Mint.com, no current plans for Windows Phone app


Mint.com is a financial service from Intuit that pulls your financial information under one roof to make managing things a little easier. There are mobile apps for the service available for Android and iOS devices and it appears a Windows Phone version isn't in Mint.com's near future.

According to Community Manager Jami over at Mint.com's support forum,

"Thanks for sharing your interest in a Mint app for Windows. Unfortunately, we do not have plans at this time to develop an app for Windows. After exploring this opportunity, we found that there wasn't enough demand, but we're continuing to keep an eye on it, and if that changes (and resources open up), we’ll revisit this decision."

The standardized response wasn't well received and the original suggestion to make a Mint.com Windows Phone app has received over 130 likes. Not sure what it'll take to prove to Mint.com that there is enough demand port their app to Windows Phone but is Intuit missing the boat?  How many Mint.com users are in the house that would like to see a Mint.com app?

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Mint.com, no current plans for Windows Phone app


Someone in the wpc developers forum was looking for beta testers a while back for Money Thyme, his mint app. It looks good on video. I signed up, but never heard back from him.

Yes, I ran a beta for a bit, but I decided not to publish the app.  I'm sorry I didn't add you, but after I decided not to publish, I stopped adding people to the beta.
I really would like to see an official app come out, even though I view my accountevery day through my app :)
If you guys are going to leave a comment on Mint's satisfaction board, feel free to post a link to the screencast:

I've definately considered it.  So far the reason I haven't open sourced it is the same reason I didn't publish, I dont know the legal ramifications.  Right now the risk is not worth it.  

This is hugely disappointing.  Are there comparable alternatives out there?  I'd switch in a heartbeat, if there was a viable option.

100% agree.  I would also like to point out that ever since Intuit purchased Mint, The support has went down hill.  Would love to switch to something else, but there isn't anything else that it like mint...

There is definitely a trend in intuit products not supporting windows phone.  The did the same thing with their card swiping software.  I personally think the have some type of beef with Microsoft.

Account Tracker & Money Zoom for me.. Toshl is very good as well but the free version is limited only to 1 Income 1 Budget, but the expenses is unlimited.

Lol of course they do, or did anyway. Back in the day MS published Money and gave it away to establish marketshare and Intuit didn't like it competing with Quicken.

PageOnce - has an app and they offer some tracking for bills and such that Mint doesn't (or at least that I haven't seen).

PageOnce is great. Definitely an alternative to Mint on Windows Phone. PageOnce gives a great summary of all your bank, investment, and billing accounts in a simple easy to use app.

I was just thinking about this the other day, I wish it had an app.
The only other one I can think of is PageOnce.

It refreshes everyday....so its a little delayed from your regular bank account transactions. Buts its a pretty financial app...just wish it would be updated WP8. It could use some of the new features.

Yes, they have been tested multiple times and so far their systems have been proven to be secure. Millions of people use their services so I'm sure they're good.

Im using pageonce currently because mint doesn't support us. Wish they did because id switch back.

Well, they've been saying 'No plans for Windows Phone' for almost a year now; and didn't they recent pull/stop support on one of the apps that they did have on Windows Phone?
I don't use the service, but hopefully they will bring it to WP as some point for those who do.  Excel works superbly for me :)
Now, if BB10 gets it before WP8...I have no words.

There are also at least 5 other threads that have the same type of request.  They really need to combine all of them together.

Unless all of the WP users actually come together and email these companies on a daily or weekly basis, will be the only way to convince them to develop for WP platform. 170 users are just not nearly enough, maybe 1,700.

I'm on board for pestering once a week.
1) wav support for work VM
2) intuit gopayment with card reader
3) wells Fargo
4) VPN
5) Mint

It's going to need to be more than 1700.  If they sell the app for $.99 they would need at least 15K - 20K initial sales or more to make it worth doing.  We all need to remeber these companies are in this to make money not give a way free apps.  If it is free it's so you upgrade a paid app with more functionality.

Clearly we all need to reexamine the notion that $.99 for a fully functioned app that people want is not sustainable.  Developers need to charge realistic prices for good apps and users need to just suck it up and stop this fantasy that they can get any piece of good software they want for less than one dollar!

the app is free on the other platforms, they make money by reffering customers to products that will save them money from whatever they're using

This week's has been rather interesting for Windows Phone. A mix of good and bad news. Should be all good, though. Oh, well.

I love Mint.com but hate the fact they wont make an app for Windows Phone or Windows 8/RT. I use PageOnce on my WP but it just doesnt have the options and depth that mint does. This is terrible news.

I'm going to bug them on twitter right now. Pageonce refuses to update their slow app so I'm willing to jump to mint if they come around.

Microsoft competed head-to-head with Intuit for a decade and a half.  I'm sure there is no love lost between them.  They'll avoid supporting anything from Microsoft until customers drag them to it. 
Sad that industry politics works against Windows Phone because it's from Microsoft; it's the thing from Microsoft most worthy of support.

Mint.com sucks.  They're being complete a$$es about this and could easily release an app.  I'm sure they even had one already under development that was supposed to go out on or near the release of WP8.  I'm sure other political things are going on here, which is just bushleague.  F'em.

Any information regarding this? It would seem very odd to not release an app that was near completion. If they spent all that time and resources on an app, it's in their best interest to release it.

Not if they don't like MS. The only thing intuit developed for Windows OS because they're force too. A lot of people and companies uses it and makes money, otherwise they wouldn't care either.

From all official communications, it appears they have not seen enough demand (either via news or direct requests) to dedicate resources for app development. I'm a Mint user and am disappointed by this, but I do understand they are trying to focus on services that target the most number of their users. I don't think it's necessarily petty politics, but more of a concerted effort to decide how and where to focus resources.

They had a WP8 page up on their site stating that it was coming soon so they had already started development on it.  I think you're wrong here.

I miss the days of WM6.x when Intuit allowed a third party to create Pocket Quicken. Best program ever, as it could correlate with my desktop Quicken.

I'd love one. I use mint but find the lack of mobile support (both app and web) windows phone very frustrating. Its too bad they probably wouldn't trust 3rd parties enough to have a (secured) API.

I wouldn't want a third party accessing information about my financial information, either. As much as I want an official Mint app, I don't want 3rd party apps handling such information because there's no telling how they manage the data within their own apps.

Another big name app that wont come to wp8. And people wonder why the platform isn't catching up. Who the hell is going to switch to WP if no one makes apps for it. People don't say "hey I'll switch to WP and wait for flip board, instagram, mint, (insert bank institute name here) app, etc..." in the end if WP8 fails it'll be the developer's fault. I bet they get paid extra by apple and google so that they won't develop for WP :P

Without intergration with Quicken, Mint has never been appealling to me.   Oddly, Intuit made a companion app for Quicken 2013 that runs on iOS and Android.  Do not know how well that works, but that is more of what I am interested in.  Just not sure why they have not integrated Mint and Quicken instead of developing a separate Quicken app.  No plans to upgrade my current Quicken client until there is a companion Windows Phone app available.

I use Quicken 2010 and just got a message that the update feature is going to stop working in a few weeks unless I upgrade to Q 2013. This ticked me off so I've been looking for alternatives. Was going to try mint but this news doesn't bode well.

been probing them for more than a year, but they just won't budge on it. the evidence shows that there is demand...and why wouldn't there be with win 8 and wp8 adoption growing every day. Though i would just settle for a decent mobile web app at this point, which is probably their biggest fail right now. I know they are proud of their shiny iPad app, but web should always be the priority!

99% of these services are web based. There is no excuse not to have responsive websites that conform to phone/tablet screen sizes first, and then native mobile phone apps second. Mobile app devs have a hell of a racket going convincing companies they ONLY need iOS/Android apps for a strong mobile presence...

There's no place for personal financial management on a phone.  That's best done on a desktop.   Otherwise you're probably not in very good control of your finances anyway.

On the contrary, having easy access to your finances on the go gives you better control over it. To each their own. A lot of people find have access to it on their phones an efficient way to stay on top of their finances.

I tend to agree with this, especially in my case.  I use Excel, on my desktop; if I ever feel like I need to carry around that info on my device, then I guess I'll just upload the spreadsheet to Skydrive.  But given that I can't password protect anything in Skydrive, I have no such plans for uploading :)

Its handy to edit the transactions, tag them on mobile, when i was using iPhone my mint used to be update, since i started using my Windows phone, they are never up to date, may be i am too lazy to do this on laptop. Are there any alternatives to Mint, may be we need consider switching, i know its not easy because we have invested so much time,into mint already.

I prefer using Yodlee.com
Mint and Pageonce use the Yodlee service. They support most of the financial services, even the GE finance cards (like SAMS club card) that is not supported by Mint. Yodlee.com UI is not good, but has all the features.

I like how companies such as Netflix have handled this: as soon as a platform is released, they release an app for it.  Is it always "perfect" or "as good as the other versions"?  Nope...but it's out there.
We pay for these services, and these companies need to submit EVERY viable platform they can.

Somebody needs to do a chart comparing the number of Netflix subscribers to the customer bases of these companies who refuse to develop for WP. If they have more customers than Netflix then what is their excuse then?

Even if you wouldn't use it we need apps like this for WP to grow. Some people prefer apps for finances and may not pick WP if they can't get apps they like to use.

I would love to see Mint on WP. I have an account, but use it rarely due to poor support on IE10 and not even a mobile interface.

I used this app soo much on iPhone its the very first one I looked for when I switched to WP. I'm one of those 130 likes on the Mint suggestion page, I'm so dissapointed to hear this. If there was any comparable id switch in a heartbeat. Tried pageonce and its nowhere near as useful as mint :(

Yup, I guess this is how Mac users feel, at least till about a few years ago. I also think this is a way companys can give MS the finger for whatever they have. 

I've been complaining to Mint.com since I switched to WP7 back when it first launched. They have used that same response since then. Its shame really.

I much prefered MS Money over Quicken and was really disappointed that MS dropped it. Unfortunately, I haven't found a program that works as well; Intuit has an effective monopoly on financial software.

It's comical in a way that news on this forum highlight companies bypassing Windows Phone. Other news highlight minor or barely noticeable tweaks on third party app updates. I'm no Troll--I'm a proud Lumia 920 owner. I guess it's the way I'm coping since abandoning Android.

I use mint mostly on on a PC. I just tried on IE on my windows phone and it worked. I recall mint working on a mobile site that should make things better.

The most effective way would be to go to mint.com and add your +1 to the thread saying they aren't planning a Windows app.  Or pinging their facebook or twitter feeds.

I think if we take our voice directly to mint/intuit through the links above and on Facebook/Twitter, we might see a better result. At least we'd be complaining to the source of the problem, unlike Instagram criers that make every thread a tissue for their tears. No one here can help you. Take your fight to Instagram. MS can't help you. WPC can't help you. Only your beloved Instagram can. THEY are failing you, not Microsoft.
Anyway, back to the topic of this thread. Yes, please up the activity on Mint's site and be sure to mention it to them through all of their social media accounts.

Lol!  "...Instagram criers make every thread a tissue for their tears."  Love It :)
Your post speaks the truth, Jeff.

I decided to use mint before I bought wp only to find out that it is not available. Count me in the demand side.

Its really quite sad. I loved mint, but after giving us the finger like this, I wouldn't use the app even if they released it now. Sucks that pageonce developers are too lazy to update their app too. This is a real opportunity for some lucky developer to cash in on a similar app. I would even pay for one at this point. Any possibility on Microsoft expanding wallet? ;)

In addition to dropping development for windows phone, Intuit has actively encouraged users to switch to IOS or Android. I used to be a big fan of Intuit but since they have taken this stance, I have completely dropped their services including GoPayment & their cc processing.

I mentioned it before. The big thing is that intuit's refusal to build for windows phone goes further than mint. No intuit means no square. It means no apps for a lot of financial institutions, who use intuit for their web banking portals, like mine.

All of the companies I really want to see apps from don't have any interest in the platform. This makes me sad.

Dumb mint.  I've just about given up on them. 
BUT I would be more than happy to use any app they would like to provide!

I would love one. I used to use this app on iPhone But haven't even visited the website since I switched back to WP. Mint is dropping the ball.

I've been sending emails to them many times asking for an app... Guess I'd better find and alternative.

I don't know what it will take to get companies to willing port over to WP8 I wrote mint and they told me the same thing. I am still happy devorced for iOS but this is one major app I miss.

I was hoping Mint was waiting for WP8 to release their app. I've been waiting for it  for years. I've posted on the Mint forums about this just like many other Mint users. I't sad to hear they have not plans.

Payback for the days when Microsoft Money went head-to-head against Intuit Quicken. Both those products are gone now.

Mint sucks anyways. All they do is push ads for banks and financial services. I quit my account months ago. I have enough intelligence to do my own finances...

Any company not interested in pursuing a WP app tells me they don't like intelligent consumers with a good income, who are more likely to spend money on and in apps. I no longer give them money via my PC and make darn sure my stock investments steer clear as well.

I would like to see one for sure! I use Mint all the time. Heck, all they have to do is create a htlm5 site with a c++ wrapper and be done with it.

I don't know which would be worse. If they bring the app to the platform, will they support it? My sense is they won't. Plenty of bugs, no updates then give us the "after further review, limitations in the OS" or some other BS excuse will have them pull the plug on it. I say pour support in developers WILLING to support the platform. 

Personally I don't think Mint has the talent to develop for WP otherwise they would. I can dig it. I'm sure they put some plans on and everything they did looked like pure crap so rather than risk embarrassment, they hide behind "lack of interest" when its more a lack of imagination and comfort level paralysis. Weak and Lame. When they release for Blackberry 10, what will the excuse be then?

I want a quicken app. Mint app would be a necessity. Intuit needs to stop dragging its feet and get with the windows phone community.

I wrote to customer service, as suggested here: https://satisfaction.mint.com/mint/topics/mint_app_for_windows_phone_yes_no
First response seemed automated:
"Thanks for contacting Mint.com, and for your interest in a Mint app for Windows. Unfortunately, we do not have plans at this time to develop an app for Windows. After exploring this opportunity, we found that there wasn't enough demand, but we're continuing to keep an eye on it, and if that changes (and resources open up), we’ll revisit this decision."
So I replied back:
"I don't quite agree with this “auto response”. There are millions of PCs sold already with Windows 8, and among phones, Windows Phone 8 is the fastest-growing platform. I am unclear what you mean by lack of demand. Please let me know how you determine lack of demand."
And I got this:
"We really appreciate your eagerness or willingness to use Mint in Windows Phone or Windows 8.

We must admit that Mint app for Windows Phone or Windows 8 is one of the most requested feature that we're getting however,
we're really sad to say that it's not in our developer's radar as of this moment.

We hope that you still find Mint useful in managing your finances."
So - there is a lack of demand, but it is one of the most requested. How dooes this make sense at all?

Intuit has become quite the Windows phone naysayer. I have an Intuit Merchant Account and a couple of years ago installed the WP7 GoPayment app and received the MSR for my phone from Intuit. It never worked, Intuit kept saying they were working on it. The app also remained at version 1.0. Recently I have read on several forums that WP owners received a notification that Intuit would no longer support Windows Phones and suggested that WP owners purchase a different phone. I did not receive a notification and my app works, sort of without an MSR which limits usefulness with many clients. It seems that Intuit is snubbing Microsoft and now not supporting Mint.com is just another slap in the face. I think it's time for some help from Microsoft and their perpetual quiet. My opinion, yes but shared with many. More owners need to speak up!