More leaked shots allegedly taken with the Lumia 928, shows off front camera

Lumia 928 Leak

In the wise words of the Internet: "OH HAI DER LUMIA 928!" A handful of leaked images have been spotted over on Androidsym, which has published a number of shots that were taken with the Nokia Windows Phone. Exif information for each photo (excluding the above) reportedly shows the Lumia 928, and follows up on the leaked image from a Nokia employee we looked at a few days ago.

Fancy a close-up on the white handset in the above mirror shot? We thought you'd never ask.

Lumia 928 Zoom

Now, while it does follow the similar design we've seen already, that doesn't look exactly like a Lumia 920 to us (or any released Windows Phone for that matter). Notice the somewhat-black element on the top-left hand corner? That's something new and worthy of some speculation as to what it could be. The device almost looks like a Lumia 920 and Lumia 720 got together and started a family.

Here's another shot that was also taken using the front-facing camera on the smartphone (check her shades for the reflection - it's a black screen with a slight white border):

Lumia 928

There's still a lack of information when it comes to the Lumia 928. That said, we now know how both cameras perform in daylight, especially with the shots that were found on Flickr the other day. So, what do you all think?

Source: Androidsym; thanks, Jay, for the tip!


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More leaked shots allegedly taken with the Lumia 928, shows off front camera


"We" as in Windows Phone users.
T-Mobile looks to be getting the iPhone 5s, the Galaxy S4, and the Blackberry Z10.  All flagships of their respective operating system.
T-Mobile only looks to be against Windows Phone at the moment.  Which is odd considering the Lumia 710 made them a lot of money.

I think a high end Lumia has been spotted on tmo networks. Some have reported that catwalk is coming. We'll see.

Hopefully soon. If Verizon was able to pry Nokia's tongue outta At&t's Fart Box to get the 928 Tmo might have a chance.

Do yall think this gets released before the Samsung Galaxy S4 or after? Seems as though it would be best to release this before to gobble up potential S4 customers

They probably won't care. Its actually good for Nokia that this leaks because then they'll have more people interested.

WMPoweruser brought up the point that due to the "marketing-like" nature of the photos, with the family and vacation theme, Nokia most likely leaked them on purpose. Maybe to steer SGS4 costumers away.

Yes, an entirely new phone. The 928 is made out of meteorites for strength and a 646 megapixel camera. It also can wash your car and do your chores. Its quite the phone.

It can also brew beer and comes with a fitness element superior to the galaxy S4, it not only checks temperature, humidity, steps taken, calories burned, but also does bench reps, situps, pushups, and yoga for you resulting in a ripped, happier, better person all around . That's the power of the Lumia.

As well as this, there will be a firmware update that introduces intergalactic flight and full alien language translation with the HERE There app, which is slated to be released sometime next year ;-)

this this is the 928 I thought it was a Verizon Phone ? so they would be in the US ? but they don't look like they are ...
or are they ...
I hope this is true to be on verizon, I went to the verizon store the other day and said when is the 928 going on sale, they guy freaked out and said ANOTHER Nokia phone ?? and starting googleing it and when I left he was still looking up the phone on the internet saying wow this is kewl.
Man If I worked at a cell phone place I would know when any mention of a phone was coming out and do my home work...

Of course not, he was just stating his perceptions. And I can agree. The kid sure as hell doesn't look caucasian. :P - needless to say, neither do the (supposed) parents.

I just found the Phillippines comment off. The family in the photograph could very well be Verizon employees testing the phone at Disneyland. There's no way to know where in the world those people are. however, most likely they're in the US (since as far as we know the 928 is US-only).

That's not Disneyland. A Universal or Six Flags park maybe, but it doesn't even look to be up to those standards.
EDIT:  Looks like Sea World from the next photo set.

I really hope this comes to T-Mobile US even though rumours only talk about Verizon. The only reason I didn't get a Lumia 920 was because it didn't come to T-Mobile.

Is it Tmoblie or is it Nokia that decides what phones a cararier gets ? I think this is a Tmobile deal,
I Have no idea why the Nokia 620 or the new 520 are not going on carriers like MetroPCS or Cricket ? all they sell for 200 dollars are such junk Android phones, they would sell the 620 like crazy for that price.
MetroPCS is so far up androids but right know they need to be slapped.

Aha... One more Lumia so complex that Nokia will have its software fully debugged by the time no one remembers the device ever existed... How about a nice looking device with a great 5 inch display, a 13mp camera, microSD slot and that does in fact work... No image stabilization or other cause of problems. Like ie. a 8X or Ativ S... That works you know... With a removable battery and light enough not to be considered as a Soviet made piece of equipment...

I know you love your Ativ, but this is pure hyperbole on your part. You should add to the sarcasm thread above. Not everyone needs a huge display.

guys this is no aluminium, it's polycarbonate, yes it sports a xenon flash becouse of the longer camera spot and that black thing on the corner is so that you can recognise it as a prototype... relax!! ONLY catwalk and eos will be alluminium


L = Ludicrously complex
U = Usefulness doubtful
M = Mediocre quality
I = Imaging blurred
A = Archaic technology

What will the next Nokia line be called... Phantasia... Phantasma...

Nokia better concentrate on QC and Quality, not on features! Samsung and HTC are waiting around the corner and can make decent, reliable WP8 devices... With less features, but they work.

L =  Legendary quality
U = Universally respected
M = Modern smartphone
I   = Intuitive + Integrated
A  = Artistic

All I know is that I'm getting this god damn phone in Cyan.  Samsung can suck it.  Apple can suck it.  Blackberry can party with me because I'm getting the Z10 too.

Look we know that the camera is going to take great photos. The really great thing in all of this ,is that another carrier is going to sport a high end Lumia. T-MO NEXT.

....and again, exif data can be faked in the time it takes to write this message (actually less). This is not news, it is simply a rumor supported by easily falsified camera data. This should be labelled as a rumor and nothing more.

Nokia is horrible at marketing. Samsung and Apple's TV commercials are much better at advertising what their phones can do.

See how the 822 looks pretty radically different from all the other 820 variants, without too many differences, aside from having wireless charging built in, I imagine that Verizon is just going to get the 920 but almost different looking from the 920, maybe with a different body material. I wouldn't expect too much of a difference in terms of camera quality though.

The photos were allegedly taken at Sea World San Diego. Gives more credibility to the people in the photo potentially being Verizon employees who are "testing" the phone in the real world. More than likely it's a planned leak by Nokia and Verizon to get us excited for the phone.

I agree with this, though I question their methods.  Those of us who are eating up these leaks are a pretty small number.  They should be pushing it in bigger ways.

I ran metropcs out of my stereo shop metro gets cheap phones sum high end but that's not there market .high end phones are expensive no contracts service doesn't compare to att Verizon or sprint I did the math leaving metro for att I bought Lumia 920 it all adds up same just little more but I have 10 meg internet metro was around 3or4 meg tethering etc metro won't see Lumia phones for a while al though I do remember windows mobile Samsung code.......didn't sell well

I had to read this three times to figure out what you were saying.  If you run a stereo shop, I hope your business skills are better than your written communications skills.