Double your Lumia 820 battery with Mugen Power

Lumia 820

If the 1650mAH battery in the Nokia Lumia 820 isn’t cutting it for you power users, you might want this extended battery from Mugen Power. Even if you aren’t a power user, there are a handful of you out there with this device. And there’s no better way to make your battery stretch a day or two than with an extended battery.

Mugen Power made an extended battery for the Nokia Lumia 820 that takes your stock 1650mAh battery and replaces it with a 3600mAh multi-day busting battery. Yeah, that’s right. You get a battery that is twice the capacity of the one currently inside your phone.

Mugen Power

The Mugen Power 3600mAh extended battery will run you $89.50. The product ships on April 5 with free shipping internationally. So users around the globe can get more juice if they want. Unfortunately there aren’t any product shots of the battery on the Mugen Power website. We’ll ping them and see if we can get some images or just do our own hands on.

It does look like this battery will be physically bigger than the stock battery, it might also require you to use the included back plate since you specify what color you want on checkout. Again, we’ll double check and find out for you guys.

Anybody interested in doubling their battery power on their Lumia 820s?

Source: Mugen Power, Via: Yahoo News; thanks for the tip Zeroplanetz!


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Double your Lumia 820 battery with Mugen Power


Nope. If it comes to it I would opt to simply carry an additional battery of the type that already comes with the phone. Cheaper and also won't make my phone look big. I can still see this might appeal to road warriors :)

not every 3600mAh battery would work there are specific specs for each battery to work well with each phone , there's quality concerns too, a shady bad battery could explode causing serious enjuries.

So, you've used it with the Lumia 820 for a few years? Now that makes a whole lotta sense, Mr salesman.

Sounds good, but need to see if it supports my ridiculously cool Fatboy; see how it looks like and if Nokia endorses it (unlikely...). But it does sound tempting. 820's autonomy time is even worse than 800, especially when I use it as my music player with Xbox Music cloud streaming.

Ever since portico, battery life has sucked on my 820 but I'd have to see how big this pack is before co considering it

I will totally buy this next time I have money to burn. Here's hoping I can dremel out some space in the larger back plate and store things in there! I want to put a microSD to SD adapter in there. Maybe other things.

Mugen Power batteries are not that great. It does pretty good job but breaks right on the very next day when your warranty has expired. Bought 1 for HTC Trophy, and exact 6 months it worked like a charm.. Soon after it won't even charge or last 2 hours.. Had to reinstall stock battery back..

So I have an 810 from t-mo. If they have one that fits my phone and its larger, I guess that renders my wireless charging shell that took me forever to find, useless.

Already provides enough juice but may think if ever need but for totally satisfied w/ backup even as a power user...

Its my experience that's its ALWAYS good to invest on these things with smartphones. I've invested in a mugen 1950 and 3600 MaH battery for my HTC Titan + case. Ive used used them for a over a year now. They're still going strong. The batteries work as advertized.

3600 mah would surely make the battery long lasting but the phone becomes REALLY ugly. Maybe I'm in the few who thinks the L820 looks beautiful, but this battery comes with a god awful looking backplate

Totally unacceptable! Even if a 3600mAh is indeed available it is not going to double the battery life of the Lumia 820, something is wrong with these Lumias and they drain the battery very fast for no apparrente reason. Also, the price is ridiculous, with s&h it will probably push closer to $100 which is a joke, you can get a better phone new with a decent contract those days from any US carrier for much less than that. Plus who wants to haul around a brick like that with the swollen back, which I doubt if it supports wireless charging. This is a flawed product anyway you look at it!