CONTEST: Fitness Month Dream Device Giveaway! $400 value, enter NOW!

Leave a comment below telling us what you got out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month and be entered for a chance to win the phone, tablet, or game system of your dreams!

It's February and you know what that means? Mobile Nations Fitness Month! That's when we all get together to get in shape, share tips and tricks and recipes for success, review amazing apps and accessories, give away great prizes, and have a ton of fun! This year we're doing it a little differently, though. We're doing weekly themes, and that means every week you'll have new and exciting challenges, and new chances to win!

Week 4: Balance!

That's right, it's time to bring everything together and work towards a balanced life! It's really hard to eat and sleep well, and exercise regularly, especially with as all the other things we have to do. That's why it's important to not only act healthier for a week or month, but to build healthier habits into your ever day lifestyle.

To round out the month, we'll be reviewing a bunch of great apps and accessories that can help you keep it together, and keep yourself on track with your nutrition, exercise and relaxation goals.

And we are also going to be doing the mother of all contests.

Contest: Win the fitness device of your dreams!

Leave a comment below telling us what you've gotten out of Mobile Nations Fitness Month -- how much you've improved or been inspired, what you plan to do to keep it up throughout the year, or even how much you simply sat on the couch and watched it all transpire around you! -- and you'll be entered to win a $400 gift certificate to put towards whatever phone, tablet, or even gaming system will help you keep up with your fitness goals!

Be it iPhone or Galaxy Note, Lumia or BlackBerry, Surface or Droid, iPad or Android tablet, Xbox or Wii, we want to help you bring it home!

Our usual contest rules apply, and only one entry per person, but you can enter once on all of our sites: Android Central, CrackBerry, iMore.com, webOS Nation, and WPCentral

So what are you waiting for? Enter NOW, NOW, NOW!


Reader comments

CONTEST: Fitness Month Dream Device Giveaway! $400 value, enter NOW!



I got a lot of inspiration out of fitness month. I've always been one for tech over exercise. WPCentral helped a lot in giving me advice and suggesting gadgets like FitBit that have now made keeping track easier as well as something I have an interest in pursuing.

It just helped me stay motivated. I am working out everyday and watching what I eat so that I can get back into shape. It has been hard but I am like I need to work out incase they throw up a new post. I didnt win anything but it was fun anyways. I am going to keep working out because at the end of the day I really just want to eat donuts and frozen pizza whenever I feel like it. If i am in great shape and constantly eat healthy I should be able to have donuts now and again. I have actually gone down 3 belt holes since I started but my pants havent gotten any more loose because I am also trying to pack on muscle. so my big old thunder thighs are no longer as flabby and are more rock hard but the diameter stays the same.
I like knowing that others are working out as well because it motivates me to work out. it is like a community of poeple getting into shape. also it gives you ideas on what to try because there is no direct answer to working out or in other words there is no best way to work out. all there is, is finding something you like that pushes you physically. And sometimes someone does something that allows you to find a new push, a new challenge to overcome. so keep it up everyone and keep sharing.

Thanks to this month I have become fully invested into gaining a healthier life style, thanks to the review and recommendation of wp central I got a fit bit one, linked it with my fitness pal and am now one the way to creating a healthier and more confident me. Im classed as over weight on the bmi index and my goal is to loose enough to become a safe a good weight. So far I'm 4lbs down and keeping it up, so thanks guys for that little push and inspiration I needed!

I downloaded the Chaser app for my bicycling needs.  This app uses the Strava APIs and helps motivate me on the bike.  Also, MyFitness Pal has been great!  Joined LA fitness and will continue to go.  To bad Key Ring app dosent pick up on the LA Firness  scaner at the Gym.

I've lost about TEN pounds during fitness month using my BlackBerry (w/Livestrong and Runtastic) and the tips in the fitness month articles.  Thanks Mobile Nations!

I gained some nice tips from listening to the weekly Zen and Tech podcasts with Rene, Georgia, and guests. I especially enjoyed the episode with CrackBerry Kevin and the exercise tips :).

I've used my fitness pal to spur on my push to lose weight and get a healthier lifestyle. Counting calories has certainly helped. 20lbs since the new year!

I have read or browsed most the articles on wpcentral, taking interest in the fitbit and the wifi-weight.

I have been looking out for a good sports tracker for WP8, but I still am not convinced. Maybe inspired by fitness month, maybe not - but I haven't used my kayak for a long time, this week I used it twice, and tomorrow I'll have another trip.

I tried tracking with Endomondo - but that was a joke. I used to use Sportypal back in the Windows Mobile days, but I still haven't found a working solution. I'll try Sports Tracker and I have to try Runtastic.

Since my sport is kayaking, pulse-tracking would work better than step-counters or altitude-counters.

You wrote that anyone could run, but if you are enough overweight it is very straining on joints to run, so cycling and kayaking are better options for me, so the software/hardware has to work for those sports.

(Something wrong with the commeting system from Windows RT/Surface? - had to switch to plain text)

I've always been into staying fit, but I really have learned different ways to balance my MIND this month, through yoga. Taking the time to clear my head really benefits my overall well-being. THANKS GUYS and GALS.

I've already been working on all the things discussed this month but what I've been able to take away is the camaraderie of all the rest of the folks participating, the tips being passed around and the motivation garnered from making things public.

I intend to continue counting Calories and watching my nutrition to aid in weight loss, exercising to increase my physical fitness and aid in weight loss and improving my relaxation techniques.

If I win this contest I'll finally be able to get a tablet which will greatly aid me in my daily work and recreation activities.

Thanks Mobile Nations!

I was already on my current workout routine since around last October but seeing tips and ideas here has been great and surprisngly I pre-ordered a fitbit flex.

This inspired me to start training for the 10k I keep putting off. I started a month ago and it is still going strong!

I enjoyed reading about all of the apps that are out there.  My wife and I live a very hectic life with 2 toddlers and full time careers.  We recently joined a gym and have been trying to stay motivated in our diet and workout routines.  Having a bunch of apps at our fingertips has helped maintain that focus.  We've been tracking our food and our workouts every day.  We've cut back on carbs and have added more protein, including shakes.  Having the apps like MyFitnessPal and Livescape help us see where we're at for daily carbs and protein.
My wife has lost over 2 inches in the past 2 months and I'm down 1 size and building muscle.  We look great and feel great and we can still be geeks with our smartphones helping us along the way!  I use the Nokia Lumia 920 and she uses the iPhone 5.
One of the great things with Mobile Nations is that we can compare different apps for the different platforms we have in our house.  I follow WPCentral for me and iMore for her and there's great tips from both sites!
Motivation is key though, and fitness month at Mobile Nations definitely helped us with that!

I downloaded Myfitnesspal, to track my calories, been out cycling using my Polar cycle computer, upped my effort, cut out the crap and lost a stone! Seeing Georgia on various podcasts also got
my heart racing! ;-)

I've been doing a lot of what was talked about for awhile now, but I did get some new ideas to try.  I would like to thank Mobile Nations for doing fitness month.  It's a great idea and it does help me stay motivated. 

This month's theme wasn't so much a gut check, but a kick start. I had broken a few bones in December playing football and was down and out. The variety of apps showcased helped to track my improvement and getting back to where I was physically. OneNote helped as well, keeping a general pain log and what new exercises and stretches I could entertain doing as the weeks went on. Next month I should be all healed and keep with the momentum of the last six weeks.

I have always been a fan of using my smartphone to help it run my life more efficiently. I was really excited to see what the Jawbone Up was going to bring, but iOS only is disheartening. So I purchased the FitBit ultra last yeah and have loved using it with my HTC Trophy and now 8X. I did like the extra insight provided by the reviews of the other 3rd party apps that use fitbit API. I use the FitBit companion. I am doing PT to help with my back pain and am inspired to lose more weight to help relieve the pressure o ln my discs. I am totally going to buy the Aria WiFi smart scale. originally I was on the fence because I wasn't sure if like it but WPC's review of it sold me on buying it for myself to help me log and track my progress with less effort thanks to WP, FitBit, the health apps, and a scale to monitor my fatta$$ become a healthy one instead. Thanks for the tips and articles. I really enjoyed reading them!

I got some pretty great tips for how to use different types of tech to help me stick to my workout routines. And the constant support from others participating definitely helped on those days when I just didn't feel like doing anything. I like to think during this time I've built some pretty good fitness habits.

I think the biggest insight gained during Fitness Month is the need for good solid sleep in my daily life.

My life is already fused with established pattern of physical fitness with randomized exercise sequences to keep it interesting. The fitness month then allawed me to tip off some helpful apps with new exercises and monitoring capabilities. Men's Health WP8 app is then the cherry on a low fat cake :P hahahah

I got back into the swing of running again. Balance for me is about that infamous work life thing, where the balance of my home office versus my fitness routine versus my family time, etc. takes place.

I used to work-out regularly but with 2 moves this year and my recumbent bike/rower not setup yet I was out my routine for over a year and it was really starting to show. But I wasn't inspired to do anything about it.I heard of devices like FitBit before but I never paid any attention to them. But reading the article on WPCentral about FitBit I decided I would try it as well as getting back into a few more of my old routines.

I've only had FitBit for 3 days so far but I must say I love this little device way more than I anticipated. It's inspiring me to get back into shape and I believe the halo effect of that is going to positively affect many areas of my life. Thank you FitBit and WPCentral.

I was insprined to start tracking my eating habbits again. I found a good app and have lost 15 pounds, so far, this month.

I think honestly the biggest thing I got was the importance of drinking lots of water every day, and keeping a log of it with waterlogger has been super helpful.

I got a lot of inspiration out of fitness month. I went on a diet and trying to lose a little weight. I have lost 22 pounds so far this month, so it's really helped. I still have a little more to reach my goal but, with more walking and starting some new workouts, it will help me reach my goals. I wanted to be motivated a little and this helped.
Thanks for keeping me up to date with apps and programs that could help here. It has helped !


I get really good useful information from these videos. Since, I am not an active person, this has been quite useful 
and motivating for me, which has spurred an interest in me to get active and fit. 

I'm happy to say I didn't do anything during this month that I haven't been doing since last October. :)

Still, it's nice seeing so many suggestions for greats apps and tips on Mobile Nations!

I consider myself pretty fit since I play soccer [indoors during winter] and outdoors in the Spring/summer. My wife on the other hand isn't active in any sports other than watching and supporting her favority soccer team [FC Barcelona]. I was able to motivate her to use some of the apps...especially Endomondo and R-static. I have also been doing abs, push ups (which she despises of all things exercise), and few other exercise sequence. Since she's not a morning person, I have been able to motivate her into doing the exercise with me for 15 minutes and to my surprise she has actually got a hang of it since then. Now all I hear is her complain that her abdomen hurts from the ab crunches. I'd like to believe she is doing something right since she's sore from doing the exercise and also tracking her weight. She also signed up for WW and enters her points as well as weight. So far she has lost 4 lbs which she's quite happy about. As of rightnow, I think it's safe to say I'll continue to motivate her to continue to exercise with me. I'm impressed and satisfied with her progress thus far. 

Debating taking the plunge and getting a Fitbit. Anyhow, been trying to get ready for the Tough Mudder this April in Austin! Part of my preparations involve working out while listening to WP Central Podcasts on my 920!

I liked seeing more about the best apps to get fit. We could all make use of one of these tools to make ourselves healthier.

To be completely honest, I haven't gotten up off my backside and changed anything dramatically... yet. But if there's one thing this month has acheived, it's definitely highlighted many of the options out there in terms of motivational tools, and guides, and easier ways to actually get some sensible information which can help a fitness newbie like me get started. More than anything, I've just been surprised by how quickly tech seems to be infiltrating the fitness industry, and I feel like it's just about time for me to get on board. I may not be visibly overweight or anything, but I'm definitely not as fit as I'd like to be. With all these new tools to motivate me, help me get more out of exercise, and pick up the pace of a more active lifestyle, I may just go ahead and begin. As a technology / gadget lover, I've come to see that there's probably never been a better time to dive in.

Fitness Month managed to guilt me into working out. It was the only regular reminder that I was fat and lazy, and that grad school is no excuse! I've been playing racquetball regularly and just started biking to class with Endomondo. I'm already addicted, gotta beat my best time every week!

Not much, but I was 6 days skiing, so that's good, and I'm still running at least 3 times a week, but I did this before, so really not much. But good for everybody who was able to gain something from this month. :)

WPCentral have shown and proved to me that technology and exercise is very fun and inspiring. I want to continue this road and exercise (walking/hiking).
The only problem I have run in to is that Windows Phone is not a good source compared to iPhone for this type of stuff, which is really putting me down. I made a lot testing of Eudomondo(spelling), Marathon and Runtastic PRO and I thought at first they were all good, but infact there all off. I'm hoping for some kind of solution and discussion around this to get back on track...so to speak.

Fitness Month reminded me to get moving and how much I've enjoyed using some of the helpful software tools to get on track.

I have been using apps on my Galaxy Nexus- Nike+, Endomondo, and Fitness Buddy to stay in shape. I would love to get a Jawbone Up to help track all of my stats constantly.

Fitness month came exactly at the right time for me. Due to the bad weather I started to neglect on my weekly exercises. It reminded me to keep things up with Endomondo and the 6 Weeks Training app. It also introduced me to Runtastic (which has a fantastic modern UI) but in the end I decided to stick with the apps I already used. Which doesnt matter as all that matters are the end-results. Hopefully next month the improved weather will be enough to motivate me!

I would love to win because I will have great device in my hand to control my fitness information, buy some fitness apps for my device! Love to win !

Well, I was already on my way to living a healthier lifestyle before before February rolled around.  I'm currently in my 8th week of P90X, I've cut out all sodas, and alcohol as well.
I've lost ten pounds, two inches around my stomach, three inches around my chest, and who knows about my thighs and biceps.  I've stuck to a high protein, low fat, low carb diet (although phase 3 is coming up, and I'm gonna increase the carbs), and I wouldn't have been able to do it without my Windows Phone.
I use Skydrive to access various important P90x related PDF's in regard to diet, workout schedules, etc., and I use the Calorie Meter app to make sure I hit my 2400 calories a day.  I also use the native calendar app to keep track of my workout schedule.
How would I benefit from a new mobile device?  Well, I don't have a tablet as of yet, and I think a bigger screen will definitely help, considering I'll be doing a second round when I finish this round. :D

Thanks to fitness month, I went out and got the Fitbit One to go along with myfitnesspal app I've used for over a year. This month I have lost 18lbs. Thanks guys!

My wife and I both struggle to eat right and exorsize. I check 3 of the mobile nations sites daily. It's been a good motivator and reminder to maybe not large size that meal or eat a second helping of salad instead of potatoes.
Thanks for all the great tips and keeping us all thinking about helping living.

Well you guys were a big factor in me deciding to go running with one of my friends... running over 6 kilometers at least once a week outside, but the cold temperature and my LG Optimus 7 don't mix too well, it keeps shutting down by itself...
'Grats to everyone who lost weight, but at 6" 150 pounds, that ain't exactly my goal...
Would love to get my hands on an Ativ S or a lumia 620...

I got on my bike a month earlier than I usually do. There are great WP cycling apps. Thanks for the motivation!

Well, I realized how you can use technology to help make a positive impact on your health. That, and how WP devices can help you reach your goals year round.. I think MS should use this in marketing WP. WP should be marketed as "Your best friend""....

What I got out of fitness month? The motivation to quit smoking, the energy to getting back in shape, and the strength to get myself mentally sound. If it wasn't for Mobile Nations, none if that would have happened. For some reason it home this year. Maybe because I'm getting older with my 37th birthday right around the corner on March 13th....I don't know. Even if I don't win, thank you guys.

I enjoyed the community that sprang up in the forums around fitness month and I enjoyed the fitness app reviews on the site.

I have a high risk blood pressure due to my coartation of my aorta, im 23, and during this fitness month I've lost 8 pounds and have continued to exercise and eat healthier.

Honestly i didn't "learn" a lot about fitness pre se'. I've been certified as a personal trainer out of personal interest, but dont do it for a living and I exercise regularly. I have been active and have lived a healthy lifestyle for the majority of my 38 years alive.
What I did learn though is that it is awesome that you are getting the message out about healthy living and lifestyle choices for longevity. Sappy, but true, as that all is I wanna win a new damn phone. :)

Besides classwork, reading gadget blogs, exercising has been my greatest interest, I played badminton twice a week, tennis three times a week, and doing weight for the rest two days of the week, prepare my own meals on Sunday, and have enough rest every night, I'm inspired by how you demonstrate that one can add smartphone, gadgets and apps to their exercise plan, I started to use gym workout guide, and planning to get a fitbit to monitor my level of workout more closely. Thank you wpcentral!

by seeing this new story post i have learned to read what i normally pass over haha! yes i have failed to read or listen to the fitness month stuff BUT i have started to work out. it did help from seeing all the stories on here so go ahead keep pushing mental stuff our way!!!!

I got the sweet winter ski and ride app that I can't wait to use in two weeks during my spring break ski trip!!

I have been sitting on the couch for over a year and depressed over the death of my best friend...my Dad!  I am not easily motivated.....need a little push from time to time.  By watching your podcast during Feb. Fitness Month, it caught my attention and inspired me to get "moving" and off the couch.  I purchased Fitbit after hearing you guys talk about it as I never heard of it before.  I started going back to the gym, eating heathier foods, and looking forward to continue my success with weight lose utilizing the Fitbit device.

I got some useful tips to keep myself in shape and as well I downloaded some good apps like runtastic pro to keep track of my training.

Fitness month got my fiancee & I motivated to get in shape for our wedding. Just sent out the save the date in binary as I recently discovered adding our ages gave the wedding date. She is an Network Admin & I am a IT Consultant and don't have time to eat healthy so we always grab what we can. We now track what we eat with the Fatsecret app and have learned to pick better choices and portion control. Seeing the WP Community starting to take care of themselves gave us nerds the push we needed and so far we are making progress. We couldn't walk more then a mile without feeling like we were going to die and now we travel 3 miles in the same time. If I can give a word of advice it would be to drop soda and drink unsweetened ice tea or water. I am a different person from last month so thank you WPC & MN for helping this nerd get in shape.

It got me thinking of how my Lumia can help me meet my goals. It also brought the FitBit One to my attention. This should really help me!

Mobile Nations Fitness Month in one word=Motivation.  From all the videos and posts of the best fitness apps that are available, paid or free and knowing that Mobile Nations is into it, just gets me going.  You guys come together and make sure that not only do you guys bring us the latest news about tech and Apple, but you always want to see us happy and feel great about life.  Sometimes, when the tech world slows down a bit (just like my metabolism, oye!), you guys are giving us something unique and healthy to think about!  And last time I checked, I cannot think of any other tech site(s) that sincerely care about their readers like Mobile Nations does.  It only gets better from here.  Thanks a lot guys and here's to next year!

Fitness month helped me fight the urge to consume sugar and motivated me to continue running past my limit

Helped remind me of all the tools and options out there to get active even if it is small changes. Great information and thanks for all the tips!

I have to be honest I've done nothing as far as exercise or eating healthy. However i have gained something from fitness week. Helping me sleep by using the recommended apps. Thanks guys :)

It's been good to read up on everyone acheivements.  I've been crossfitting for about a year now and being able to come to my favorite tech site to see what others have accomplished helps me stay motivated to stay in shape during the hardest time of the year to stay motivated.  Seeing all of the apps that help support a healthy lifestyle has also helped.  I didn't track anything until now.

Fitness month has motivated me to start getting healthy so that I may live a long and exciting life. Need to get in shape by mid May for mine and my wife's trip to the Dominican Republic! A nice shiny device would be a great companion on the trip!!

So I haven't really attempted to enter the contests being held during mobile fitness month even though I've read every single post and been creeping on the forum posts and comments. I've been exercising for quite awhile (about 9 months) now striving to lose a little weight and get into shape. I wouldn't say I wasn't happy with myself, just a little uncomfortable in my skin and wanted to tone up and improve my somewhat lethargic lifestyle. For the past 9 months I've been working towards those goals and trying to eat healthier and go to the gym as often as possible, over Christmas and January however I started to slip and regress to my old ways and then Fitness Month came along. I can't thank you guys enough for helping me back into my routine. Its amazing to know how many other people are here in this community that have the motivation to keep on going even when the going gets tough. I've been moved and inspired by quite a few comments on these threads and I can't thank you guys enough. No matter what happens don't give up on your goals, you can make it!

Also sorry for the long post, I just didn't know how else to describe my experience with less words.

I've become aware of some great apps thanks to Fitness Month! Runtastic and Zombies Run really help me stay on my goal and stay motivated!

I downloaded water logger and endmondo thanks to some articles I saw on Wpcentral. This site is my go to for what is going on, glad I bought the app.

athletes, doctors and my mom recommend exercise, this mobile nations fitness post convinced me and i will start

I have become more interested in all aspects of fitness. I've engaged in using new fitness apps, such as Endomondo and MyFitnessPal. I've been drinking more water than ever before, and I've been eating healthier than I ever have before. I've also been getting more exercise, and I look forward to even greater health in the future.

I got alot of inspiration from all your work...went out got a fit bit...working on my exercise and this was the perfect time. In January I put myself onto a plant based diet....not I'm all set to start working out. This was just the next boost I needed thanks guy...keep up the great work wpcentral

Fitness month is awesome! From the apps you guys have suggested.. I selected 6 week training and my god! My chest has increased by 3 inches! Now no one calls me a skeleton! Thanks you guys :)

As much as I'm already a fitness buff, it was very buff to read about all the buff tech that can help achieve my buff goals. I'll most likely buy one of those buff Fitbit step readers and hope to see my buffness increase to new high buffs. Buff!

Well for me it's relaxtion and how it's important to take some time out in our crazy schedules!!
The wealth of information (with a little help from out TECH) goes a long way to remind us to we need to take care ourselves! Mind, Body & Soul!!

well i lost 10 pounds thanks to many of the suggestions and apps like runtastic and such. So this helping me to keep it up since it feels great

Fitness month has helped motivate me to get back in the habit of exercising more. I've lost and kept off 40 pounds since May of last year, and when the holidays came, I kinda fell out of the habit of working out regularly. Basically, it guilted me into doing what I know I should be doing already.

Started using my fitness pal to track calories and exercise. Also learned about the fitbit products and considering one.

Thanks to your fitness coverage on Fitness month, firstly I have some apps on my Windows Phone with the finesse and fitness worthy of your coverage. and secondly thanks to the apps, I am up and about more than before, cause what else to motivate geeks like me than a shiny app on my shiny phone?

I got the greater tips, such as apps like endomondo and my fitness friends. Also the community of people's support and tips have been great (i've mostly lurked them) and the podcasts as well! Before the mobilenations I didnt know how exactly to incorporate tech and workout, but now I do!

I have been very inspired by Fitness Month these past few weeks.  Two apps in particular I used that have been referenced during this period are Maps and WaterLogger.  Currently, both of my parents are going through major health problems at the moment (my mom has kidney stones and my dad has heart problems) and I've been a periodic Asthma sufferer my whole life, so Fitness Month couldn't have come at a more ironic time for me.  I've realized during this period (1) the importance of life, (2) the importance of taking care of my own life, and (3) how my actions can affect those around me, not just myself.
Being that it is summer weather now, I have opted out of short distance driving in favor of walking to close destinations, and the Maps GPS function has allowed me to track the amount of distance I covered visually and see my progress in real-time, rather than referencing an odometer and fuel gauge.  I see the path I can take, with the black and white checkered flag as my goal.  With this, I can feel a sense of accomplishment when I get to where I need to be: "I've arrived" is less a "finally Iʻm here" and more of an "I'm proud of doing what I just did, and I can relive it going back home."
Speaking of summer weather, it is hot and humid so heat strokes are a possibility which is why I also started using WaterLogger.  I've enjoyed eating healthy and taking vitamins for quite some time, but I tended to forget intaking more of the building block of many of our foods, water.  WaterLogger allowed me to track my progress in drinking water, not only to get an adequate amount of H20 in my body daily but to combat dehydration and heat strokes that other people I've heard of have recently suffered from.
In conclusion, I've started to take actions in staying healthy during Fitness Month, as the baby steps are what lead to the long-term goals in life.  Maps and WaterLogger are a few of the apps that have changed my life within these few weeks, and I will continue referencing Fitness Month articles to test even more apps.  The health conditions my parents are going through, along with the articles written for Fitness Month, made me realize my own health is my most valuable thing on Earth and I should be taking care of it as much as or even more than the other tangible things I take care of.  Taking care of myself means I will be around longer to meet my future children, and grandchildren, and possibly inspire others that I come in contact with throughout my lifetime.  I feel healthier even as an Asthma sufferer, I feel motivated to continue this progress, but most importantly I am feeling better every day.
Thanks, Mobile Nations!  Congratulations to everyone else that has had changes in their lives!

mobile nations motivated me to get back in the gym. Downloaded many apps on the ipad and Im  working out every day since.

Well I have been trying to do the opposite.. Trying to put on some wait.. (I am almost underweight for my height)
But I did follow your videos and figured in generality it should be pretty similar right?
So started eating healthier, Working out a bit more (better use of free time), and going on runs in the evening.
Gained only 1 Kg as yet though :(

Made me feel motivated and inspired by the aspects of shredding 10 Kilos in such a short period of time. Planning to keep up with the fitness course and work hard to acheive a better lifestyle, a balance between work, family and fitness. A perfect way to stay healthy!
Previously sat on the couch for approx 2hours after work now I hardly get to relax on the couch (only if I have companies) but other than that, its been superb!

<p>mobile nations fitness month jolted me out of a near death situation due to weight. thank you so much. i am now doing 30 minutes on my livestrong treadmill. but i must say that, it was not easy going from 5 minutes to 30 minutes 4 days a week. thank you so much.really appreciate what you are doing(changing lives for better)</p>

I have started getting up at 5:45 before school to go for a nice run.  I can't get enough of the Endomodo app on my Gnex!

It's easier to work out with a friend helping to motivate you...this month Mobile Nations was that friend.

This month and the newly released apps helped and inspired of alot. Now, with more new inspiration and energy i restarted my gym which i left out a month ago beacause of getting on time for it. Truly it helped me making sense of living a healthier life.

I have lost weight, slept better, ate healthier and felt better all month. I've also lost 10 pounds! The contests helped motivate me and knowing that everyone else in the Mobile Nations community was participating made me want to as well. If I got the gift card, I would get a Nexus 4 to help me track runs with Zombies, Run! and track everything else with Fitocracy. Thanks so much Mobile Nations!!!!!!!

i rested cuz i hurt my back....ive enjoyed the articles and as soon as my back stops hurting i plan on revisiting the multiple threads and do it on my own time, hopefully with a new tablet :-DDD

I have learned that Fitbit is a really cool new way to track my fitness! And it is encouraging to see a 3rd party WP8 app in the Store! 

I just started 2 weeks ago to being in a diet, working out and eating healthy but this makes me happy to know that I will get rewarded. I would like a Nexus 7 32gb and something that will hold it near me when I run. Thank you for this!!

Loved the suggestions given, but I ended sticking to my Insanity workout and let me just say the cardio work is crazy.

Biggest reward is not just healthier, but gotten my daughter to complaining about me gotten lazy and didn't work out with her for a few days!  Father-daughter bonding is priceless.

Fitness month came alongside month 2 of p90x so I was well on my way to fitness. Its always nice to read/watch other people getting in shape though. The companionship is really motivating. And when it comes to health and fitness theres always something new to learn. 

Balance is really the watchword now. I've gained and lost a lot during this past month and not just myself.  My husbear and a number of ours friends.  We'be banned together to really USE technology to recapture Balance in our fitness routines, our eating habits and our bodys.  Pure numbers are much easier to measure, Balance isn't.  My husbear and I plan our meals now using LoseIT! every Sunday before shopping and then have incorporated Zumba Fitness as a couples activity every Saturday morning, which also helps us not to drink if we go out Friday night.  I personally have gone from 256 lbs to 245.1 as of this morning.  More importantly is the increased energy and decreased body fat.  I'm down from 38% to 27.8%.   It's the marriage of Tech, Motivation and Determination along with a strong support system that has returned both of US to a state of Balance.  Thanks for lighting a fire that's lead to these wonderful changes.

i use my phablet during all my workouts, gyms have some of the most awful playlists and tracks that do not help with maintaining concentration while working out. i've maintained my weight, but have converted a lot, and i mean A LOT of fat into muscle. i look and above all FEEL GREAT! thanx for the all the inspirations to keep me motivated!

I work out three-to-five days a week, and I push weights, do some cardio and plyometrics. It doesn't cause any weight loss though - food has always been the big thing.
Read Gary Taubes "Why we get fat" or better yet, Good Calories, Bad Calories if you're looking for weight loss and why the SAD diet doesn't work. 
That being said - I use my phone constantly for music while I work out - and I'd love to have a Lumia 920. 

All these fitness posts during mobile fitness month have really made me think about living a healthier life to be a better example for my son. With all these apps that are out there I can really get excited about living healthy. Hopefully that excitement will rub off on my son as he gets older.

It came just in time! im on college vacation right now and i planed on exercising a bit this month so when i saw this on mobilenations it really helped me keep motivated!!!

I've got some nice advices and advertisements. And I'd discovered some awesome and helpful apps that may be I wouldn't have founded by myself.
And I've got all of this from a friendly community which includes both of my hobbies: tech and fitness.

A new fitness app that just came out this weekend for CrossFit is Wodhalla. Check it out. It's the best CrossFit app out there.

Im not gonna lie i didnt download any of the fitness apps but reading the articles and post did motivate me to start using the treadmill and running outside quite a bit more then i used to. I feel like i have alot more stamina and im even considering joining the military as a result. I just want to push myself more and more and alotta of thanks is to these articles on mobile nations (wpcentral) THANKS GUY!

I think I got a lot out of the fitness month. I downloaded Runtastic and Zombies, Run! and started going running on a regular basis. My body just feels much better now that I am doing sport on a regular basis again.
Thanks guys for motivating me for sport! :)

i learned how to balance sleep, relaxation and of course exercise. i'm looking forward in continuing the progress i made in losing weight!

I've been inspired to find a balance between my study time and exercise time. As a student, I always study hard to get good grade all the time, that's why I am lack of exercise. I will plan regular exercise throughout the year while still maintaining the balance between it and my academic life.

I have learned that while taking care of my family for years, its finally time to take care of myself...i owe myself great heath and a long life...its overdue! Thanks MN!

First of all, a big thanks to Mobile Nations for running Mobile Nations Fitness Month !

I have managed to strike a balance between my academic and social life. I spend time with my friends without worrying about the impact it will have on my studies, as I complete my studies first.

I have also been inspired to exercise more regularly, eat the right foods and, to sleep early to keep my mind, body and soul balanced.

Keep up the good work ! :)

I got my weight back under control by eating more home made food rather than fast food. Back down to 185 from 205

I've always been a real health nut with my diet but the physical exercise aspect had always been lacking. This month helped me to challenge myself physically and be all the more healthy. Im saving up and waiting for the new fitbit device to launch. I feel like having that tracker band will be a great reminder to push myself to stay more active.

Due to this Fitness month initiative, I got back to my workout/excercise routine along with regular sports activity, which I stopped in last september... Thanks Mobile Nations!

Great! I needed something to kick start my fitness and re joining rowing. At 17 I lost to the gold medalist this year by 1.5 seconds in the u/23 so this fitness thing has inspired me to retrain but now with the medalist as he was one of my brothers former team members. I have started running with my sister on weekends (she has dropped 20kg), running to my sessions were i coach 14 year olds which is about 10km when i can, cycling to uni about another 20km every day, going rowing 5-6 mornings a week and when I have breaks a long ride.
IT has made me manage my sleep, i approximately get 8ish hours always told never less and if you cant just rest your eyes at you will be 95% of your sleep. So i go to bed 8:30ish - 9 and wake up about 5am for training. If I can I will have a nanna nap during the day.
As for food, I have cut a lot of junk out my system, big breakies after training porridge / cereal but I do have a few treats as my coach says since i dropped for 79kg to 71.8-73 (changes) and I am a light weight (72.5kg and below) I should keep my eating habbits right up so i don't go too light into the 60s.
In winter thanks to you kick starting my plan my coaches and former coachs at my old school i coach at have created to bulk me up muscle wise in winter. I am 2 weeks into rowing but a month or two into my general fitness which this comp made me not give up on. They say it takes a month to create a fitness habbit and you guys have helped me. So thank-you from Tom Fairclough

Some new ideas which that i can add to what i am doing now. And a nice but of competitive inspiration from the wpcentral group on fitbit.com. So far this year i have lost 8lb and i am going to keep going.

I use RunTastic Pro on my Nexus 4 while using my tablet (iPAD 2) for entertaining myself (and diverting my mind from the stats screen on the treadmill) while walking/jogging!!

My personal advice: kids also improve your overall fitness, no additional activities needed...
But Winning prizes is a good motivator too. ;)

This month helped me stay motivated and fit instead of just lying around the house all day. I have slimmed down and toned up so far this year. My eating habits are tremendously better now too!

I've got sore legs, new bruises, lost two pounds, fell off my bar stool last night.  But, hey, can always use a new device.  Thanks!

I am exercising six days a week for 35 minutes starting at the beginning of January.  I am tracking my workouts with endomondo pro and tracking my calorie intake with myfitnesspal.  Having the tracking software on my phone has helped with motivation.  I feel stronger and more alert.  I sleep better.

I got a fitbit based on a review I saw here and made a change in my diet. I'm eating less meat now. I've gone from 96 kilos down to 92. I'm happy and I think I will continue watching what I eat and what I do going forward.

I'm fit by using apps suggested by wpcentral during mobile nation fitness month. I don't want to share a huge story. Just two lines "I'm fit with sexy WP and flexy wpcentral

If my fellow mobile geeks could get fit, I could too. I found fitness month was great motivation for me to improve my health not with just exercise but also dieting.

Helped me get back on my bike recently (against the terrible weather we've had recently) and have been using WPC recommendations to record distances. While I'm not back up to the 100miles+ a day I clocked over the last summer I hope to be there soon :)

Through all the apps and workout recommendations, as well as just living a healthier lifestyle mostly I've been motivated to get into the gym more and actually push myself.  As for the future, it'll be a little more difficult but I plan on keeping up my gym time as much as possibly during my deployment.

I got a lot of great information on how to use my phone and other technology to help me get fit. The info on the FitBit product, in particular, has been an eye opener. I had no idea such technology existed and I can't wait to start using it!

Your "Fitness Month" helped get me out of the holiday slump and back into my regular exercise routines.  Thank you for this!!

The Fitness month made me think about my health. I should be eating well, should have a good sleeping habit and, of course, should be doing exercises regularly. I really should start soon. :D

I've used all the info to help myself recover from a long illness and surgery! The tips helped me improve my activity level and my diet :)

I've been inspired to challenge all my friends at work to a 3 month "Biggest Loser" challenge starting March 1st! Can't wait to use all the recommended apps to help me reach my goal!

i dont use any apps to track my progress but i give all these insights to my mom and dad. well im really skinny so i just eat all i can to put some meat on them bones. But my dad used to over eat and now i told him how to go about with it and explained all the details about how it takes 20 min for the brain to tell us that our stomach is full. i also take them with me for a morning walk and i take my dog along as well. Feb fitness month was really great and gave me alot of info which i really didnt know. I am going to keep me and my family fit and healthy from now on :)


Talking about balance for the end of fitness month...

I balance a lot, a full time job working 50 hours a week, a second job working 30 hours a week, a wife to keep happy, and an active 4 year old that has soccer, tball, school, and play dates to organize. 


on top of that I am training for the Chicago marathon, and after losing 160lbs I am lifting and running my way to be an inspirational role model for all the people who want to lose the weight and look good but keep thinking whatever they see on TV or hear on the radio is the newest fad. The diet industry is a vicious cycle and a horrible marketing monster that preys on the fact that they KNOW you will fail. 


eat better, lift weights, do some cardio each week, and stop sitting on the couch.


I say this to a lot of people, I don't know who said it first, but I say it a lot. 

There are more places on this planet that you have NOT seen than you have seen, go out, live your adventure, have purpose, win your race, see your sight...it's never too late to start living.



I would get an Iphone5, because it would help simplify my life with my wife/daughter/schedule for training/work/running

use endomodo, bodybot, google music, podcaster, music, HR monitor, nike run, and nike fuel if I had an Iphone(no android app)


Fitness Month hasn't been so much about inspiration or motivation for me as it has been about knowledge and information which can be used to make better choices.  Because of WPCentral, I went out and purchased a FitBit, which I now wear everyday around the clock.  It has given me information, not prevously available.  I always figured that with my desk job, I wasn't really getting as much exercise as I should, but now I have true and relatively accurate feedback on my activity level.  This information has caused me to make minor tweaks in my routine: I park farther away, I always take the stairs, I walk around the building during coffee breaks, while brainstorming, or while on my windows phone.  I also paired my FitBit account with MyFitnessPal which gives me a beter idea of what I am consuming.  So I opt for a banana with my coffe instead of banan bread.  I eat carrat sticks intead of chips with my lunch, etc.  Having the data in front of me keeps me accountable to myself; I cannot just estimate and fi=gure that i'm moving around enough or staying within a healthy calorie limit.  These changes are simple ones that I have made and think will be easy to continue, unlike past decisions to join a gym or go for a daily run.  Decisions which only last a couple of months before my busy life gets in the way.  And I have WPCentral to thank for making me aware of the tools I now use to make these better informed decision about my lifestyle.  Thank you.

Discovered the app my fitness pal and it has helped keep me motivated to staying on my workout plans. Already down a few pounds and counting!

I got inspired to find out that not all techies are couch potatoes. I've been not sitting down much more over the past few years, and it's nice to know that not all are slobby looking geeks. To all, keep up the good work the Mobile Fitness Month inspired.

I agree. Very motivating topic, but I really like the new apps I had no idea a) existed and b) could use the phone to do things like monitor heart rate. Very cool

I had so much fun with fitness month, it was inspiring to see how my devices can be used with fitness.  Thanks to your advice, I am no longer bored on the treadmill!

I don't mean to brag and I dont mean to boast...j/k but the awareness was very helpful knowing I had my mobile community getting fit at the same time I am.

Steps I'v taken to drop 20 lbs in 26 days (from 235 to 215 and counting!):

#1) Watch "Forks Over Knives" and "Vegucated" on Netflix (mobile)
#2) Go Peskatarian, Take Corella (anti-mercury) with your salmon or albacore! $4 per half pound at the salad bar in your grocery store. Also the Chipolte veggie bowl is $6.82. I did zero exercise in my first week.
#3) Buy the armband for your mobile and use Map my Run/Ride and Zombies, Run!
#4) Sideload P90X on your phone and use it during your lunch break. You need a towel and a yoga mat.
#5) Enjoy the compliments that come with your new lifestyle!

thanks to myfitnesspal app that I downloaded after reading your articles, its much easier to keep track on what I eat and maintain a cavemen/ketos diet. 

It's reminded me that I need to keep fit during university. With lots of classes and work I don't have much free time, but Fitness Month has kept keeping in shape on my mind. I haven't lost any weight, because at 19 years old and my size, I don't need to, but I have maintained my weight and fitness.

I have lost 10 pounds working out with Insanity paired with a low carb diet. I am also using the "FATCALC" app to track my body composition!

It is due to all the fitness tips I got....that I was so impressed I made an account here...now I am a glad member :)
Thank you Mobile Nations Fitness Month for changing my wrong habits and helping me adopt new healthy habits :)

It's motivating to see fitness updates when you're only accountable to yourself and not working out with anyone else. It's hard some days and you need a kick in the butt, and seeing everyone else getting excited about their progress is a huge help, even moreso when you use tools like MyFitnessPal to track your diet and exercise. For that reason I also pre-ordered a FitBit Flex, even though it doesn't work with Windows Phone. It looks like an awesome tool to help you stay on track.

I have been able to fit a workout routine into my schedule. Im also eating better and tracking calories with a fitness app. Im going to continue to work out and limit the amount of alcohol I consume.