Nokia tosses out an update for their Instagram campaign app #2InstaWithLove


Now that Nokia seems to have kicked into high gear their movement to get Instagram onto Windows Phone (or they’re just building hype for its eventual release, if you’re into conspiracy) it makes sense that they tidy up their main app for it.

#2InstaWithLove has been bumped for all Windows Phones to version 2.1 today, though there is no changelog present and a quick perusal does not reveal any new features.


If you’re new to the whole #2InstaWithLove operation, it’s an attempt to get the voices heard of Windows Phone users who want Instagram on the platform. The app can take photos (or change existing ones) using the hipster polaroid camera effect, which can then be shared on the #2InstaWithLove website and tweeted with the aforementioned hashtag. The idea seems to be raise attention and/or build hype.

Regardless, it’s actually a nice little app that is well designed and does a solid job on making your pics more Instagram-like. You can pick it up here in the Store for all Windows Phones. Notice any changes? Let us know in comments.

Thanks, Marc M. and others for the tip!

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Nokia tosses out an update for their Instagram campaign app #2InstaWithLove


Would it suprise anyone if #2InstaWithLove in an update in the future just turned into the Instagram app?

Would surprise the hell out of me! An official app (albeit, built by MS) will be dropping soon (no I don't know, but all signs point to it).

Working in marketing myself I feel it seems pretty obvious that's what it is. They even have Facebook ads running for sponsored stories - why would you advertise a missing major app on the platform unless you knew fully well it was on the way.

Great point, and likely true.
This is likely a marketing gimmick, warming up for the unveil of Instagram for WP8, though if a version for WP7 isn't released, there are going to be a number of irate users.

Nah..  Just like anyone who uses such a stupid useless piece of crap app that the pictures don't even work on Twitter.  I wish Instagram wouldn't clutter up Windows Phone with it's stupid stinking presense.  

Why do people want instagram so bad?  We've been able to share photos on Twitter and Facebook since the begining.  Why do we need a seperate app/service to share photos?  It's just a hassle.  a stupid one.

Because it offers a social network of its own, how hard can it be to understand? People want to interract with their friends via the Instagram platform and that can't be done without an official app.

Everyone I know on Instagram posts their square filtered pics on Twitter and Facebook. I wish I was missing out on their cats and lunch, but I'm not. The social aspect isn't a killer feature except for the envious have-nots that want it like a junkie wants that next fix.

That being said, I want it to come to the platform just so that we can have a discussion about ANYTHING else. Every thread, even having nothing to do with this topic always gets hijacked by desperate Instacriers, whining to people who can't help them. The end of that will be why I'll cheer the arrival of Instagram. Of course, envy-itis is never cured and they'll move on to the next "if we don't get this yesterday, I'm going back to iPhone" fad.


Two things:

  1. Instagram has just become the poster child of devs who claim "WP just doesn't have enough market share to warrant an app". We just got another popular app saying the same thing (more on that later).
  2. Instagram is not about the polaroid effect as much as the social network. It's like asking "Why is Facebook so popular, who cares?" Indeed, I hate Facebook and don't use it. But I'm smart enough to know that it's an important social network tool and it would be insane to marginalize it because of my own personal bias.

Yeah I know.  My frustration lies in the fact that Instagram is a "social network" in the first place moreso than Windows Phone "needs it".  And the ROOT of my hatred for instagram is the simple fact that I can't view photos on twitter that are shared on instagram.  
My frustration also lies in the fact that Twitter has such terrible api support/restrictions, and ultimately I can never be happy.  I should quit using technology.

I really wasn't going to take the time to reply because you obviously have issues with multiple apps...
Listen, Instagram isn't necessarily about cluttering up WP and sharing photos to Facebook/Twitter. Some people, myself included don't upload any photos to Instagram. The real value (to me) is in who Instagram invested heavily in the begining.... pro photographers. I follow several of them as well as a few sports teams who have absolutly nailed it as a social/photo sharing tool. They do not cross post to EVERY social media platform out there. Talk about cluttering up WP? Twitter is the worst culprit of them all. I tried it out and talk about stream upon stream of useless garbage. At least Instagram has some artistic/inspirational merit (given that you follow the right people, and I guess the same can be said about twitter)

You caview photos posted to Instagram on twitter. Both Rowi and the official twitter app display them perfectly fine. The only issue I have, and this is a windows phone problem, is that you have to open an Internet explorer tab to open links within a twitter client. I wish it worked like iOS does and opened them in app rather than open another app just to quickly glance at a link. Little touches that Windows phone 8 is still three to five years behind on. 

It just looks like Nokia is begging Instagram for an app.  Even though it's just a stupid marketing campaign for the, sadly, inevitable app launch, it's still a stupid promotion if you ask me.  

I agree with you that instagram sucks, but as many people have pointed out its popular apps that push the development of a platform and whether we think it sucks or not unfortunately this is something that people will not stop clamoring for until it is brought to the platform.

Yeah, I know.  I agree with you.  It's just kind of irritating to see everyone up and arms about such a crappy app.  I think MS needs to push exclusive stuff to differentiate itself rather than just port other apps.  Give us XBOX quality games, make the XBOX family of apps the best in the industry, etc...  They have potential and are just sitting on it.

I do agree that Microsoft is sitting on a goldmine with the Xbox branding in terms of games and media, but that does not deter that we need the crappy instagram app for everyone who wants to utilize it. Unfortunately it is what it is man.

They need to focus on making it a level playing field before doing the exclusives. They can do as many exclusives as they want, but if it doesn't have the popular apps it puts people off. I'm the same as some others, wouldn't post my own pics to it, but would follow others

Wouldnt it be awesome if this was just an update that is going to notifiy users that instagram is available in the marketplace? based on joe belifores tweet, i think its possible

I was just going to post this exact same thing. This would be the most epic troll ever. Waking up to an app update and it being instagram. Lulz

People who are going on about "why do we need instagram" etc, clearly do not care about the future of Windows Phone.

Yup! I only use it to follow certain pro photogs and some sports teams. There are some really talented users out there and I like exploring their photos. I don't upload my own but it's an amazing source of talent if you just look a little bit. And I hate to say it but... it is the fact #1 reason ALOT of people have not switched. People love my 920 but always ask about Facebook and Instagram.

I think the only change I've noticed is that now when you hit 'Share' inside the app, you can share to all networks you're signed into via the OS. Before I believe you could only tweet...right?

I installed it when it first came out and found it very odd. As far as I could tell, there was only one filter with a single Polaroid frame and the hash tag. Why don't they just build an app that has several filters in it and just include the #2instagramwithlove tag when someone goes to share it on twitter. Similar to how Shazam or Soundhound does it. Sophie Cam is a good template. I'm just not getting this effort. I think it could be better executed. I'd also add the hashtag #windowsphone.

I can't wait till Instagram us finally released.
Is it a stupid and redundant app/service? Yes
Are there 100's of apps I prefer and needed on WP before Instagram? Sure

Only reason I want it is for people would shut the f$%k up about it and to satisfy feature phone users who have now migrated to smartphones. Commercialization of smartphones has led to slower development and catering to those consumers who don't actually utilize smartphones but use them for games and social networks.

Why did you remove my comment when I'm telling others not to be rude to others on this site. Not appreciated at all.

I guess you condone personal attacks and maybe this site isn't for people like myself.

Have no idea what u are talking about. I have not deleted any comments from this post. And if I did, I would not need to explain my reasons. Commenting is a privilege not a right here.

I assumed you are the moderator for the thread as well as the writer. My apologies if you are not or if you did not delete my post. I was telling others to not be an ass to those who have different perspectives on an issue.

Also as far as the privilege to be able to post goes yes it is. Its also a privilege to have an audience, especially a respectful one. I enjoy WPCentral, especially you and Rich, so much I have pretty much abandoned Pocketnow.com. I have also defended your writings and posts on occasion to some who just troll here.

Lets take a moment of silence and think about how great we Windows Phone users are.
Now then, also be grateful for having a genuially passionate site like WPCENTRAL and how beautiful the site layout is and the whole Mobilenations. I mean come on, just hover your mouse over some ones name and a sexy little box shows up.

What Nokia should do is take this and run with it instead of waiting on Instagram. Make this a full blown app and release it for WP, BB, Fire Fox OS, Ubuntu and then Android; let it gain popularity and then release it lastly  on iOS. How about that for marketing?
There is no need for Nokia or Windows Phone to beg for an app when they can make their own.

Why do we need this????? I like to post original picture on social network, don't like to add any effects onto it. People like Instagram......Because they can not take good picture? Or their phone takes shitty picture? 

I'm getting an error when I try to update. Error 805a0194.
Nokia Lumia 920 - Toronto - Canada - Rogers  ---------Red :)

Anyway, today FB got an IOS update. Twitter has filters on IOS and Android. Instagram in IOS and Android.
Day by day, my faith in WP is dying. MS can't even improve the facebook app, to work nicely. 
Skype doesn't work smooth. 

I start to think that Windows Phone is a kind of beta OS. So many api's restrictions for devs.
I don't wanna go back to android, but I guess in nowadays IOS is the best.
You got the best of an OS, without lag and you get the best apps, the fastest updates.

And I don't wanna blame Nokia that is doing a nice job, really love Nokia. Love so much it. 

The hole is really more down. MS is the reason...

How do you browse the actual photos uploaded with this tag? And how can the Instagram developers see them? Had a look at the website and also Twitter but I wasn't able to brows through actual photos anywhere. I should mention that I use Twitter very little and don't know how to use any gallery feature if there is one.