours claimed by Nokia. When it comes to standby time, it’s even worse: Apple – 225 hours versus Nokia at 400.

iPhone 5

The new iPhone 5. Not bad but not great.


Where Apple wins

Apple of course does win a few areas—super thin, super light, as mentioned above. They also announced a pre-order date (September 14th), shipping date (September 21st) and of course prices starting at the regular $199 and up.

For many, that’s a huge win for Apple as they always out do their competition that way. And while it would have been nice for Nokia to do the same, the fact of the matter that probably won’t happen. Ever. Microsoft makes the software, OEMs make the hardware and carriers have to sell it.  To get all three of those to line up to make global availability announcements is just too hard, especially since Windows Phone 8 has not been RTM’d (released to manufactures aka final build).

The fact is, Samsung, HTC, LG, Huwaei etc. all play by those rules on Android and Windows Phone too. Sure, it’s not ideal but Nokia is not the exception here—Apple is. And Apple can do this for two reasons (1) they strong-armed carriers, who will never allow that to happen again and (2) they have the clout to demand things.

Microsoft? Not so much.

Having said that, look for a November release for Nokia.


Nokia's PureMotion HD+ is real innovation


Where Apple loses

Excitement. There, we said it. The new iPhone 5 with its longer look is not that sexy to be honest and the new features did not cause us to have a ‘wow’ moment. Not once.

Maybe that’s too much to ask from Apple. Not every Pink Floyd album can be Dark Side of the Moon, right?  But Apple has set the bar for magical technology and the iPhone 5 failed to impress. Not because it's a bad phone, it just didn't push the industry that forward. Thinner and lighter with worse battery life? We went through that years ago.

No NFC, no inductive wireless charging, no OIS for the camera, no Super-sensitive touch screen, no Gorilla Glass 2, no exciting colors, no HAAC rich recording.

Lower pixels-per-inch (PPI) on the display, smaller display, worse battery life, mediocre camera specs, slower display refresh-rate. And you can't wear gloves while using it.

Will it be a nice phone? You betcha', we’re not knocking that. But will the media and fans be impressed with this when it is eventually put up against the Lumia 920 (or even other high end Android devices)? Probably not.

The fact of the matter is Nokia showed that their research & development team has a lot more up their sleeve than Apple and Nokia is just getting started.

Lumia 920 in grey

The Lumia 920 in grey (via our Forums)


The Take Away

The iPhone 5 will sell well and will be reviewed well but it’s losing its power to impress, to set the bar for technology. It's starting to feel old. For the first time, competitors have a real chance to blow by Apple and we’re excited to say that the Lumia 920 is leading that charge.

Will it matter for sales? Not immediately but this could be the start as people begin to get excited for something different, again.


Read more about the iPhone 5 at Tell is comments what you thought of today's announcement and the chances for Nokia.


Reader comments

Apple underwhelms with the iPhone 5. Here's why the Nokia Lumia 920 is better.



The media makes the iPhone seem like a REVOLUTIONARY product .. always did.
The 920, is one of the best phones in the market.
iPhone lost its touch, and it's no longer the phone that it was before.
It's so boring. I say that, because I have an iPod Touch 4th Generation, and my mom and sister has the 4s.
I want the 920 thou !
The only thing that pisses me off, is how Nokia never announced a release date =/
I guess I have to wait on that one.

Well...  Apple has spoken.  Now the masses will decide that they don't need new features and they just want a slim phone for the next couple years.  :p

Made of aluminum and GLASS.. Glass, I read that in another article, And it won't be thin when people put cases on them. LIKE ALWAYS.. Nokia wins in that department too, I've heard they're sturdy phones. Oh wait depending on which website you read iPhone wins by default.

on a different site they said the new ipod colors are so amazing and nokia was copying it.. Helloo? with the first series of the lumias they did colors to smartphone that are awesome and the second generation is amazing too and i was saying he guys the colors looks very like the new lumia line.. so they said oh come nokia copied it aplle hat patents for it,,! so i said nokia has also patents for it .. so they said nokia is bullshit becaus apple has worldwide lte and i said nokia either. and then they said noithing more.. simply without words

iPods in different colours came out in early-to-mid 2000's. Nokia may have had coloured phones back then too, but you definitely can't say Apple copied the Lumia

I figured Apple would have about 2years worth of new stuff that Steve Jobs left them...they're Blowing it sooner than expected.

I am really surprised that the iPhone 5 came in with JUST a 4" screen. The specs look good but to echo what others have said, other than the thin spec, it's been surpassed already. Nokia has really nailed the 920, though we don't know pricing and availability yet, do we. The camera can't be beat, wireless charging is unmatched in ease of use and WP7/8 is consistently smooth. I know which will be my next phone, and it’s not the iPhone 5. Thanks Nokia.

this iphone just makes me want my new red 920 that much more. that being said I am sure apple will sell millions of em.

oh i forgot to say the iphone 5 body looks good nothing really new with aluminium and glass only but who cares about it because when its dropped to the ground iphone always broken or thick sretches in it and so scretchless unibody is more worth. so the iphone all cost for a phone so 180$ and a lumia 900 costs for all so 310$ i wonder how much is the difference between 920 and iphone because iphone is always too expensive!

I like this blog a lot. But i can't read this article without taking it as an attack at Apple with a hint of fanboyism. Be it for the company I root for or against it, I don't like fanboys. And you could have just pointed things out, highlighting what's better (and what's worse) on the 920 without angry comments at Apple's way of saying things. "Most advanced", "better", and the like are things that Apple likes to say to "brainwash", if I may, the audience. Like we usually say where I'm from, to throw the clay to the wall and see if it sticks.
The Lumia 920 is the most interesting device announced this week, you _can_ and you _should_ point that out, bit by bit, but this... This was unnecessary.
I apologize for my criticism.

While I choose to take the civilized approach, I have to ask you sir, have you ever visited CNET, ENGADGET, THE VERGE, etc? If so, you should read the forums concerning windows, WP7, WP8, etc and see how the slader an attack anything windows. Did you ever think that Daniel get a lot of flack from his cohorts at iphone central, imore, and all the other places? There's two sides to every story no matter which route you choose to take. Walk a day in his shoes before you convict him; He did state the iphone is good, but maybe not the best for everyone.

I understand that. And believe me, I also wanted to rub a nice and way more interesting Lumia 920 on Apple's face right then, but If I were to write an article on a website like WPcentral, I would let it wear off first.
And no, I don't expect the same level of fanboyism from WPcentral's writers I expect from Engadget's or CNET's or whatever.
I completely agree with Daniel on every damn word he wrote, and I'm not understating him as a writer, on the contrary. What I'm saying is that he should've steamed down a little before writing this article.

I am an Apple fan but this is normal. You are on a Windows Phone site and people will be rooting for a Windows Phone. Be glad that WPCentral is really fair with their articles compared to but still view it from a Windows Phone user's point of view.

I'm a Windows Phone fan myself. What I don't think is necessary is this kind of... Let's call it, emotion, when writing an article like this. This is what make a blog lose it's credibility. And I sincerely hope WPcentral doesn't get to that.

Samsung just sued Apple for use of 4G LTE - Samsung owns many of the LTE patents.

I hope Apple has to pull all devices before they hit the market =)

Wouldn't you rather want Windows Phone devices to beat the iPhone when it is on the market? Sounds really cowardly.

I'm sorry but what site are we on? Is it not a Windows Phone site with an article saying why the Lumia 920 beats the iPhone 5?

Let apple have their fun and sell their 6 year old desgin... iOS 6 is nothing new, just a sea of iCons (just incase it's copyrighted, I dont want to get sued)..
But, to be honest with you, that would be really funny...

I'm going to buy the iPhone 5 on my sprint employee line and sell it to fund the purchase of a lumia 920.

I couldn't have put it better myself. Well maybe, but I was too busy sleeping through the iPhone announcement.

Apparently you have tried both devices since you clearly states that the 920 is better?

Why dont you rename the site to

Cant we just be happy that we finally will get a really nice WP phone?

Is it really needed to talk down the iPhone in such unfair way, only to make all the unsecure fan boys here feel good?

You dont know about the iPhone CPU and GPU yet, which probably will be quite powerfull.

And until recently it was forbidden to talk about specs here. "Why would you have a dual core in a phone?" "HD displays is for TVs" etc... Just because WP now will get some decent specs it is all that matters? Unbelivable.

I think both will be great phones, but since the iPhone is yet to be released and WP8 isnt even finished yet, it is kind of hard to tell which will deliver the BEST EXPERIENCE, right?

You have some good points but I don't think anyone is being unfair here. I am an iPhone user but the article is good and keeps its point of view from an Windows Phone user while at least still agreeing that the iPhone does have good features. You won't find many fair sites like this.

Daniel, how much longer do you think the hype with ipods/ipod nanos will remain? And do you thing the can sustain profitablity when your cell phone can perform the same duties? I personally use my cell for calls/internet/music/turn-by-turn (Nokia Drive), etc. I personally find it hard to beleive ifan have decided they can use their cell for double/triple duty and save money

Daniel answered it perfectly. I have a 160GB iPod Classic, and there's absolutely no reason for them to keep making it except they have no competition so every sale is pure profit (no marketing, etc). Same with the iPod Touch.

The only thing that interest me was "Passbook" app. Nokia & Microsoft needs to get together and make a similar app for Windows Phone. Huge $$$ potential. I can also decrease my wallet size in half.

Lol! Engadget Is blowing up right now! I see many are looking for the Lumia 920 now! Thank you apple! You may have helped Nokia today.

Apple fan here! Don't hate please. First of, I wanna say I really like reading WPCentral. Unlike the guys at some other blog ( you guys keep your comparisons fair but still from a point of a Windows Phone user. Over there you would never find a "Where Apple wins" section. I salute you for that!
Now I just want to comment on a few things from my perspective. Just so you know, I do have experience with Windows Phone and I own and have use my Lumia 800 plenty of times.
Now regarding the "Where Apple loses" part:
- NFC isn't a big deal yet. There won't too many areas where you can use it as far as I know (I may be mistaken) but certainly here in Europe I have never seen any place where I can use and apply NFC. Cool that the Lumia 920 has it but consumers won't say that they aren't going to buy the iPhone 5 because it doesn't have NFC. Also, I don't know how well this works since the when Nokia demoed it in NY it failed miserably when trying to connect to the speakers. 
- Wireless charging is cool, yes. I'd love it if the iPhone had it but there have been accesories for various devices for wireless charing but I don't think they have been a success. Okay this isn't a fair comparison because these accessories always added bulk to the device. So yeah I agree that this is where the Lumia 920 wins.
- OIS seemed to work really well on the Lumia 920 and the camera will definitely beat the iPhone 5's. But hey, the iPhone still takes gorgeous pictures and the stabilization is not bad. It is not as good as the 920's. What should also be considered is that Nokia has worked on PureView for 5 years so it is no suprise that the camera is more advanced. Nokia has a headstart on camera technology, just like Apple had a a headstart in the smartphone market.
- Super sensitive touch is defintiely awesome. I do wish I could use my gloves and iPhone in the winter! I think the iPhone would look like shit if it was available in the same colours as the Lumia devices (which all look nice in the different colours). Still, Apple's black & white iPhone are gorgeous nevertheless.
- The iPhone PPI is 326! yes it may be lower than the Lumia 920's but honestly, you will NEVER be able to see the difference. At a PPI of 326 you CANNOT see a single pixel!
But most importantly, the Lumia 920 is not ready. It will go on sale after the iPhone. Many people will have bought the iPhone by then. Of course people who really want the Lumia 920 will buy it. But Apple does have an advantage here. 
The Lumia 920 has great specifications, but specifications are not what wins market share. I love Windows Phone and the Lumia 920 is a gorgeous device, but until Windows Phone 8 is ready and the Lumia 920 goes on sale, it may be too late to beat the iPhone.

NFC is not just about payments. You can share data over NFC like contacts, photos, etc. and connect devices to play games together through NFC. You can stream music over NFC (like the speaker that they showed with the 920) . The list goes on.

I know that it isn't just about payments. Don't you think that there are many better ways sharing contacts, photos, etc. than via NFC? If I want to share a contact I just send the other person a message with the contact card and the other person can easily add it. For those things the physical contact is really not needed. 
I can stream music with my iPhone to speakers without NFC and without even having to be near my speakers (AirPlay). The big thing are payments. And give me the list.

And you can sync you iPhone to those speakers wirelessly and without opening an app or settings? That's what NFC does, it's "tap and you're connected." no fiddling with Bluetooth settings, searching for available connections, pressing buttons and accepting connections. Tap and play, while it's charging, without wires. That's just sexy.

You double tap the home button, and select a speaker. You can have speakers everywhere in your house and select where to play music to.

NFC is quite common... Credit card companies are rolling out NFC cards (i.e. Tap-and-go), and public transport has used it for year in numerous countries (i.e. Oyster card in London). Imagine storing all of that on your phone and never needing to carry around a bunch of cards. I have 4 I can replace at the moment.

Hey has anybody noticed this?
I think I read somewhere today that the iPhone camera's resolution is 3264 x 2448 pixels... which is the same as the Galaxy S3 and the Lumia 920. Both the iPhone 5 and Galaxy S3 are described as having an "8MP camera" while the Lumia's is "8.7MP". 
Is there something I'm missing here? 3264 times 2448 = 7.99 million. Is Nokia's website wrong about the Lumia 920's camera resolution? Or is this something to do with PureView... ?

Interesting point. I think it's more of a marketing thing but Nokia really doesn't need that with their great camera.

Of course. It's not a big difference and the PureView stuff is clearly more important, I'm just trying to figure out the math so I can have one more reason to talk up the 920
read this... might explain things a bit...
From what I understand, you won't be able to take an actual 8.7mp photo, (in the same way you can't take a 41mp photo on the Pureview 808 - 38mp is the maximum). The sensor is deliborately oversized to give a true 16:9 or 4:3 ratio picture, rather than the cropped affair you get from most other phone cameras.
Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. :)

you are tottaly correct ... even NOKIA N9 and the Lumia 800 have the 8.7 MP cameras for true 16:9 mode... not sure about the 900 but it may also be the same

Apple had a better presentation than Nokia. Nokia had the better phone.
How does Apple get away with a proprietary connector? and now another version of it. That alone is reason enough for me to avoid an iphone (and I had a 3gs prior to owning a Palm Pre)
micro-usb and wireless charging please

I know, I was thinking they would go with a standard....Yep it's Apple a company who forces people to have 2 chargers in each car, One for the iphone and one for a real phone...

For me, I don't really care about the weight of a phone, and I think the thinness of the iPhone 5 is too thin, I expect it to feel weak as a result.
It's a little harsh to criticise Apple for not having inductive charging etc though, as these are not standard by any means. We already knew it was not going to be as good as the Lumia 920...

Good job Daniel, if a smart person lines the specs side by side its obvious which phone comes out on top. Its just to bad that most of the WP critics have never picked up a Windows Phone. Keep up the good work Daniel.

To be honeat,is the 920 really such a wow? For WP users it is but outside this world?

Sure, the display looks really good. But... Innovations?

Wireless charging? Palm had it, Samsung GS3 has it and no one seems to care.
Still same design as the old N9 Meego device?
Hardware thats been around for a while in Android phones? Same goes for NFC.
A probably fine camera but not the best smartphone camera.

I have a hard time to find all the innovations you talk about...

  1. PureMotion HD+ with a 60Hz refresh
  2. Super sensitive touch so you can wear gloves
  3. OIS hasn't been done on a camerphone
  4. Dual-layer polarization for the display
  5. Unibody polycarbonate design and pure-white color
  6. Software - CinemaGraph (combines still pics with motion) & SmartShoot (removes moving objects automatically)

There you go. All firsts. All signs of innovation.

Its funny to me that the thinner the phone get, the thicker the armor. What's the point if I'm afraid to show off my new gadget because "it's thinner." Yea, give me the thicker heavier but sturdier phone, that way I can show off the cool colors and even have it stand up on its own two (literally). I love when people realize that the cyan on my Lumia is not the casing, but the phone itself, then i stand it up to showoff the one of a kind design

I honnestly wouldn't even use the wireless charging even if my phone did have it because I like to use my phone while its charging.

That is actually a really good point. I'm sure you can still charge the Lumia 920 with a cable though can't you? I don't think it'd be good if you couldn't..

Daniel you forgot to compare the maps.. Which was prob the biggest upgrade to their os... Which is really sad, i wanna know where these 200+ features are

Jim Beam sells bourbon, not scotch :)
But I completely agree that this is basically a six month old phone. But specs matter very little to sales. 

First, and most importantly, thank you for another fantastic article.  While Nokia may not have put on a "WOW" showing last week as far as presenters the tech surely was a 9.2 on the Wowza scale (look it up).  In fact, while I sat there reading all the mind blowing advances Apple has been able to make with the iPhone 5/iOS 6 combo the more I realized how technically beautiful the Lumia 920 is and how Apple is now pilfering WP functionality.  It's humorous if not a little frustrating that the lamestream media and iPhans will see this as another instance where Apple is advancing the industry by leaps and bounds.
If Nokia, or any other OEM, rereleased one of their earliest smartphones I'm pretty sure they would have no problem touting thinnest and lightest as well.  It's one of the inevitable truths when it comes to the tech world that as weeks, months, and years go by the technology becomes smaller.
In any case, I wanted to leave you all with something that I had to post on Facebook, which is getting a lot of "likes" from my friends who own and love the iPhone... I should warn you they aren't the brightest as I am essentially calling them out:  “Is anyone else super excited for the new iPhone 5, iPhone 4Ss, iPhone 4 rehash 3.0… I mean Lumia 920!”
Just a quick aside, after reading a lot of comments over the last week, I see a lot of people feeling indifferent about the Qi wireless charging.  Nokia, if you're reading this, throw Bluetooth into one of those charging plates for those who would normally plug into their computer for wireless charging and wireless data syncing.  I know with cloud storage it's not a huge sales point but I do know for some it would be nice. 

Your comment really already becomes irrelevant by implying that iPhone users "aren't the brightest". If you have to say something then say it without offending anyone.

Sorry if I've offended you iMaddin.  No, not all iPhone users are followers and I'm sure most can read into the sarcasm.  I just found it to be a funny observation that I wanted to share.

To be fair, he said his "friends who own and love the iPhone" "aren't the brightest" not all iPhone owners or fans. Maybe all his friends are dumb, and he was just clarifying which group of his dumb friends. :)

I just wish the 920 could be a little thinner, then I would be excited about it. Because it's so big I'm thinking about the ativ..

No matter what we say... The iDrones won't will line up for miles cause the shine new fruit is out and your not cool if you don't have one. The 920 could have renewable power, and be the only green powered phone. It won't matter cause its not from the fruit company ;)

Daniel! It should also be noted that Europe's primary 4g frequencies will not be supported in the iPhone 5, just like with iPad 3. No 4g support in most of Europe is a HUGE minus.

I could not believe what I saw today, and this is the new iPhone ??? LOL
Talk about a major disapointment. Anyone who knows my posts would know I am a WP fan, no question but, I always looked at Apple to see new tech. This is just a 4S streched and flattened a little with a feature that EVERY modern phone is coming with now (LTE).
NFC ? No, Wireless Charging ? NO.... anything new and different from EVERY other phone out there ? NOPE...
it's a joke in my eyes,,,

Its not able the specs, Apple wins because of the infrastructure in place. It just all works together...Iphone, ipod to airPlay to TV, to the store, to iTune it just all works.
Yes I have WP7, yes I will be staying with it. Why I can get achievements on it thats the big draw for me as a Xbox gamer.. They need to make more of this..
As a phone, WP7/WP8 devices do what i want - they make a call, can send a text, access facebook etc thats a phone..BUT i also get to play games and intergrate into Xbox live..Thats the winner here for me.

Apple has the right idea with keeping the phone sensibly sized for easy one-hand use. I've had my Lumia 900 since launch day and I love it, but the one thing that bugs me consistently is the size of the thing. It's just not comfortable to use one-handed without feeling like you're going to drop it, it's a bit bulky in the pocket too.
The Android world has gone insane with these stupidly large screens and it seems we're all along for the ride. Does anyone else even miss the the idea of a phone that actually fits in the palm of your hand and that you barely notice in your pocket?
When Nokia makes a true replacement for the Lumia 800, that is around that SIZE but without some huge spec penalty like a 800x400 screen, that will be my next phone.
Until then, I'll stick with my L900. The L920 gets a pass from me. I don't want a phone that big next time and I definitely don't want a GLOSSY finish.

I use my Titan II (4.7") with one hand, but just barely :) Then again, I'm 6' tall so I can see how it would be an issue... 
but the bigger screen is definitely nice for web browsing. I watch netflix and read Kindle books on it sometimes too... can't imagine doing that on my old iPhone 3GS

"This is the world's most advanced display and I couldn't be prouder of it."

If I was in the audience.....

"PURE MOTION HD+!!!!!!!!!"

And I would walk out with a large grin on my face. :D

Wow, 214 comments
anyway to me a thinner phone is useless If you're gonna buy armor to cover it up, so yea give me a thicker heavier but sturdier phone so I can showoff the cool color and don't have worry about my phone breaking into pieces when it falls on concrete, plus I love when people realize that the cyan on my Lumia isn't a case but the actual phone

I'm no iPhone hater. I'm not a fan of Apple culture.  Most of the people that use the phones don't know of what else is out there, and those that state they tried another product (usually a low - mid range Android phone) say the iPhone is so much better. I rarely find someone that has used a high end Android or Windows Phone 7.5 that say that. Those that I personally know that left Windows Phone did so because of lack of apps. They never stated that the phone was an issue. Again, suckered by the more is better. I've stated this before on the forums, but I used to carry around like 170+ apps on my Android phones  but why? I never used most of them. It's a shame that's a factor for people.
My Lumia 900 has been rock solid, dropped on the gun range many times with no marks, very fluid and quick, and reliable with great call quality, screen in bright sunlight, and it's just different from everyone elses' phones. The 920 will only improve on an already great device and I'll be lined up with my $600+ to get my next one. The sheeple can have their 'like everyone else's' device. I'm an individual and I choose Windows Phone every time.

iam really sick of it to hear that the 920 is the same old design as N9.. the iphone exactly the same since 2007 nothing really changed. and also yeah the iphone si very thin but glass and aluminium will break easily and get even scratches easily! what do you then sure yoa are buying a cover or something but with that it destroys the design because nobody sees it and also the thinnes of the phone is gone with a cover. At least 50 of my friends uses iphones and  at least 40% of them have to repair because of something and then even more than once i never ever had a broken nokia phone since i use since 2002 and why because the materials are not cheap like th iphones producitons cost of the iphone include al others cost way lower than on the lumia 900 but the price is almost double so high.
iphone is a very good phone but it tont deserve such high prices!

iam really sick of it to hear that the 920 is the same old design as N9.. the iphone exactly the same since 2007 nothing really changed. and also yeah the iphone si very thin but glass and aluminium will break easily and get even scratches easily! what do you then sure yoa are buying a cover or something but with that it destroys the design because nobody sees it and also the thinnes of the phone is gone with a cover. At least 50 of my friends uses iphones and  at least 40% of them have to repair because of something and then even more than once i never ever had a broken nokia phone since i use since 2002 and why because the materials are not cheap like th iphones producitons cost of the iphone include al others cost way lower than on the lumia 900 but the price is almost double so high.
iphone is a very good phone but it tont deserve such high prices!

Regarding the camera: most people will like the iPhone pictures more simply because Nokia fails with the post processing. Apple puts in lots of vivid (increased contrast and saturation) while Nokia makes the pictures look more natural. Though most people like the vivid pictures more.

Harika!!!! Translation: excellent as in excellent article!!! Well said. Every dog has its day. iPhone, while a good product, just doesn't excite any longer... Time for a breathe of fresh air.. Move on in Lumia!!! Even HTC & Samsung is failing to excite with rehashed designs from Android platforms. This is your time Nokia. Time to rise from the ashes...

The thing that irked me about the Nokia presentation is the fact that they could not tell us when the phones will be available nor which carriers will have them.  I can order an iPhone this Friday.  I have no clue how long I'll have to wait for the new Lumia, not to mention whether or not it will be available on my carrier.  These are key pieces of information that they should have provided.

By far the biggest problem for me is the date. Why is MS waiting until November? I just don't get what is wrong with them. I want to support Windows Phone so bad but they are making it so hard to wait. 2 months? 
They were late to the game to begin with, came out with decent but lacking first round, improved with 7.5 and now going to be super late to party again? 
They don't need Windows 8 to be out to release Windows Phone 8. It is just a huge failure on their point.
One thing they most definitely need to learn from Apple is --- Never hold a media event that doesn't include pricing, release date and production models. This is why Apple marketing kills it so well. 

is it just me or is the tech media not drooling over this as much as usual?! most are underwhelmed and I think we may find they not gonna have their usual millions pre-ordering it.....

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Good for Apple that their iPhone 5 will be taken at least seriously this year as they're catching on with many features but it is really unorginal after two years and speaking of looking old you can add iOS 6 update to that statement which makes it a pretty boring keynote. Don't worry next year it'll be AGAIN the same iPhone with 10mp camera :-) so it's all downhill from now on. 


And despite all the spec comparisons in the world it will still outsell the 920 by a long shot. You know it and I know it. Every time there's been a new iPhone announcement in the last few years just about every tech blog has proclaimed it iterative and predicted it would be the end of Apple's dominance. And not once have they been correct. Just more whistling past the graveyard....

For all of those that say screen,camera and the rest don't matter. They say that because their lame phone will have them

Ok MS, now it's your turn. Nokia has the hardware, all we need is the software and apps. Don't drop the ball now. Apple is asleep at the wheel. ;)

IPhone 5 big screen w faster this, better that but ios is sure looking old and booorrriinng!
So glad to I'm looking forward to the 920, I'll keep my iPhone 4 till instagram and interest arrive in windows marketplace. Love my 900

I still don't get how apple got away with that new connector. That alone would be a dealbreaker for me if I wanted to buy an iphone5. And apple wants $29 for one adapter? Over my dead wallet... Apple can fool their isheep, but not me.

Daniel, I am envy with you with all of your big boys toys! Simply, Lumia 920 brings back my lost love of Nokia since childhood! Yeah, iSheep and their iPhone are completely bullshit and blind! :D

What's surprising is that the Lumia 920 trounces the iPhone 5 in almost every possible way imaginable. It's been a fun day reading all the iSheeps comments across the internet, trying to convince themselves as to why they don't need NFC, wireless charging, or how it's perfectly ok to take off your gloves in a blizzard to use your phone. lmao.

Did everyone not know that Apple invented LTE today or that they invented voice guided GPS today or that they invented panoramic stitching today?  No matter that we've all had these features for months now.

No one brings up that Apple really badmouthed LTE...until now when they're ready to take money for including it as a feature.  NOW they are saying that NFC isn't what consumers want and wireless charging is "confusing".  That's until NEXT year when they'll come running for the money again and people will think that Apple invented these things.  This time though, they'll be late since I think with Android and WP8 on the NFC bandwagon that things will pick up rather quickly after the holidays with that technology.  Apple will clearly be playing catch up again in 12 months.

I get to write way more here than I do on Twitter, but sometimes forced brevity says what I really want to say better than an essay.  These are my two favorite Tweets that I wrote today:

1.  I think even Siri yawned at #iPhone5
2.  Apple served up #iPhone5 with loads of "CatchUp"

I'm looking at a 920 in white.  I considered the red because it is bold and stands out, but I wonder if I'll tire of that color, especially when it will limit what colors I'll want to use for my tiles.  I really want that NFC/Wireless Charging speaker thing and one of those pillow things.  I'd love the pillow thing to be leather or black so it will look good permanently in my living room.

So basically Apple put out a slightly updated iPhone 4S with a new connector and called it the iPhone 5. Great business move! They will make lots of money off of the fanboys that run out and buy it then have to buy all new docks and cradles and connectors and chargers.

The Lumia 920 is a better phone in every aspect. People will see. The marketing will come! This is it,the whole picture of windows is painted. A storm is coming!

They both good devices. However, the Lumia 920 is a better phone. Heck, it's better than the Galaxy S3. The problem is your "review" is too biased. You can make an objective case by mentioning the camera superiority,  NFC capability, exclusive Nokia apps, better integration of social networks (thanks to WP8), MSFT Office (also thanks to WP8)... 
We know the S4 is excellent. We don't anything about the A6 yet.
The Nokia Lumia doesn't win the EXCITEMENT battle, so stop saying they do.  That is THE ONE THING apple does better than anybody else. To say they lost on excitement is just ridiculous!
If you make an objective case, those who know will agree and those don't know will see the light.

The is NOT the thinnest phone out there.
There are two phones that already beat the iPhone 5. These being the Motorola Razr XT910 7.1mm and the Huawei Ascend P1s 6.7mm

The Lumia 920 is a great device as is the iPhone 5, but lets be honest, and I am a Microsoft fan, but they are a joke when it comes to marketing, and mobile OS in general.  Lets' make an announcement 2 months in a advance to beat apples announcement???? Good job dumb asses.  Everyone already forgot about the Lumia and is onto the iPhone that they can actually get.  I would have went with Windows phone if Microsoft could get there shit together.

Apple user here, I'm from México. And 4 months ago, I bought a Lumia 800, I told myself , let's give it a try. And I can say, I don't regret buying my Lumia, I'm really pleased to have it. I hope Microsoft keep it up bringing us the best user expierence. The change from iOS to WP7 was really hard, trying to find my daily apps on Marketplace. But the truth is, that WP is a pretty good looking, working iOS.

no single word about OS comaparison. Have you ever seen Cydia loading or used iOS appz, miles away from windows phone

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