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Sneak (s)Peak with Indigo, the new digital personal assistant

We reported yesterday on Indigo, the new voice controlled personal assistant from Artificial Solutions and promised that we’d try and spend some time with the app here at MWC. Happily we have done just that and stopped by the Artificial Solutions booth a few hours ago to talk about their new service.

Indigo is just part of a larger system which Artificial Solutions are building, based around their own natural language engine and what they refer to as the ‘brain’, the Teneo Interaction Engine. It’s a smart looking service which we’re excited to see coming to Windows Phone, read on for more details on Teneo and a video hands on.

It was explained to us that Artificial Solutions are keen to promote the service underpinning Indigo (called Teneo) as a viable option for enterprise and commercial interests. In a nutshell, Indigo is connecting to a Teneo instance hosted in the cloud as a Java web app. That Teneo platform can be provided in its entirety for custom purposes, with a customised engine designed to react to natural language specific for their use case.

If all of that sounds a bit too technical to you then just think of it as tailoring the natural language engine for one purpose (say ordering food at a fast food establishment), with specific reactions for that business.

Back to Indigo itself, the app seems pretty solid, and we were shown a few capabilities such as searching for information, organising yourself and your data, updating your social media and more. If you’d like to know more about Indigo, or register your interest for when the app is released, you can go to for details. You’ll see some of the app in action as demonstrated in the video below, let us know your thoughts.


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Sneak (s)Peak with Indigo, the new digital personal assistant


Can you guys ask if this will also come to Windows 8? Having it only be cross platform with android seems to be missing the natural connection with a Windows Phone.

We did ask yes, the official answer was that they were prototyping a version with the engine all running locally for businesses. However they were open to the idea of a Windows 8 client app similar to the WIndows Phone 8 app

Will this be integrated into the voice search that is already in WP8 or will the app have to be launched?
I feel that this is where Siri is better; it is integrated into the OS.  A stand alone voice recognition app just doesn't appeal to most people. 

Windows Phone lets you talk to a specific app by saying the app name first then your command. They could implement that and you potentially wouldn't need to open the app.

I believe that with the new TellMe APIs built into WP8 it should act almost as if it were baked in the OS. For example, you could long-press the home button to initial a voice command, and then say "Indigo, tell me the weather," and it should open the app and the app will tell you the weather without any further action on your part.
I may be wrong though, so someone correct me if I am.

I want this so bad. If Indigo could actually pull relevant info for Canadians and be able to talk to other apps I would use this. I emailed Cineplex a while back and they said there's a WP8 app in the works, if they were both available I'd be buying a lot more movie tickets with my phone.

TellMe != Siri. Siri\Indigo are intelligent apps that understand context. TellMe is simply voice commands\launcher.

Sort of, TellMe is for converting the speech to text. Anywy, this app actually uses TellMe as the speech to text system, and then processes the text string for natural language.


TellMe is a Speech Engine that can be used by every app to send voice commands to the app and "inside" the app.


It has a full set of API to provide voice commands, speech recognition and text-to-speech or speech-to-text to the third party devs.


So every apps that use voice commands use TellMe

Can this app replace current voice recognition service built into our Windows Phone 8 OS or have to be launched separately

Anyone seen a video where someone actually speaks to the app instead typing? Maybe am missing something in the video???

It was kind of noisey in there so that is why they didn't do the voice activation.  Check out the demos on the website.

Jay did yall ask about pricing and I hope they give you guys a heads up on a realse date since soon can mean weeks or a month away ... Can't wait to try this out I gave up on command apps after ask Ziggy I thought about trying tellme but this seems worth trying out

No I am one of these people who are really upset about all the cool new apps that are appearing on WP8 whilst I am stuck using WP7.8 until November 2013 as I was foolish enough to be an early adopter and get the first Nokia Windows Phone available in the UK in the week of release (Lumia 800) - thanks very much MS for punishing us loyal followers!!
Anyway, the point is that the Indigo website appears to show a mock-up of Indigo running on a WP7.x handset (looks like either the Lumia 800 or 900) -

Is it just a mistake by Indigo, or will it be available on more than just WP8?

go to the AT&T website.  trade in value is available for Lumia 800 & 900, so perhaps you can upgrade a little earlier than you think.  also, i have been able to get them to let me upgrade at 18 months, which seem as if it should be soon for you.
Good luck.