LG not planning to release new Windows Phone hardware

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LG has informed CNET the company has no immediate plans to support Windows Phone 8 with new hardware. While the company remains open to using Microsoft's platform in the future, it doesn't see high enough demand for another smartphone to be released. This sounds odd since Samsung (also arguably a rather conservative OEM partner) is pushing its ATIV S and Odyssey Windows Phones.

This is interesting, since it was only last month that Korea Times suggested LG would indeed be returning to the Windows Phone platform and will launch a new smartphone later this year. This was contrast to what LG CEO Park Jong Seok stated (which matches today's report), that LG has "no specific plans for other mobile platforms." Meaning the company was set to focus on pushing forward with Android.

LG was one of the first manufacturing partners to work with Microsoft on Windows Phone when the platform launched in 2010. It's no secret that the platform has experienced a slow adoption rate with consumers since the beginning, which is due to a number of reasons that we'll save for a drunken Windows Phone Central podcast.

Windows Phone has grown considerably in awareness lately, which we would have thought to be the main reason for the possible return of LG. Then one has to look at the close relationship that Microsoft and Nokia has built - could this have made LG to rethink its support for the platform? A company representative has stated that "when there's a significant market for it, we will be on board." One has to ask just how much interest is required?

What can be added to this story to make it just that much more ironic? LG has jumped into bed with Mozilla, pledging support for Firefox OS.

Source: CNET; thanks, Kyle, for the tip!


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LG not planning to release new Windows Phone hardware


Agreed. Keep your opinions to yourself.
LG is actually very good. They probably made the panel in your TV and monitor (if you have good ones).

Well, I'm not on his side... But the fact that LG makes good screens doesn’t mean that they make good mobile phones!
Though they are not bad, but not the best

So if I bought a Samsung TV and monitor you are saying they are not good? I will never buy anything made by LG again after my LG smartphone and TV that were of terrible quality. Terrible terrible terrible.

Obviously you are homphobe! I just expressed a statement. no more, no less. Why are you thinking, that "gay" is something negative? Their Phones just look gay --> fact.

How does something "look gay?" Phone hardware can neither be happy nor homosexual, so your statement doesn't even make sense. From what I can tell you are probably young and don't realize that what you are saying sounds ignorant and childish.

The problem here is, that people are afraid of using the word "gay". I do (definitely!) not understand the problem here. Chill down and don't begin a war because someone (respective me) said "gay". PLEASE stop crying like lil girls.

You're an idiot. You made a mistake and refuse to acknowledge that. You used the word gay, for what reason? If you weren't implying that the phones looked neither happy nor homosexual, then what was the point of using the word gay to describe it, because it has no other definition. You should have used another word to describe your feelings then.

Gay has become synonymous with stupid in many dialects of the USA. Are we going to argue how a smartphone can look uneducated? Seriously this is really silly.

LG is actually the old Lucky Goldstar. They had to change their name when they decided it was better to make good electronics instead of junk. Same company that made a new start and it all started with a name change.

Of course theyre gay. They announced theyre in bed with a fox. (firefox OS) :3
(Joke intended. Sorry. dont get mad at me. i actually own an lg phone, and i like it.)

My experience with LG running Android 2.3 and ICS hasn't been too well. The battery life was the worst, with one of the devices barely making it to the 2-3 hour mark. With that being said, I don't think it as a major loss.

Who cares how many companies are making handsets? There's about as much variety is there is in fridges. I don't know if I can remember the last time I saw a useful innovation in smartphone hardware, let alone a Windows Phone.

Well, if they can't make nearly enough Nexus 4's with Google throwing money at them, I'm not surprised they don't have any plans to make a WP8 device.

I have had good experience with their washers, dryers and blue ray players. Can't say I'm a fan of their phone hardware. Not a big loss at all.

boy buddy, you have a grudge, you came all the way over from android central to troll? lg sold how many nexus 4 last quarter? a million? windows phone last quarter: multiples of that? ooh bonus: how many optimus variants did lg sell? I hope samsung eats lg's phone business for breakfast.

Ummm... You seem confused. I'm not defending LG at all. I responded to the all too typical comment from quite a few regulars on this blog. Nothing more. You want to compare sales figures? I mean you really want to? Windows Phone wouldn't stand a chance with it's shrinking market share. Even Blackberry is poised to finish off this platform now that BB10 is out. You might better find a better defense for this one you are invested in. Sales figures are a sure loser. Learn the definition of trolling on the internet by the way. This nice little thing called a passport from Mobile Nations means all these blogs are open for users to migrate to & from at will. Don't like my comments? Ignore them & problem solved for us both.

Links in case anyone wants to verify figures. I was wrong, LG outsold wp, but not by much.

Agreed, a passport does allow you to post on other Mobile Nations sites. That doesn't mean civility ends and you have the right to act like an ass, especially when you suddenly show up and start bashing away with no prior record of posting on wpcentral. The original poster mentioned from his personal experience he doesn't like lg phones. Why not explain why Android is superior instead of copping a defensive, bullying attitude?
How much competition did Android have on the low to middle end? Answer: historically none. That is about to change. We will see how well Android holds up then.
And you have good advice. I will ignore you going forward and hope you do the same.
EDIT: I wanted to point out that to new users only two operating systems experienced growth: Android and Windows Phone. As mentioned previously the growth in units for Windows Phone from 4Q11 to 4Q12 was 124%.

Who cares. The only phone they've ever made that's even worth considering is the Nexus 4, which I'm sure Google held their hand through the whole design period.

"when there's a significant market for it, we will be on board"....meaning when more demand for WP8 is present we'll follow Samsung and copy someone else's design.

Who could buy a LG ever again knowing that they abandoned their early users and even made them select a low-end Android PoS if they needed a replacement under warranty. Worst OEM on the planet. Besides they make terribly boring devices.
Also noteworthy is that they use WP demand as an excuse not to make a phone and yet they are planning on releasing a Firefox OS mobile phone. Just admit it LG--you don't think you stand a chance against Nokia. I don't blame you, if I was you I wouldn't put my talentless company up against Nokia either.

LG not releasing WP8 phones has more to do with Google than Nokia. I suspect LG has a secret deal with the devil.

My last windows smartphone was the LG IQ GW825 using WM6.5 OS, I have to say....LG you suck!

LG has the worst customers satisfaction I ever had with dealing with their support.

I upgraded from that LG IQ to ATIV S....all I can say is wow!!

Now I'm Samsung all the way!

I say good riddance. I loved my optimus 7 but dammit it had no support at all and would mess up right before I considered wp8. It was an amazing phone with its hardware and all but honestly I was just disappointed with no support or any features whatsoever.

Qwerty keyboard similar to their wp7 quantum would have been cool. That phone was robust and served my wife well for over a year.

Rob--what is the issue?  We are expressing disappointment in a company that ditched its consumers.  Of course they were concerned about their bottom line--but for many of us, it was considered short term thinking.  The war of the OSs will be evaluated over decades...not years.  Hows your laserdisc or betamax doing?
PS--you look seriously ugly.  no offense.  ever thought of a thumbnail that didnt show your face??  does not do wonders for the reputation of Android...

See my comments above? Case dismissed for you exibit A. The anonymity of the internet makes people so brave.

dude--using a name makes you brave?  wasting time coming over to a site that is unrelated to the OS that you use to post rude comments makes you insightful?  i come to this site as i have used windows phone since wp7 was released and it keeps me up to date.
anyhoo...i say this with respect and as a physician--you are objectively an ugly specimen.  your skin is scarred from bad acne and you look like you have had one too many doughnuts.  instead of coming over to our site to post useless comments, go and work out.  try microdermabrasion for the skin!

Actually I was referring to your penchant for throwing insults at someone for stating their opinion. And now you try to give yourself some bonofide credentials to sound important. A real physician should be able to spot the difference in burn scars & acne. Your attrocious grammar also belies that your imaginary work as a physician is just that... imaginary. I'd love to see your medical school transcripts if that's the best you got. Your internet bravery wouldn't translate to the offline world I'm sure. It's you who started the childish insults. It probably is a good reflection of your real age. I use my real name online & have nothing to be ashamed of for my appearance. Perhaps you do so you hide behind an anonymous handle?
And as to the whole point that I originally commented on before your insults began...
I have actually owned the Nokia 822 on Verizon & returned it in less than 2 weeks because I found the platform lacking quite frankly. Microsoft has considerable work ahead of them to get more users. People like you, & your insulting comments that are quite frankly all too common on this blog, make that a much harder proposition.

I owned a few Android devices and returned them, too. Should I go over to Android Central and post crap there? That's rhetorical of course because, even if you said yes, I'd much rather do other things, like enjoying the phone OS that fits me best, than go over to a site dedicated to something I have no interest in. Google has considerable work and ethics they need to work on to get me to look at them again.
Also, if I needed medical assistance, I don't think I'd care as much about an expertise in grammar as much as I would an expertise in modern medicine. If I wanted my taxes done, I wouldn't expect the bookkeeper to be a professional basketball player. Just saying.

Good more money for msft...
I really believe nokia will be the one left making WP... Cuz every time I see a WP that is made by others its just doesn't feel right..nokia on the other hand feels like marriage

Samsung ativ s is pretty nice too. Top 3 WP in my opinion, ativ s, Lumia 920 and 8x. (no particular order) I like the Samsung for its SD card and the fact I can have 2 fully charged batteries ready to go.

The way i see it soon there will be only 3 players in the mobile, Apple, samsung and nokia, all others will collapse and fail.

Nah. Consumers are fickle. All LG (or anyone else) has to do is create a great marketing campaign and they're back in it.

as much trouble as they're having to gain traction in the android marketplace (as nice as the optimus G is, it's not selling super well, and the nexus doesn't really count since it's not selling soley on LG's OEM merit, but the fact that it's a cheap unlocked pure android phone) i am not surprised that they aren't pumping money into other outlets at this point.

Mozilla is a Google puppet for the most part, they will watch out for Google's interest despite Firefox OS.

And Google has bought off LG with that Nexus contract. I doubt LG will be able to get out from under Google's thumb for a while.

Sounds right to me. Also explains why LG is going for Firefox OS. Google finances both companies.

I think MS should put all their money just in NOKIA,  it's the only OEM that care about windows phone. Look at the deals they are making with other companies.

The only reason Apple is doing so well right now is because of their support to their phones, the iPhone 3GS still gets the latest and greatest from them to keep app compatibility.
The only reason Samsung is doing so well right now is because of their support to their phones. I think Samsung Android handsets are pretty much the only phones to even see the next revision of Android phones (at least press wise that's what it appears).
The only reason Nokia is doing well (well improving) right now is because of their support to their phones. Look at all the apps and hardware they brought to WP, it is unrivaled.
If we look at all three of the OS's, Apple provides continued support, Samsung provides continue hardware, Nokia provides continued awesomeness. What do they have in common? Dedication. All these other manufactures want money but don't want to put in the work. They just want to be able to throw out hardware and expect $$$. Doesn't work that way. We can see that dedication is what builds a name and is what defines profit right now. No one really wants to shop for an LG because it most likely will be outdated in 3-4 months, you could say almost the same of HTC (though they're boderline imo, they have good support, but their in a market with a marketleader in both OSs they're in).

Seems not many of you had tried the Optimus 7, but it was a really solid phone, except for the screen. I don't see how they're as bad as people seem to assume.

Nothing wrong with extra manufacturers in the game anyways.

I have the Lumia 822 from Verizon. I waited until 8 came out because I thought they would have the timely update issue resolved. As it stands, I have a phone that does not have reliable BT, and freezes up randomly as a result of the BT issues. I have had this phone since November of 2012, which = ~ 3 months & counting of owning a semi-functioning device. Then there is the snails pace at which developers are moving over, or at least joining on board with. Sorry, not buying that LG is making a bad decision by staying off of the WP8 train thus far. Perhaps when MS has gotten the pressing customer service issues of timely updates to end users, and increased pace of new, and popular WP8 apps, they will get some more OEM love. Oh, and if anyone is thinking of retorting with the virtual hot-potato argument between MS/OEM/Carrier, I'm not interested, and I'm pretty sure no one else is either. The bottom line is the end user is still suffering from sub-par technical support for their technology investments, and a woefully lacking app store.

Ohh no..... They make the best smartphones with awesome designs, superb materials and unmatched craftmanship...... They provide fastest updates, and support their customers for a long long time........ :S
Jokes aside, not a loss for WP and it was expected as well. When google made Nexus with HTC, HTC became the top android seller. When Nexuses  were made with Smasung, they became the top android seller. Now the new Nexus is with LG so LG is all focused on improving their sale and they cannot do it with WP and that too against Nokia. Although I doubt that LG can go anywhere even with android ouside their comfort zone (south korea)....

Eh my wife and I enjoyed their Quantum quite a bit for a launch WP7 device. I wish that they would make another handset for WP8 with a physical KB at least and stand out from the slab crowd!

LG makes an odd statement about market demand and their inclusion of Windows Phones in their portfolio. I would suspect that market share would be about 10% before their is an interest. But to develop a Mozilla phone is odd in itself because there is no interest in that. Again though, I think once we hit 10% interest will start showing up by the B and C level players.

Android is a sinking ship. I think eventually everyone will migrate to WP or to one of the new OSs like Ubuntu, Tizen, or Firefox. Motorola will continue to make Android for obvious reasons, but I can see a world where Android and iOS have become WinMobile and WebOS

Don't care about LG. Normally I would say the more the merrier, but in this case they will make mediocre phones, fail miserably, and pull out blaming lack of demand for WP. Better they just stick to making bad android phones and let Nokia and HTC male the great Windows phones.

I've own three LG phones and to this day I can't name one thing I liked about them. They didn't mess up on me they just weren't very special.

That's OK. Hopefully, they'll come back with the next release this fall. WP8 is just too lacking for me. I will stay with WP7 and my Quantum until then anyway.

meh...they'll never be as serious as Nokia in my eyes, and I think that's the measure we should use for these OEMs when it comes to WP. For the most part it is Nokia that brings its newest A-game to the platform, even more so than MS. Be it apps, hardware, marketing, diverse price points, design, pushing adoption... All the rest of these OEMs can go to hell.

Freakin Samsung brought Flipboard as a GS III exclusive, but crap for WP. Nokia made Drive free for everyone. Seriously, it's bad comedy from Samsung, LG, etc. Nokia all the way.

I haven't seen a phone from LG for Windows Phone or Mobile that I have even liked the looks of. It's as if they were forced to make a device, but really didn't care if it succeeded or not. Until they change, I say good riddance.