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GPS Voice Navigation gets updated, adds offline maps and more

GPS Voice Navigation

GPS Voice Navigation is a turn-by-turn navigation app for your Windows Phone and it recently received a hefty update. The version 5.1 update for Windows Phone 7.x devices gets a map autozoom and search in contacts feature along with a few bug fixes.

The version 6 update for Windows Phone 8 devices also adds the map autozoom and search in contacts features but also adds 2D/3D map modes, full voice directions, night mode and offline maps through Nokia Maps.

GPS Voice Navigation offline maps

The offline maps is a nice feature that is accessible through GPS Voice Navigation's settings. Just choose Nokia Maps as your map provider and you then choose which maps to download. This is a great feature for those times you are traveling and drift into those dead zones where a wireless signal barely makes it to one bar.

All in all Melon Mobile has done a nice job updating and improving GPS Voice Navigation. There is a free trial version available to let you try things out and the full version of GPS Voice Navigation is currently running $6.99. You can find GPS Voice Navigation here in the Windows Phone Store.

QR: GPS Voice Navigation


Reader comments

GPS Voice Navigation gets updated, adds offline maps and more


I believe this app has speed camera alert. So if you drive fast take a look. Also in no way am I saying its better then here maps.

For those of us 7.x owners who do not own a Lumia device, we never got the Nokia maps like the WP8 owners did so for us yes, otherwise probably not worth the $ when you already have Nokia maps already.

With the quality of directions Nokia drive has ben giving me there are a lot of reasons to use something other than Nokia. Nokia Drive has suggested some of the most messed up routes I've ever seen.

Although I agree on how bad first routes are, you should know you can set your standrads in every trip you take , for example you can choose which roads to take and so forth , you can also pick the Faster route (depends on traffic might take unusual roads but proves to be effective with me) economical route (roads that has less traffic lights for better fuel consumption)  and Shorter routes which is the most direct route there is . :)
Have fun ...

Pretty sure 90% of the people here have gone Nokia, gone back, and now gone back to Nokia again.  Raise your hand if you had a Nokia in 2003, haha.

Ha ha....i think I got my first cell phone- a Nokia around 1997 or 98....i am definitely looking forward to going back! :-)

The offline maps, 3D maps and other new features are WP8 only.  Had high hopes for my non-Nokia WP7.5 phone.  Oh well, I hope to upgrade soon...
PS.  no traffic yet?

I love this app! Its fun to switch between maps to check out different features. Mapquest is a real sleeper in this regard! They all give great service! Have NEVER received ANY bad info! Dave

If I get it, I'd get it just to have a navigation different while I drive. Nice to have choices.