Water Log gets updated adds charts and more

Water Log

Water Log is a simple way to track your water consumption from your Windows Phone. While we liked the app, there was room for improvement. Improvements that have been added with latest update.

The version 1.2 update for Water Log includes a log of your daily water consumption, adds the ability to generate a chart to view your progress and resets the water log counter each day. You also get optional sound effects and a few performance issues were addressed with the update. All total, the update makes Water Log a very nice health/fitness app for our Windows Phones.

Daily consumption of water is a key element for proper health and fitness. Water Log helps track that consumption and reminds you to drink water throughout the day.  It may sound like an easy thing to remember but you'de be surprised how easy it is to remember to grab a bottle of water or down a glass during the day.  Water Log can help you develop that pattern.

Water Log is a free app for your Windows Phone and you can find it here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Thanks, Mark, for the tip!


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Water Log gets updated adds charts and more


Thanks. I don't mind the negativity. I've received a lot of positive feedback privately from people that this app has helped. That's all that's really important to me. The number of downloads the app has received since launch shows that, while out loud remembering to drink water seems trivial, the app is something that some people need as a reminder.

This is app in my humble opinion is for those who are trying to get on track with their nutrition. After it becomes a habit the app isn't necessary. Besides I'm sure all of you get your gallon of water a day anyway =/ .

This is stupid. If you really want to make sure you drink enough, just buy a big water bottle, fill it two times a day, and make sure you drink it all. Don't waste your time on your phone making charts.

I'm sure you were just making a joke, but this is actually one of the reasons I wrote this app. I would pound down countless Diet Pepsi's a day like nobody's business, but wouldn't dare go drink just plain ol' water. I've given up soda since Thanksgiving and haven't looked back.

Yep, I was joking, but on the serious side, I installed your app for the very reason you made it.  I need to make the switch, and keep telling myself I'm going to, but that day never really shows up.
For people like you (the old you) and I, it'd be awesome if a future update could schedule a Ween You Off Cola's program... :-)

When I did the switch, I basically went to one cup of coffee a day in the morning. That made it possible to avoid the dreadful caffeine headaches that you get when you try to quit. Where I work, we have a bunch of different Talking Rain carbonated water drinks, so I pretty much just drink those at work. (Keeping water bottles clean is just too much work :)) At home, I keep those big bottles of carbonated flavored water on hand now. It was surprisingly easier to do than I expected. I assumed I'd be cranky and miserable, and kill everyone. I think the biggest challenge is really remembering that you've decided to do it. I'm a person of habit and repetition, and fully expected to find myself in the cooler grabbing soda out of habit. Your mileage may vary, but it really wasn't all that bad. Give it a shot. Then end of the month is almost here. Enjoy your last few sodas and give it a start on March 1st!