The most creative unboxing video you’ll see today for the Nokia Lumia 920

Lumia 920 Unboxing

Nokia is one of those brands that has a dedicated fan base. Look no further than this ‘unboxing’ video of the Lumia 920 from filmmakers International House of Badman. It’s a tongue-in-cheek video that puts most other unboxing videos to shame for its sheer production value.

Quick, somebody call the Academy, this video needs some recognition. I’m having a hard time deciding what I liked best between the strip club lounge, gorilla, or girl on bike scene. What about you?

Source: YouTube

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The most creative unboxing video you’ll see today for the Nokia Lumia 920


The bike scene is great because it goes back to the original video that Nokia released to show how image stablization works.  Only this time, it was really done with a 920 and it looks amazing!

I loved how they did that part like the original Nokia video.  All around, this entire video is awesome and well done.  Bravo!

that whole video was hilarious and well done. I've give them props for making it! I like the gorilla scene the most though lmao!

Ahem...escort. She only becomes a hooker with a second tap of the phone. First tap is just to get her company.

Love it. This is the second fan-produced WP8 I've seen posted here. Some seriously talented fans with a great deal of time on their hands lol

Lol'ed at the fine print.
"TL;DW: this device may aid or support animal cruelty, mass destruction, terrorism, public transport and the world banks."

I love it! Windows Os is an amazing Os to have running on one's phone. They need more developers to support them! Is it bad to have both good apps and a good Os wrapped in a package!? (Android and Ios just have apps if you didn't catch my drift)

That was frickin' funny!
Where to tap? They could have had real fun with the placement of that NFC tag. And the bit of Donkey Kong thrown in before the nuclear destruction of the gorilla...just too many funny details.

It was different, But still crap I thought, Although I did crack a tiny smile when the gorilla pulled out the machine gun.

Clearly you didn't watch the rest of the video beyond that!
Literal laugh-out-loud moments.
My favourite is the spoof of the girl on the bike. She even had this same constant, smiling stare as in the Nokia video :P