Creating digital postcards with Nokia Place Tag

Nokia Place tag beta live tile

Digital photo postcards, the mobile revolution has been trying to use them to replace the traditional, and far slower postal equivalent for some time now, and our final Nokia app from MWC this year is a beta preview of their Place Tag service.

We can’t guarantee that what we saw is the final feature set, but this looks like another Nokia lens intended to extend your camera functionality rather than being a fully featured app, read on to find out how it all works.

Operation is simple, you take a picture, which is in turn geo tagged with your current GPS location, and then share it with your friends. There are some overlay options to make the experience more like your traditional postcard, including printing the current address as identified by the Nokia HERE platform, but that’s essentially all the functionality we could find.

Simple yes, but also streamlined as a postcard experience; taking your own picture of your location, writing a short message, and sharing it with your friends. Check out a quick video demonstration below if your interest is piqued.


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Creating digital postcards with Nokia Place Tag


Interesting app nice to send postcards too others, what is the little box plug into the mico port on bottom of phone in the video.

Nice.  Is there a release date for this?  Also, is this a Nokia exclusive or are they putting this one out to everyone too?  You may have answered those questions in the video but I have no audio at the moment :(

Unfortunately not :( we don't have much information at all, it's just an app we stumbled across whilst we were checking back in with Nokia

Just tried YouTube auto captions.  Something about an american barlow returning to religion.  Go try it out :D

I don't know why all these Nokia apps excite me so much and then when I don't see any download links I feel like throwing my phone against the wall. Don't know why they get this saddistic fun from teasing :/

"onmicrosoft" is an office 365 hosted account. It could be through email, SharePoint or Lync, not really sure where the sharing contract would come out.

Does anyone else use Postcard on the Run? Love that app. Its similar to this but sends an actual postcard to one of your contacts.