Xbox Surface Avatar Prop

Microsoft is giving away a free Surface prop for your Xbox LIVE Avatar

Sure, props for your Xbox LIVE avatar are gimmicky and they can be quite absurd, but we still love ‘em. We also love our Surface, so when the two collide, we can’t help but get a little gitty.

If you head over to the Xbox site and follow this link, you’ll be able to add the “Windows 8 Tablet Avatar Prop” to your collection. Yes, that’s right.

So what does your avatar do with the Surface? Why he plays with the tiles, throws on some tunes, dances a little, snaps on the keyboard cover (while dangling the computer) and overall shows off our latest and favorite tech gadget. But why are you still reading this? Head over to now and get your free Surface Avatar Prop right now (and yes, it will display on your Windows Phone).

Speaking of, some of us are still rocking our free Windows Phone prop from mid 2011. Microsoft should totally bring that back, amirte?

Oh and we’re not a 100% certain but we suspect this is a US only offer. Don’t shoot the messenger.

Source: Xbox; Thanks, ninjaap, for the tip!


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Microsoft is giving away a free Surface prop for your Xbox LIVE Avatar


Very awesome!
Mine is showing the price as -1 point, so my balance would be +1 from what I had. It then errors out.
(Yes, I'm outside the US :( )

Its a glitch.. Same thing happend to me the the following words pop up "Uh oh! Seems you have found a glitch in the system".

I Live outside the USA but still got it for free nothing with the -1 point (my account is in the USA though)

Typically when marketplace items are US-only they don't show prices in other regions but instaed a clear message about not being available. This here "-1" price is something new. It looks like a screw-up rather than a casual region lock. It's like someone published the item to all regions but forgot to enter the prices. Or published to all regions by mistake.

Had the same thing, and judging by the URL it is a US only offer :( tried changing the URL and searching the UK store with no luck.

After almost 3 years Microsoft still acts like WP only exists in the US. Yet the US is its smallest market. Ridiculous.

That's not accurate.

The US market accounts for 11.3% of the Windows Phone devices with India next at 7.6%. Only "Other" is larger at 36%, but that's just a collection of countries that are too small to count.

I think you may be confusing marketshare numbers within countries, where Windows Phone commands a higher percentage in some areas (e.g. Italy) than in the US and when compared to Android/iOS. But against straight up users, the US still tops any country.

Yeah but it kinda seems unfair that the US gets all the exclusives.. Hence bing local scout does not even work over here yet.. (Netherlands)

The question is, is that because Microsoft is being nationalistic or due to other complications with rolling out things "worldwide". AFAIK, Microsoft would love to have no barriers and country restrictions on their products--they don't gain anything by having them. That leads me to believe that they don't do certain things because they can't, not because they don't want to.

I'm inclined to agree with you for many things. I understand there are issues film and third party intellectual property. Drives me potty the number of things that I would like that are US only. Things like an avatar prop, that is MS IP just seems odd. If they cannot license their own stuff it does not bode well. Never ceases to amaze me how cell like the MS divisions seem to be. You would think that certain things would be easy and allow cross marketing. My avatar should be able to have numerous props of MS gear. Windows Phone, Nokia stuff, Surface, hell he should be able to have an Office spreadsheet at hand, or even carry out a little PowerPoint presentation. They should be throwing Premium themes at us and gamerpics too. These things cost pennies.

You will see US released only or first because legalities have to be worked out before things get released. Each and every country has their own rules for licensing and agreements. Since MS is a US company many of those things are worked out already. This goes for games too.

I hear you, and for much of the content out there I can completely understand. But the MS stuff cannot be that difficult to license, surely. I just despair. Why is there not a Windows Phone Premium Theme? A surface theme? I can get a Batman costume, a Batmobile, Gears Lancer, Burton, Adidas avatar items. I can have a premium BMW theme, Lynx shower gel theme etc. But no MS ones. Not a sausage. I can get a WPC, Engadget, Autotrader etc app, but I cannot get a Major Nelson official app. Even the notifications for Xbox don't show up on the tile. It is almost like each department struggles to acknowledge the existence of the other.

Well, the EU doesn't think it is fair for Microsoft to just have IE on Windows, yet somehow it is totally fair that an Apple product only has Safari. There's probably some Microsoft-only restriction on promoting their other products on any given MS platform.

"It is almost like each department struggles to acknowledge the existence of the other." 
I definately believe this happens at Microsoft. The evidence is apparent across many of their products.

You would be surprised how many rules you have to comply with in some Countries/regions (I'm looking at you EU) where there are legions of beaurocrats with too much power and time on their hands.

The US has its flaws but its pretty easy to give stuff away here.

Couldn't we argue the same thing about how a LOT of games launch in Japan only from Nintendo and Japan, though? And while I have no way to verify the validity myself, people say that Nokia Maps is superior outside of the U.S. Microsoft is a U.S.-based comapany, so it only makes sense that they will favor the U.S. in their ventures, just as Nokia favors Europe and Sony and Nintendo favor Japan.

WP scored even better in Poland reaching 16% market share in 2012 (including 12% Lumia phones). But MS still doesn't give a poop.

"WP scored even better in Poland reaching 16% market share in 2012 (including 12% Lumia phones). But MS still doesn't give a poop."

But that's misleading as I state above. Sure, Windows Phone has 16% marketshare in Poland, which is great (and I do think Microsoft cares).

But now what percent of sales of Windows Phone globally does Poland contribute? 0.61% (versus the 11.3% of the US) and they're ranked behind Mexico.

Oh, Daniel. Adduplex data reflects generated traffic, not number of phones sold, which I was referring to.
It's obvious that 'mericans with their 900s and huge dataplans use more apps and internets than poor people with their 610s.
Anywho, I didn't mean to compete with US. I just wanted to point out, that reportedly there are countries with an even higher percentage of WP handsets sold in 2012 than Italy.
Also I wanted to complain about Xbox services being crippled and Bing still being literally dead over here.

Disagree for once Dan, not with the stats but with the point. Whilst smaller countries are obviously going to have lesser contribution to the big picture in terms of marketshare, popularity within italy poland etc is higher, this is something to work with, not neglect. Also easier to swing smaller markets. It matters.

According to you India is the second biggest market with 7.6% but still Microsoft doesnt care for it,  many services are US-only whereas Google and Apple provide almost everything in India.

If India is second largest, they should hv provided Xbox Music, Music Search services on my 610. But no. Believe it or not, some way or the other, they are US centric. Thanx to Nokia for providing Nokia Music Unlimited download for a year for startup. I really enjoy it...

Did anyone else notice the Surface is white? With a white cover...Nice.
But I think I'll keep rocking the Nokia Longboard.


Gamerscore only in the 7000s? I don't know why but I expected you to be at least 10,000. I'm a bit shy of 7000 but once I buy a couple more games and play them I should be near 7500.

I'm strictly a casual gamer and have stated numerous times that I often prefer indie titles to Xbox LIVE ones, and for the Xbox LIVE titles I do like, I'm not a "completionist" who strives to get all the achievements. In fact, I don't even look at them.

Same. I've had XBox since the original and I've had the 360 since the first year but I'm still only 7600. This is because I'm primarily a PC gamer though.

I'm a primary PC gamer but, i still have a over 10K gamer score helps to play PC games with Xbox live support :)

Well that's pretty good for not paying attention. I think achievements are good replay value and help one to not go through games fast.

I don't care much for achievements outside of the ones that just happen because of natural progression in the game (i.e you completed world 1 or you beat Gargamel). Anything that's just absurd and grindy (beat bozo in the nose 10,000 times) I just ignore.

Got this prop last week after a tweet from Windows. And you guys are now hearing it? Thought you have all ears on Twitter. Anyway it's a wonderful prop that I recommend to all.

I mean, we can only see/hear so much information--RSS, Twitter, email, Skype, Messenger. The signal gets tough to discern sometimes ;)

just got mine, missed out on the wp in 2011. totally need to bring that back. to all countries

It would be totally awesome if they brought the whole slew of WP devices in as Avatar props. Maybe they see which phone is on your Microsoft account and give you a DL code, or just make the whole variety available to all. I'd LOVE to have a 920 on my Avatar.

im rockin the 8x, but ill take whatever wp8 device they give us. even if its a 620 or 8s

Oh look. Yet another "US only" offer.
Sometimes I wish people around the world would drop WP. I would THEN like to see Microsoft living only of the US market...

You missed the point. The problem is not THIS one. It's that Microsoft recurrently makes things thinking only about the USA as if the rest of the World didn't exist or as if the rest of the world doesn't buy WP devices. That's my beef.

I don't really care for this particular offer 'cause I have absolutely no intention of buying a Surface. I'm waiting for the Nokia tablet. But as principal, Microsoft shouldn't discriminate regions just "because".

Plz give me!!! *puppy eye style*

The silly thing is Windows Phone is bigger outside of U.S. So they should focus love carefully to there customers. Basic knowledge I think.

Why are you making this about WP? It's an Xbox Avatar prop. People with Xbox Live Gold subscriptions should complain.
FFS, we are the laughing stock of PSN+ users, who get full games for free.



Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened.
It appears you've found a glitch in the 22/03/2013 19:13:10
code: 3F12D1AF9119171
s: RjD9Y4pxYNq+StngY2RxYA==
id: 4a438c24-a687-40d0-9118-4e0d9d2d2d48
req: 652fe6e3-0f53-475f-9627-531e81610511
Anyone got this? Also, I want Lumia AVATAR addition

Did anyone else get an email about the Xbox Entertainment Awards that was running through facebook being hacked(of sorts)?
I got an email this morning asking me to change my password and those affected have been awarded 1600 Ms points.

I really think Microsoft should get more connectivity between Xbox and the rest of the suite. It bothers me that if I go to my People app I can't link gamertags to people. Maybe once skype arrives that'll change?

I followed the link in the article to "purchase" this prop, but now how do I actually get it on my avatar? It says it's in my XBox 360 download queue, but I don't have an XBox 360 console. When I go to the Avatar editor, the Surface prop isn't there. How do I get this to work on my PC?

Yep, still using the Windows Phone prop for my avatar. I'm gonna totally get this tablet prop, even though I don't own a surface.

I got excited when I saw "Microsoft is giving away a free Surface". Then I saw "prop", and then noticed it's US only too.

Uh oh... that shouldn't have happened.

It appears you've found a glitch in the system.


23/03/2013 1:33:04 AM










Contacted Xbox support and they confirmed that its US only and that if that changes they will update it.
I am really annoyed that once again Microsoft has decided to limit it to US and ignore every customer that does not have a US account.
Its stuff like this that makes people like Microsoft less.

Yep, worked on my US account but not elsewhere. Can't even get a digital Surface unless you're in the US it seems...

Kinda knew it wasn't available in UK, but meh had to try anyway, I like the -1 bug, (not gonna boast of my nearly 100k Gs)

I had the -1 error and assumed it to be a regionalised offer. However offers like these should be global, this kind of offering just makes no sense. As others have said for items outside of Microsofts control such as music and film rights fair enough but this just comes across as not for you oinks

FYI  this item is for adults only.  My teenage daughter can not get this prop for her phone.  She has only had a windows phone for 2+ years.  This is a free prop and to have it plocked for a demographic that microsoft has tried to get is very disturbing.  Can think of no better way for microsft to get the word out by giving these to teen accts for thier xbox gaming.
here is the chat, I have changed the names.  so this limited run prop is for adults only... Naughty.
ME: it also does not state that it need to be adult to purchace on the page only at checkout
ME: i feel that this has been flagged incorrectly by microsoft
Xboxlive: I apologize but most all free content is not allowed to be downloaded by child/teen accounts.
ME: can you verify that this item is adult only or are all props for avatars adult
Xboxlive: I have tried to download the content to a child account, and have received the same Issue.   The content requires the account to be of Legal age to download.

The Adult requirement on top of the region restriction to US only is just plain stupid. This would be a great way for Microsoft to advertise Surface and Windows 8 for FREE, yet they once again completely screw up as if the team that created the prop had no contact with the marketing department that is actually trying to push Surface and Win8 to customers.
I am hopeing one of these days Microsoft is going to come to its senses or fire the idiots and hire someone who actually cares about MS products succeeding. MS you are welcome to send me a job offer ;)

This whole phone prop thing proves how out of touch they are with their fans. They don't understand what do with passionate fans. Maybe Nokia should make props for all their phones since they the ONLY ones marketing WP8.

+1 here, I wish Nokia would just release their own props and make it available for everyone, since Microsoft clearly can't be bothered to do it right.

guys plz help...after playing xbox games i got 240 points (which shows near our avatar), i saw tis frost dragon prop n i really luved to buy it?? n if i buy ll those 240 points b reduced to 0(zero) or ll i get bill to my house address????...plz help

can anybody teach me how to create xbox live account because everytime i want to create it's always force close and lots of cookies