NotifyMe! is another indie project to bring a notification center to Windows Phone

We broke the news last week that Liquid Daffodil will be releasing a notification center system called Unification for Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 sometime in the near future (it's officially in Beta testing as we speak).. The system is opt-in meaning devs can just add a line of code to their app to hook into it. Now it looks like a competing system is starting to take form from Alex White, called NotifyMe!

The app is still vaporware at this time and like LD’s, it uses an opt-in system for developers to use the notification system. The concept is interesting as it evidently uses the dynamic Lock Screen ability in Windows Phone 8 to generate new wallpaper (we’re assuming) when there’s a new notification.

Competing: Liquid Daffodil's Unification service

At this point in time we have a little more faith in Liquid Daffodil’s vision if only because they’ve delivered numerous high quality apps in the past and really have their noodle wrapped around Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.  In addition, their Unification system seems more robust, eventually extending to Windows Phone 7.x devices and Windows 8 as well.

It’s still a good thing though to see other developers take on the project of filling in the gaps on Windows Phone. It remains to be seen how well though they can compete against each and to win over consumers for such a service. In a Windows Phone Central Poll from August of last year, the top requested feature for Windows Phone 8 was a notification center with 22% of the vote.

Speaking of Liquid Daffodil's Unification, we'll have some more images and details of that project coming up later today.

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NotifyMe! is another indie project to bring a notification center to Windows Phone


Interesting, do these guys know something we don't about MS seemingly not bothering with a notification hub. Good to see people filling the gaps!

Microsoft is looking into the Notification Center issue, but it is not clear when such a solution may appear. My guess: you won't see it until Blue e.g. holiday season, which makes Unification a potentially more plausible solution.

For something they wanted to do for release of windows phone 8, and something so highly requested by people, this should be something they release much sooner. Microsoft needs to add features/fixes faster and with OTA updates, this should be happening often. 

Well - to be fair .. i cant see why the Start button and Live tiles can not do as notification center. What else would the notification center do ? Put the same info you get their into smaller text?

Again, not everyone pins tiles that get notifications to the home screen. This is, IMO, the main reason for a unified notification center.

Why does MS have to make a notification center to please people that do not use the phone how it is suppose to be used? They want wallpaper. They want a notification center. They want title grouping. What's next? The "DROID" sound effect when the phone is turned on.

I am on the side where i dont care for a notification center, but here is the reality of it.  WP8 users want it and people that are on the fence want it.  That is a very compelling reason to have it. 

Here is the irony of it all, if wp8 gets a notification hub, odds are, the tiles with the same notification will still be on the start screen.

True but for those that  do a notification center adds the joys of having a messy, unnecessary, additional interface element to manage. I like the simplicity of unifying notifications, widget data, and app launching and don't  want another trash can that constantly needs to be cleared. But yea I agree that something needs to be done for those that do and actually really like  the live wallpaper idea. Anyway, whatever they do I just hope it's more opt-in and not enabled by default.

I would love a notification center of some type. Live tiles only show you part of the latest email/text or whatever. I notification center could show all the emails and texts since you last looked. If MS just scrolled the latest in the tile, you wouldn't need much of a center, but they don't.

Put it to the left of the start screen and we are golden, you don't have to go there if you want to pretend it isn't there...

Cool but I still don't see what the fuss is about since live tiles display information and the lock screen does show icons on new content. I will probably get this when it comes out but I'm not as upset as most people I guess. -_-

My 8x is in the center yay! :] on a more serious note, the me tile should update as fast as the Facebook app does when I get a new notification. How often it updates is random. Also the me tile should be part of lock screen feature as well when it updates.

LD has been with our platform since day 1, & while I don't use all of their apps, I can say they're all of extremely high quality. Can't wait for either of these though.

I don't see the point. I know there is a lot of clamour for a notification centre, but all ms needs to do is expand the lock screen notification so it can include anything you want. Having it all bouncing around at the top of the screen is just annoying.

Have you ever had your phone vibrate while your busy, pulled it out of your pocket to check what it was and unable to find anything!
It looks like ms was hinting it would be to the left of the start screen, so no bouncing.

You know its funny because windows 8 has a cool universal search from the start screen...all you have to do is start typing from the start screen.

I don't know why Microsoft can't just implement the same thing here...or just use the Bing search button for universal search, that would probably be the easiest.

While a good start, seems these notification apps will only be a hub for notifications from other apps such as FB, twitter, etc.  I am assuming calls, messaging, and emails will not shoe, would be nice if it is possible for a 3rd party developer to be able to due a true notifcation center, but doubt 3rd party can get calls, texts, emails can be pulled.   

They can't. That's why we don't have a great 3rd party dialer. There's no way to access your call history or make a phone call w/o displaying a confirmation notification.

I don't like the idea of a 3rd party notification center. Microsoft is already working in a solution but as always it'll take a year for them to delivery. IHMO devs should work in making their notifications more reliable. I have serious problems with toasts not arriving instantly and tiles not updating properly.

We need a native solution as with opt-in most of the apps will be missing in the notification center and a good experience is almost not possible...

What I don't understand is, why do people want a one stop notification center? Besides the many design pitfalls of the generic notification center, this raises the question: what do you plan to do with your start screen if it's not going to be filled with tiles? Are you suggesting the dynamic of the start screen be replaced? If so, no offense intended but I think you bought into the wrong ecosystem if all you're doing is trying to get features from other OSs into your current device.
Now I understand the "my phone beeped and I have no idea why" issue. There are two potential causes for this: bad/lazy developers did not include live tile functionality, or you don't particularly want to use that tile.
The first one can be resolved by changing apps or harassing the developer. I'm opposed to the idea that MS should create a notification center to patch up the problems created by *bad developers*. I mean, really? "There are a few lazy devs so change the operating system for me!" You're barking up the wrong tree.
LD's system can solve the second issue, if widely adopted (or if simple enough to implement that a dev will add it if you ask nicely).
So yeah, I think that if this turns out to be reliable, there will be *no need* for a notification center by Microsoft. Just need to tie up a few loose ends (most notably: EBAY GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER, YOU RELEASED A WINDOWS8 APP WITH LIVE TILE AND I KNOW YOU CAN REUSE MOST OF THAT CODE).

Nice rant lol. Totally agree with you about the need for a notificatin center. MS just needs to do some tweaks here and there. 

I totaly agree with you here..... I am constantly dealing with BAD programs from BAD programers that still want to do things Windows 98 way. 
Programmers, update your skill or retire..... its that simple.

THis is AWESOME..... Now Microsoft can working on more meanful Code and not a worthless feature I will never use.

If the live tiles actually worked, and you didn't have to constantly do resets, reinstalls, and refresh's, we wouldn't need a notification center. But the sad truth is live tiles are too much work, lock screen updates are almost none existent. So yes, WP needs a notification center!

As I said to someone else, I think this is an issue with your device. I have had 3 windows phones and the only time tiles stopped working was when I flashed a bad custom rom. The system is fine, your device is buggy.

I would love to see a good notification center. Microsoft is dragging the feet on this one, but if Liquid Daffodil’s approach works as well as the other apps they have produced than I'll be looking at it...

Jaxbot from windowsphonehacker published a notification center to the windowsphonestore months ago only to have it pulled days later with no real detailed explanation as to why. As for live tiles Microsoft has already admitted an issue occuring with them in the 7.8 update. My biggest issue is the amount of "duplicate" apps available in the marketplace. How many ****** flashlights do we have to choose from? Microsoft seems to have bypassed any attempt at finding quality devs just to fill up the marketplace.