Photosynth bumped to version 1.6 to improve performance


The popular Windows Phone photography app Photosynth was updated today to version 1.6, mainly to deal with stability and performance issues.

The update addresses the camera viewfinder turning green after using Photosynth, updated the camera calibration logic to properly preserve the field of view information and improvements to auto-cropping of a flat panorama for sharing or saving images to your Pictures Hub.

Photosynth is a great camera app for creating panoramic images from your Windows Phone. It's a free app for your Windows Phone 7.x and 8 devices that you can grab here in the Windows Phone Store.

Thanks, ResonantEcho, for the tip!

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Photosynth bumped to version 1.6 to improve performance


Hows that when I post and then il see there is only mine comment but after 15 minutes I see someone else is first, hows that possible, not that it matters but hows that possible?

Its suppose to replace call & SMS options.

But it says it requires to be on a network higher than 4G, which I have lte and it still doesn't work even after rebooting.

I think the green screen is an error with the phone itself. I had that several times with my original 920 after using several different apps. I got the phone replaced and the replacement has been good to me so far.

I'm not so sure. This is the only app that does this and I've used lots of apps that make use of the lens functionality in WP8. After creating a synth, the camera will then flicker like crazy between the last photo it took and live view. Going back to the regular camera will then be green.

Its telling me "App not available. This might be because your phone software needs to be updated or the app is not available in your country/region"
I have the app, the phone is up to date and Im on Verizon. This is really weird

George, which panorama app does that lens (the one directly above Photosynth) belong to in the header picture of the article? While I love Photosynth, I want an app solely dedicated to traditional panoramas.

If you are getting an error code "8000ffff", volume down+power to reboot phone solved that problem! Happy Synth-ing!

I was having trouble downloading on my L920 too. So I went to the WP8 store on my laptop and installed from there.

Same here. I'm just going to wait it out. I uninstalled it to see if that would help. Now I don't have Photosynth :/
EDIT: Tried it again 10 minutes later and it worked...

Same for my 822. Think the update is regionally being implemented and in the meantime we get the error message cuz the store says the app isn't compatible with my phone. try again tomorrow.
Edit - thanks deloa84...updating now for me too.

Release an Android version, damn it!

You had an iPhone Photosynth app before the Windows Phone got it... there's little reason not to court Android users to the service as well.

Yeeeeaaaa... This app is not that great, even after this update.. The images are crappy. The app is very shaky. The images don't connect properly. The iOS app is so smooth, the windows app needs more stability improvements. I have an HTC 8X

8X doesn't have a gyroscope, so it isn't as accurate as devices equipped with one (iPhone 5, Lumia 920)

Error code during update.
Rebooted as had network+ update and lost WiFi. WiFi restored after reboot. Error code again, though Skype update installed fine.
Remove Photosynth and attempted install from store, error code ca101a029

This is one of my favorite apps. It is not better than the Panorama feature from Nokia. Rather it is a different take on it.

Wait a minute, how did you get your apps to flip sideways like that?!?!

Is that a hint of a new feature to come for wp8?

No problem ! Its awesome I actually use it a lot because when I take my phone out of my pocket I am already pressing the camera button down. Lenses just gives me a quick way to use the app. This is where more social networking apps should be.

Hate to say this as a 920 user / fan but the competition out there does much better with Panorama's. Photosynth is a welcome upgrade but it's still far from accurate and a hassle to get it right ( easy to use though, just need too much time to get it right). 

Are you longing to say cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese?

I still kept getting a green camera screen after I used this app. I have removed it now, such a shame.