Lufthansa working on Windows Phone app, no release date yet


The flag carrier for Germany, Lufthansa has announced on Twitter that the airline is working on a Windows Phone app. In response to a question put forward by a follower, it's stated that the development team is working on brining a mobile solution to the store, but no date has been revealed as-of-yet.

Unfortunately, as noted in above tweet, we have no idea when the airline expects to release the Windows Phone app. Here's hoping it can't be too long for customers to start enjoying mobile check in, etc.

Source: Twitter (@lufthansa); thanks, Amir, for the heads up!


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Lufthansa working on Windows Phone app, no release date yet


Swiss International Airlines already has a neat WP app since the release of the plattform, how come there's no review about that till now?

Why every airliner for themselvea. Why dont they collaborate. If they want to shine, they can invest in an update. To me this makes sense because its cheaper fir the airlinets investment and more practical for the end user. The idea behind Windows phone is integration, it is to a point not the same as apps in ios and android. Windows phone needs quality not quantity.

My airline app my advertisment my spam :). Integration is good when there are no competing interests. No airline cares for a price war so they are better being separate which is the right thing to do in this case

I don't fly them but it's nice to see all the airline apps take off. Delta and united apps are great. If only the banks would get on board.

The suspense is killing me.
It could be worse for those of you flying with Lufthansa...it could be as bad as the Delta app.  The damn thing NEVER works on the day I'm flying (I fly twice weekly for the past 3 years).