Nokia shows off Lumia 620 and its recording capabilities

Nokia has published a new video that shows off the Lumia 620 and how it can handle high levels of sound while recording. Much like we demonstrated with the Lumia 920 at a previous Nokia event in London, the company can pack some serious microphones inside its Windows Phones that help produce quality footage, especially when sound levels are higher than usual (concerts, etc.).

The team compares the Lumia 620 (albeit a prototype) against competitors recording the same footage. Not only can it handle the sound well with on-board microphones, but owners can also make sure the smartphone is water resistant. We positively reviewed the Lumia 620 as a cheap, but cheerful Windows Phone. 

Source: YouTube


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Nokia shows off Lumia 620 and its recording capabilities


I'm going to Ultra Music Festival in Miami next week, expect to see some samples from my 920 and it's HAAC mic

What a poor comparison video, we want competitors names and a tune that is familiar to the masses. The phone can certainly handle it. Why don't Nokia get together with a big artist and record a session using only the 920!!

Have slowly got immune to these comparisons. Does anyone still remember the lumia video scandal with the girl on the bike. If Nokia wants to prove it, show the devices!

Nokia doesnt need to prove to you.. You can buy one if you want or just dont..
What did Samsung show you, you would have been mezmerised by it i believe.

It would be better if they reported what the other 2 phones are. Unless we know what they are, we have no clue how good the comparison is.

As someone said earlier in the above posts, I think it's pretty obvious the only "real" competitors are Samsung Galaxy S3 and iPhone 5. Which one is which? Who knows. but either way, this low budget phone smoked them in this category.