DEAL ALERT: AT&T Lumia 920 is now free through the Microsoft Store

Nokia Lumia 920

Just a couple of days after seeing a price drop on the HTC 8X 16GB on AT&T to $99, along comes a deal at the Microsoft Store with a heck of a bargain on the Nokia Lumia 920. You can get Nokia's flagship Windows Phone 8 handset for free now, with a new line of service with AT&T.

The Lumia 920 is available through Microsoft in Black, Red and Yellow and comes with free next-day shipping via FedEx.

You will also find the 8GB HTC 8X for free, or the 16GB version for the recently-discounted price of $99.

If you've been hemming and hawing over whether or not to pull the trigger on a new Windows Phone 8 device, the answer may be that much clearer now.

Source: Microsoft Store


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DEAL ALERT: AT&T Lumia 920 is now free through the Microsoft Store


You can contact AT&T and tell them that and they'll probably honor deal and credit your account what you paid for phone. Worked for me when they 50% price dropped a week after release.

Awesome. Btw just checked and you can add additional line to existing account for $10/mo and phone is still free.

Never said $10 is the only price you'd have to pay, just saying you can add another line for $10 to existing plan instead of creating all new contract that costs $60+

Not true! Only on a new line or contract! I was able to pick up a Lumia 920 Free yesterday & also a Sim for my MiFi 5792 for only $20.00 a month. They both fall under my current grandfathered unlimited data plan! No extra fee's here!

With all due respect, in this day an age, just about anyone who reads a sire like this more than likely knows that FREE normally requires a contract signing (or purchasing a certain dollar amount of goods in some cases).

With all due respect last year around this time the MS store gave away wp7 devices for free no contracts involved so that's what I thought it was. Contract should have been in title

goes without saying. 
So MS stores are giving out lumia 920s for free with no catch?  Given them out like stripper flyers in vegas?  dont think so. 

I agree with you guys, I wasn't confused. I just think the real cost should be acknowledged. I expect Microsoft/AT&T to call it free, not WPCentral

AT$T sucks! Your gonna get big invoices bills. While sprint is unlimited I just reached 8gigs of data usage and no charges. So nice of unlimited lol...

Sprint is good....if you can get service. Where I live, AT&T and Verizon are pretty much my only options for reliable use. Verizon is better, but I prefer the phones on AT&T.

I posted this yesterday in the forums...but i don't know why all the websites reporting this keep saying "red, black, and yellow" If you go to the store's site, all of the colors are available for free.*
Now I just need to get the stupid $36 "upgrade" fee waived! that is such BS! Why do I need to pay you $36 for the privilege of signing up for another 2 year contract!
*with 2 year contract
edit: tried to post a link, but it keeps failing to post...
edit again:  Got at&t to give me a credit for the activation on 2 phones.  ordered cyan and yellow.  (i'd have liked green...so i figured that combo is as close as i'll get)  2 lumia 920's completely free* (with 2 year contract)!

Just got my wife a new Nokia Lumia 920 for free with upgrade last night. Free delivery and no tax at the Microsoft Store.

Still stuck with in the smartphone beta test until Nov.... maybe the timing was good for the Eos, lol. *listens to the fm radio on his Lumia 900*

Just bought 3 via Amazon Wireless and their "best price guarantee" exept if they don't want to honor the price because the MS store isn't listed in the fine print of their best price guarantee. How lame. Maybe I should just return the 3 phones and buy 3 new phones. Jeez.

+1 - Exactly what I was thinking...New Surface phone? New Lumia in the Fall? Or maybe it's because of the awards it's winning and they want to take advantage of the press attn/marketing/advertising that it's currently getting.

I've been with T-Mo for over 10 years and have had enough with their terrible data in any metropolitan area!  Ever since the possible merger with AT&T they have gone downhill fast.  Or at least T-Mo has been stagnant while all the other carriers have climbed quickly.

I was just thinking the same thing. But even if you terminate contract, wouldn't phone still be locked to AT&T?

Microsoft ETF and AT&TETF
1)  By accepting this Instant Savings Discount, you agree to repay $200 of this discount ($400 for smartphones, tablets, and netbooks) and authorize us to charge your credit card in repayment of this amount if, you signed up for a 2 year agreement and during the 181 days after your new equipment is activated, AT&T notifies us that the services you purchased have been suspended, disconnected, or deactivated, or if you return your purchase outside of the return and exchange provisions of our Satisfaction Guarantee.
2)After the first 30 days, you may terminate your Agreement for any reason. However, you agree to pay AT&T for all fees, charges, and other amounts incurred and owed under your Agreement along with the applicable ETF. The Early Termination Fee is either: (a) $325 minus $10 for each full month of your Service Commitment that you complete; or (b) $150 minus $4 for each full month of your Service Commitment that you complete. To determine whether your Equipment has a $325 Early Termination Fee or a $150 Early Termination Fee, check att.com/equipmentETF.

Man!  This is very tempting to jump on.  Our T-Mobile contract is just about up in 3 weeks.  I wonder if this will still be available after the Verizon 928 is offered.  Although I doubt they will be giving away 928s.  I'm guessing they will be around $200/ea for the 32GB version as I've seen in the forum postings here.
And just when I thought I could wait it out a few more weeks....
Dang you AT&T with your juicy temptations!

Just placed an order for a black 920 with this deal.  Now they're telling me it's out of stock, and I have to wait for new inventory.  I've sent an email to them to get more information.