Fly Delta updated, fails to address known bugs

Fly Delta Windows Phone

The Fly Delta app for Windows Phone has been updated, but there still seems to be issues with logging in for many consumers. These problems were raised by users prior to this release being published, so one would expect the update to contain the necessary improvements, correct? The latest release includes "Bug fixes & performance enhancements" and no, we're not trolling you. 

The app listing confirms that the team behind the Fly Delta Windows Phone app has indeed applied a number of bug fixes and performance enhancements, which will be noticeable to those who can actually get the app to work. It may be the case that the team has merely made a mistake and has somehow submitted the wrong version, or has overlooked some of the fundamental problems with the experience.

You can download Fly Delta for free from the Windows Phone Store. Let us know in the comments if you're having trouble with Fly Delta.

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Reader comments

Fly Delta updated, fails to address known bugs


Actually has always worked pretty well for me, with a few bugs but login has never been a problem. But any improvement is always welcome.

Ironic Delta would release a buggy update that still doesn't fully support WP8 at the same time United finally shows up to the party and actually delivered a shockingly good app.
Frankly I would have expected it the other way around

I'm downloading now to see if it fixed my issue.  The issue I had was that new accounts do not recieve a PIN and only use a password that must be alpha numeric and the app only allowed PINs and the PIN had to be all Numeric.  I will respond again if I can or cannot log in.
@(&@(*^##(*#* Still requires a PIN that I do not have and customer service tells me they cannot create because they do not use PINs anymore!!!!!!

Yeah, I signed up for SkyMiles AFTER Delta switched from numeric PINs to alphanumeric passwords. So I can't login. The app works for me as a guest, but the experience isn't as good.
It's too bad, because Delta is traditionally on top of it in technology and user experience. The iPhone and iPad and Andriod apps are great, the WP app was good until they foobared logins. I've always had great experience with Delta, so this is very disappointing. I'm flying Delta tomorrow, and I was so excited to see the app update, thinking it was finally going to let me log in. NOPE! Very disappointing. 
I didn't know United had a WP app out now, but I'll be checking them out in the future. It's not like Delta can fly me anywhere United can't.

I have same experience. Just switched from iPhone 5 to Nokia Lumia 920. Phone is great but apps stink. I'm very disappointed that the Delta app is useless to me. 

Just what I wanted...to get in an airplane that requires frequent maintenance owned by a company that ignores frequent maintenance of simplistic app.

Just tried logging in... the PIN field has a bug where you have to type S L O W L Y otherwise it overwrites the digits and then you cannot sign in.

Yes this is A VERY IMPORTANT POINT type in a character, then wait for it to change to a bullet before you type another

The problem I had before is it would not allow me to see or check in for a flight unless I logged out and then logged back in. I will find out next week if that is fixed.

I can log in but the app won't save my information. Everytime I open it I have to re-enter my info. It's kind of a pain

It does have boarding pass functionality, but only when you have a departure from an airport that accepts eboarding passes. I just used it on my flight from Portland and had no issues.

Hello Joe,
I have used the e-boarding ticket out of Cincinnati but if you are connecting through a city that does not accept them, then it forces you to print and use paper tickets for the entire Departure/return leg of your trip. Cincinnati isn't the problem. Most likely your connection city is the culprit. I have had trips where flying out I could use e-ticket but on the return I couldn't because I was connecting through some back water po dunk city.

What I haven't ever been able to get working is the pinning of my flight/boarding pass after check-in, the button is there after checking in in the app, but it doesn't do anything.

Have an old account and pin, the slow pin typing is a pain but the one thing that's never worked for me is rendering an electronic boarding pass.