Ears on with the Nokia Purity Pro wireless headphones

Finally! a quality sounding Nokia Monster headset! - My exact thoughts as I listened to a track straight from my own Lumia 920 paired to Nokia's Monster branded headset only a few moments before.

Here are MWC Nokia have announced a slew of accessories, mostly focussing arround the wireless charging being offered with the new Lumia 720 and 520. However there are also a few of the older accessories on show for us to try out, and despite the purity pro headset winning an award at CES, we haven't yet put the cups over our ears - that changed today.

Now the reason we haven't been rushing to try these is that the previous Nokia/Monster effort (wired) is honestly very underwhelming. I tried out that headset immediately before the Purity Pro's just to remind myself of why I wouldn't put down any kind of money for the admittedly striking headphones.

Then came the Purity Pro, and I came away very impressed. Immediately bluetooth pairing the device with NFC in a matter of seconds, I threw on one of my most listened to tracks of late so I had a valid reference point. Bass level was immersive and deep, mids were well balanaced and even the high-range was distinguishable (although not perfect).

Still, at $349 these are most certainly a luxury purchase (and you may want to ask yourself how comfortable you are wearing that money on your head), and they probably don't rival offerings from Beats or Sennheiser. Still, they look awesome, they pair in no time and if you've got the space cash down the back of your sofa cushion, you'll want to check them out.


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Ears on with the Nokia Purity Pro wireless headphones


349 is a lot of money !
I'm not sure if I'm willing to pay that kind of money for it , especially after trying it predecessor a few times !
The old one felt like the Beats stuff , only a name !
To be fair , the original Beats By Dre before it became a hipster brand was really good ... Especially with my kind of music (Hip-Hop lol) .

That said , I'm not an audio expert, but if I'm gonna spend that kind of money , i rather buy a Bose or something similar.

I find it odd that you suggested dishing out that kind of money on Bose to listen to Hip-Hop.

You don't even know what the Purity Pro sounds like. It makes me curious if Apple made these and sold them for the same price or higher if you'd rush out to get them because "everyone else" did.

How much are you willing to pay for sneakers I wonder? I know someone who paid $400 for a pair of basketball shoes and I'm pretty sure he makes less than half of my salary, which is six figures...for now.

Good point ,
I suggested Bose , because its the only one i tried so far , i haven't tried Denon or Sennheiser yet .
Speakers wise , i tried Bose , Bowers & Wilkins , Bang & Olufsen & Harman/Kardon .

Apple doesn't need to make ones , so everyone can rush & get them , because "Everyone Else" ! Beats got the covered ;) lol

I don't wear Sneakers , i prefer Boots , anyway that's a different story , but i won't pay for sneakers because some rapper have his name on it ... Sure as hell i won't pay 400+ for some Air Yezzy sneakers !

Lol. Not that it's any of my business, but I'm glad you wouldn't pay $400 for sneakers...I was floored by this. ;-)

To me the question is how good is the noise cancel tech on these? Paid probably about the same for my Sennheiser 250's back in the day, and they are wired with that extra battery compartment.

Really? Haven't seen them in Cyan on Amazon. Do they have that color on display at MWC? I need black, red AND cyan.

As a noise-pained open plane office worker, I ask: How good is the noise cancellation on these? Does anybody know?

Excellent question. I'd love to know how they compare as air travel is a primary use and NC is a key feature. I like how the Purity pro can be used wireless or wired unlike some of the competition.

Estimated shipping date has changed from "somewhere between March and May" to 1st of March for my Amazon.co.uk preorder. Anyday now ;-)

Keep in mind it was monster that designed the original Beats line. Would this be comparable, even better considering Monster has a bone to pick with Dre and his contract robbing cronies? Too rich for my blood, but wouldn't mind seeing Beats lose a share of the market in the spirit of Karma.

When you consider the feature set, 349 isn't bad. Its actually right in line with other high-end, over the ear, BT headsets.

I've purchased a black set from Amazon but they are backordered with no date in sight. Thanks to the author for confirmingthe sound quality is good.

I have a choice to buy a lumia 920 or the 8x. I listen to music alot. Pretty much every genre. Is the Dolby audio better than the beats audio or vice versa? Or their both just gimmick? I don't want to make a bad purchase. Thanks.

The Beats EQ in the 8x is gimmicky, but with that being said, the amp im the 8x is impressive! If you can cram all of your music into 16GB of storage, the 8x will give you better audio quality when paired with a decent pair of headphones. Unfortunately, 16GB of storage wasn't enough storage space for me, so I opted for the 920, whose audio still sounds really good!

I used to own a pair and they are very washed out sounding and very very uncomfortable to wear - my fault I lost money on them because I bought from the hype,  They are dreadful.
Hearing good reviews aboout the Purity Pro's but will definitiely want to be listening to them first!

Just really depends on the genre of music you listen to. Beats is mainly for any music falling within Hip-Hop or any other bass-heavy genre out there. Dolby is a bit more well-rounded, performing well for all types of music. 
Coming down to it, it's mretty much personal reference at this point. Good luck choosing!

I was first excited that these sound quite good, but after I read through the part that says that beats are better the excitement pretty much evaporated. I was hoping these will be at least on Bose QC15 level.

What the viewer failed to mention is that these beasties all support Apt-X-which means it'll use its better codec with phones that deploy Apt-X
Any guesses as to how many WP8 devivces support Apt-X? Anyone? Bueller? 
Samsung is known to be using APt-X in the SGS 3 and the GNote II-but I kinda doubt that any of the ATIV S series is flogging that.....