Viber states VOIP update for Windows Phone 'coming very soon'

The Viber team has revealed on Twitter that an update is well on the way for Windows Phone, which is speculated to bring VOIP support. The app is currently only enabling consumers to communicate with contacts via messages, leaving alternatives as solutions for VOIP. So when can we all expect to see said update delivered to Windows Phones? It's "coming very soon."

Take what you will from the statement made on Twitter. The team is not revealing much regarding an exact date of release.

We can't imagine the Viber team holding off for much longer, especially with competitor products further advancing on Windows Phone. The store listing also serves as a reminder for consumers of what's on the horizon:

"VOICE COMING SOON: We promise that as soon as the full version is ready, we will make it available so will be able to use Viber for Windows phone to also make free calls to any other Viber user, anywhere in the world."

Luckily, Viber users won't have to go through the same issues as those who are still waiting for Tango to sort their Windows Phone app out. You can download the current version of Viber Messenger from the Windows Phone Store.

C'mon, Viber. Let's change that message icon to a phone. Thanks, Dome85, for the heads up!

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Viber states VOIP update for Windows Phone 'coming very soon'


"Hang in there" ....I heard this from Viber team all the time...Not sure to believe that the update will be released this month..So guys keep haning in there :P

I asked the same question 2 months ago in the forums, you will never guess what there answer was..
"Hang in there it is coming very soon" so after 2 months i see still see the same automated response in all forums concerning Viber, i never thought soon was 2-6 months!

I have been tweeting everyday once on viber on when is it coming, they told for about 4 months, its on the way hang on... And lately they have said that its coming soon .. I wish they releases it soon already that's the only app I miss.. I need an VoIP app as fring or viber , I don't like wechat where u need to first invite friend or Skype where on other devices we can't call when they are not online

Don't believe it's any soon. On Twitter and FB, a month ago, they told me "very soon" and "hang in there".

This is wishful thinking i know, but they at least must give the reason why its taking them so long after releasing the voip update. We deserve at least that much after hanging for so long.

Wait I have a Lumia 900 and I already have a VoIP version of viber, been using it for months. Am I missing something?

Seriously?? WeChat takes about 3-5 minutes to connect/refresh after it loads the app. I have deleted and reinstalled, it still does the same thing, even when I'm on a 10Mbps WiFi connection.

There was a recent update a few days ago 4.0.1 may have fixed your issue as i don't get that problem.

Lol man! You gotta be kidding me.. Im from India too.. When I am on 2g.. It takes 3 4 secs to load and when im on my WiFi.. It takes just a sec to load.. You got some serious problem on your phone!

Dont really care too much for this anymore, same old story with them. keeps saying hang in there. We have WeChat now.
Anyway im more interested in when a Facebook app update is coming?

Honestly right about now the Viber devs can go **** themselves for all I care. They've been saying 'coming soon' for about a year now. They managed to implement VOIP for Lumia WP7.5 phones. What the hell can possible take 6 months to do it for WP8. I'm sure even after all this time when the app will be released it will be lacking compared to iOS and Android.

I avoid Viber because I checked for it in wikipedia (german). It sounds horrible. The only thing known about viber is that it was founded by a former israelian military specialist. it is not know where viber is located and who own it. it is known that viber collects a huge amaount of data and it violates european data protection laws. All stated above is taken from wikipedia and doesn't state my personal opinion! due to the information provided via wikipedia I decided not to use viber.

Yes if you plan on sharing nuclear launch codes, it probably won't be a good idea to do it over Viber. However if you plan on talking with your friends, it's ok.

Can't read that Wiki article but the English Viber wiki doesn't have anything negative on it. It's owned by Viber Media in Cyprus.