Twitter and WhatsApp are just the start as new Windows Phone 8 apps loom

Windows Phone 8 users should rejoice as evidently the newly updated WhatsApp and Twitter apps are just the beginning. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to Twitter to react to the mostly positive news by teasing  he has a “few more apps on my #WP8 phone that aren’t in the Store”.

Microsoft in the past has had headline grabbing “app pushes” where a near steady cadre of awaited apps were launched on Windows Phone. The last time this happened was soon after Windows Phone 7.5 was launched with nearly 50 high profile apps being released over a span of weeks.

While we’re certainly not anticipating that many apps this time (Microsoft did just hit 130K apps) there are a few big titles that we’re still missing...

Within the last week, WhatsApp was updated no less than three times and Twitter was re-launched with a 2.0 update. Nokia was working closely with WhatsApp to improve the somewhat troubled messenger, which has suffered from stability issues in the past and we’re unsure about who was involved with the Twitter refresh.

So what are those Windows Phone 8 apps that aren’t in the Store? We can think of a couple possible candidates:

  • Pandora
  • Photosynth
  • Molome
  • Facebook  (new version)
  • Viber
  • Skype (new version)

We could throw Instagram on that list, but at this point, we’re not confident at all in that prediction (even though it would be a huge win for the platform).

Photosynth was teased a few weeks ago as nearly complete for Windows Phone 8 and of course Pandora was announced back in October, making those two very likely candidates. Molome, an Instagram-like competitor, is also close to being released.

Have any other candidate apps that you think may be coming? Let us know in comments!

Source: Twitter; Thanks, joeymk, for the heads up


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Twitter and WhatsApp are just the start as new Windows Phone 8 apps loom



It would be funny if Instagram finally came out and it sucked!! I hope that doesn't happen, but look at how many apps did suck when launched.

I'd take a sucky Instagram over none at this point. Sucky meaning it not being on par feature wise. Not unstable and buggy, lok

Can we start a fund to pay instagram to build an app? They'd probably make a million bucks in a day

Oh I get it alright. Some people have a LOT of free time on their hands to be on every new social network that pops up. There will always be something new: Pinterest, Instagram, Vine, etc...
But will they stick around or are they the next MySpace??? Nobody knows for sure. If those networks/companys can't get their head out of their ass and support more than 2 platforms then they can fuck off. These apps are just front ends for a web services/APIs anyway. It's not rocket science.
You know why Facebook and Twitter are the big dogs? Because they are on EVERY PHONE PLATFORM and on the biggest platform of them all THE WEB (with responsive mobile web versions for tablets and phones).

That's true, but in order for WP to be successful it needs to have what's popular, and what the majority if consumers want now. You just can't say screw that we don't need it it's just a fad. Having apps like Instagram could be the gateway for future popular apps, popular meaning what the general public views as important, not what you or I want. You're not looking at the app situation from the average consumers point if view, and its sad because they outnumber us by far. I've meet so many people that told me that they are considering returning their WP device because they didn't know Instagram wasn't available when they left the store with it. Seriously! I work at the airport and I see people with WP devices, and I ask them how they like it. Almost everyone has said they miss having Instagram. Now, if Instagram, and other popular apps, don't come while these new WP users who are AC how likely is it that they would purchase another WP device? How likely is it that they would recommend WP to others? How likely is WP to gain significant market share?? You have to look at the big picture, and that picture is iOS, and Android have what the average consumer wants, and they have no reason to go anywhere else for it. Some of us would like for WP to give them a reason, and maybe there already are plenty, but its hard when our platform falls short on what the AC wants which is popular apps now not later.. Its just self preservation as far as I'm concerned. The AC gets want they want and it will lead to us getting what we need!! Ya feel me????

Instagram could release an their web API and let devs build 3rd party Instagram apps at no cost to them. Or they could contract out a talented WP dev. There are plenty of kick-ass WP apps that demonstrate the talent of the WP dev community. It's obvious MS approched Instagram and tried to work out a deal but Instagram said no either because they hold a grudge against MS or they are fucking morons.
Basically if Instagram wanted to have a presense on WP they could have it. There is even incentive with a growing user base and tie-in to Windows 8 tablets/desktops eventually. But they chose to give a big middle finger to WP users. So I'm disgusted with people who beg and plead and whine about not having apps from companies who so obviously don't give a shit. It can flow both ways on that front. You feel me????

Yeah, I feel you. You're talking politics. I'm saying that in order for WP to succeed the political BS needs to get worked out. Whether that ever happens I couldn't tell you because we don't know what goes on behind closed doors. But, none of that is the point. The point is that millions of people want apps like Instagram or they will not go with WP. They don't give a rats ass about politics,, if its not there they will just go with another platform period point blank. Making up excuses, and justifications, so we can just say screw Instagram doesn't matter. My point is that for WP to succeed it needs these app and that's it! MS is going to have to find a way to get it done, and with the power they have I think you're being a little easy on them. It's either succeed or not succeed... Which one are you picking?

MS doesn't have the power to force another private company to do something they don't want to do with their service.
If Instagram simply doesn't want WP users using their service MS can't do shit about it.
And no, throwing milions of dollars at them is not a solution, as that wouldn't be fair to other developers and service providers.
You can't blame MS for Instagram being spoiled dicks.

Never used Instagram and I never will so in that respect I agree wholeheartedly with the previous poster and I also concurr with his assessment that these larger companies who don't produce apps for WP8 are a bit mental.  However, I also agree with your comments re the political saga and I lay the blame firmly at the door of Microsoft.  It pains me every time I see an advert for BBc iPlayer or SkyGo (those are the 2 stand-out missing apps for ME) and down the bottom you see the wee iOS symbol and the wee Android but no Windows Phone logo.  The marketing director for WP8 needs taken out and shot, I could do a better job in my sleep.
But the crucial point is that without a larger user base the incentive isn't there for these companies so MS need to find a way to pay them to build the apps or offer to develop them in house.  As you rightly point out, one missing app can lose a customer even though the rest of the OS is awesome just because that one app is crucially important to that user, regardless of whether you as an individual agree or give a toss about that app.  More users= more bargaining power but MS are taking the "if we build it they will come" hit and hope approach rather than some up front investing in app development that will help increase the user base because most muggles don't care about WHICH OS they use, they just want it to have the apps they like.

Feelin' ya full on. That is the plain truth of it. Well said. It is good for all of us/WP in general even though I personally started using Fhotoroom™ when I got my 920 and wouldn't switch to Instagram.

I had missed Flipboard, but I have honestly say that I find Weave to be a more than adequate replacement.  Quite happy with it. Now if I could just get Capital One 360 (formerly ING Direct) to make an app I'd be all set. 

if not oh well, i really dig metro radio since i get infinite skips. Even if pandora came out i doubt i would use it for that reason alone

I agree with you. At first, i was really bummed out about Pandora Radio not being on Windows Phone however ;once I heard about Metroradio and infinite skips, I'm honeslty liking it better than the actual Pandora app! The graphics are awesome as well. I also figured out how to print wirelessly from my phone since I've got a wireless printer at home, with an email address. 

Have you tried Last.fm? It like it better than Pandora personally. I listen to Rock / Metal and it has a way better selection. Not sure about pop / r&b though.

Exactly. Everytime I see Pandora comments I think of the rest of the world. AND there are good/better options which are also international.

Are you suggesting MS Facebook is unofficial? That is absolutely unlikely. MS wouldn't realase an app with a trademarked name without facebook's blessing.

I'm suggesting that.  There are several APIs that only Facebook has access to.  Third party apps like Microsofts do not get that access so I do not consider them official.
Example: I have done a lot of editing of my "news feed" things like silly game requests and other crap that I don't want to see are hidden.  Third party apps do not have access to those feeds so if I use the Microsoft app or the People Hub I see all that crap that I never have to see if I use the official iOS or Android app.

And in regards to whatsapp, plz give us the ability to save pictures and videos to our pictures and video hubs!!!!!!

As far as I remember there is no API on Windows Phone to save videos to hubs - so it's not issue with WhatsApp itself.

Please, please, please just give those of us outside the US ability to subscribe to podcasts without having to rely on any of the mediocre 3rd party apps

Hm? Do you know something we don't? I ask because over on the mlb at bat/mlb.tv forums they've been silent on the development of a WP8 app.

Hey Pandora sounds nice...however, a lot of people have already switched to Spotify.  -and well, of course Nokia Music.  Facebook also sounds pretty nice, but we all know that the FB team would probably eff it up somehow. 

Update*Skype is also another plus...but then again, word on the street with Mary Jo Foley, they don't exactly know when the Skype update will come for WP8...it might be awhile?

Can I get a source for the Skype bit? I usually follow them and I don't remember them saying that.

No official source as I don't want to post my Twitter feed here.  Foley tweeted me last week stating that she doesn't know when it is coming out, nor does she reckon it will come out anytime soon.  She said she will keep trying to get into touch with them to get an update on news.  -That is all she said. 

Paul I think mentioned it in a podcast.  I can't find which one though...I updated my previous comment though. 

If Microsoft do their job we don't even need any other apps (WhatsApp, Viber..), Skype is available on every mobile platform including computers.

facebook, instagram and flipboard..also fixed the messaging hub(facebook integration)..thats it! then i will switch again to Windows Phone...do they have a list of most used app on any device? i think Facebook comes first.

I would like to see Pocket, Flipboard, Feedly and a better Facebook app before having Instagram or others. That's just me, but it would be great :)

The new twitter App it's just incredible, we need more apps like that! The Facebook app is good but it could be A LOT better! Hoping a newer version comes. :)

Facebook, instagram, pandora and literally anything else....but those three are what's important.

Can you tell us why youtube is so important? I ask this because MetroTube is SO MUCH BETTER (IMO!).
Is it having something that has the "official youtube" logo that matters most?
I mean either way you can forget it because google owns youtube...

I personally loveee metrotube, but I wish Microsoft made a way for other YouTube apps to open automatically when you click a YouTube link :(

Won't be instagram. They are only interested in Android and Iphone. They've SAID IT. So no to instagram. EDIT: a total make over of Facebook would be great. I mean an improved version.

There are already how many photo editor apps in the market? A few have social features as well, so I don't see the need for instgram. Besides, didn't Facebook buy instagram?

That's like saying "We have MySpace, who needs Facebook." Instagram is mainly needed to help sell the phone to the millions, upon millions, who use instagram and will not switch to a platform that doesn't have it.

Instagram and Facebook would be nice for sure!! The new twitter is superb although we still have the people hub which is an amazing thing already

Pandora would be great (so would Songza), new Facebook would be fantastic, Instagram would be amazing! All of this would be legen...wait for it...dary!

Songza is the best and would look awesome using the metro UI. I don't think instagram is on its way, but molome seems to be an adequate replacement and its less annoying to hear about!

I was hoping Skype wouldn't be updated at all...just finally baked into the OS with portico like messenger is now.

Seriously? Instagram? Screw that noise. I want HBO Go, Hulu and Xfinity. Give me entertainment over sharing hipster pictures any day.

Screw what you want! Lol! Just joking... We need apps like Instagram for the sake of the platform.. Like I said I don't want to use Instagram either, but we better pray it comes... And, I also hope you get the apps you wish for as well, but it may take getting the huge apps like Instagram first to make getting what you want possible....

None of these is available in Canada, so I don't give a shit about any of them. Same goes for Pandora, Spotify and Nokia Music. And US banking apps. Canada is getting fucked.

Funny, yesterday at work this guy was showing me this Android widget weather app on his phone and it had a stupid little refresh button in the bottom right corner.. He was complaining that he had to refresh the stupid widget every time he wanted the current weather.. I just kept my mouth shut this time.. Lol!

I have Amazing Weather HD, Weather Live, Weather Flow, Lock Temp, and AccuWeather, and none of the lock screens consistently update without a refresh. That is really annoying since lock screens and live tiles are supposed to be the most innovative and unique features of the OS.

Wow, you might wanna talk to someone about that.
Sounds like you're turning into a forecast addict ;)

I see the lack of instagram as a plus on WP ;). I'm less and less interested in Pandora as the 3rd party apps are great and not having login problems as of late (knock on wood). Honestly I'm happy with what we have. We've come a long way. But would love to not be the afterthought platform for every new fad app.

I hope it is instagram. Then every tech site can run a story about windows phone. And then all this non stop instagram talk can finally end.

I'll say this again, I don't use instagram at all, and really don't agree that so many see fit to somehow weigh WP's future on something like instagram (BTW, you're trippin's if you really think that).

But with that said, the best thing to do is build it into the OS like FB and Twitter are. From what little I know about instagram it could EASILY be built into the already existing social parts of the photo hub.
Only thing is I'm really starting to believe many people don't feel like thier doing something if their not opening/loading an app. So it could easily go ignored like the FB and twitter integration seems to be.  :-/

We don't need no Pandora. They turned down WP when we needed it most. Now we don't need it. Nokia music, Xbox music, Last FM, Slacker, there are a host of music apps available now.

New facebook app is a must, the current one sucks balls. Instagram, Temple Run, Flipboard and Sketchbook Pro. If any of these apps doesn't make it to the platform anytime soon, I'll be dropping my WP and going back to iOS.

Maybe snapchat? On snapchat's twitter they reply to a guy asking them to develop for wp8. They replied that they were "speaking to the windows people about how they could support their vision"

Dude same here. My wife said the minute Pandora and Instagram are on WP she's switching from iPhone. The fanboys here who don't want these apps do not see the big picture.

Graffiti IS Pandora except you have no limit on skips! Check it out -- you login with your Pandora account and it brings in all your music -- I actually like the interface better than the official Pandora app for iOS.

The thing is tons of mainstream consumers will only use the first party app and don't have the knowledge to get a third party alternative.

Fuck Instagram, give me back Photosynth! One of the coolest WP exclusives ever. Makes my friends jealous when I had it on my WP7 device.

The fact that Windows Phone 8 does not have a Microsoft developed and owned technology is embarressing and Microsoft should feel ashamed that they are uncapable of supporting their own platforms vs. their competitors.

im hoping for a major Facebook update with all the features we requested. if it isn't it will be a major let down. i can see skype, viber and Pandora being updated or released though!

Would love to see HBOGo, MAXGo, xfinity, FiOS. Basically just some good apps for video watching, oh and make a YouTube app that is not just a relay to the mobile website

If you talk about game-changers, I'd say that Indigo is probably one that would have a big impact (especially since it's supposed to be free!)

Cracks me up reading some of the post here about how people feel it's not necessary to have certain apps because they don't use them or feel there are other 3rd party apps that can be used instead. I personally don't use Instagram, but think it's a necessity for the platform. Really doesn't matter what the diehard WP fan thinks anyway. Its about the masses. It's about what the 10's of millions of people use on the other two platforms. This platform will not flourish\survive if it does not have these apps. What a lot of you also fail to understand is that it's not enough to just release a popular app, the app should be as good as the iPhone or android versions if not better, and that hasn't happened. Tired of these half baked half assed apps. Belfiore needs to stop being a "tease" and put his money where his mouth is. It's time to put up or shut up. We're two years into this shit and are still begging for Pandora.(edit: for the record, in case someone has misunderstood, I don't care about Pandora, I've moved on)

The one thing I agree with you here is the creation of superior apps. If these companies are not going to make an outstanding app they shouldn't bother.

They just teased a new racing game is coming tomorrow.  Maybe finally the newest Asphalt or something?

I'll be happy if they just fix whatsapp from using the music api to keep it running in the background so my phone's battery stops draining lol

Based on the recent IE10 ad, which showed a few sites pinned to the Windows 8 start screen, I am going to go ahead an put out a prediction for: updated Facebook, pulse, pandora and hulu.

The Kindle App definitely needs to release the new version,so I can sync personal documents as well, just like on every other platform.

Facebook Touch is my current replacement. There's a annoying ad on the bottom but its better than the official one...

Yes to Nook! The WP Kindle app is terrible compared to the iOS and Android versions and needs updating. Nook and Kindle for Windows RT/8 are also inferior to their competitors.

Im tired of instagram comments so I hope u guys get it soon I may or may not use it I have an account but im more interested in our own Windows Phone Photo app and am I the only one who wants a Hulu app? The fact that I have Hulu plus makes this a big deal for me we need more apps for services were already paying for versus a bunch of social media apps