Lumia 720, Lumia 520 listed at Allphones in Australia

Lumia 720

Should you be looking forward to getting your hands on either the Lumia 720 and Lumia 520, and happen to reside in Australia you may wish to check out Allphones. The retailer has listed both Windows Phones on the website with an option to register interest for alerts and updates as to when the smartphones will be available for purchase. We speculate that it cannot be more than a few weeks away.

The Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 were announced at Mobile World Congress earlier this year by Nokia. The Lumia 520 is the company's most affordable Windows Phone yet, but packs a punch with hardware that ensures a butter smooth experience is available. The Lumia 720 is a breath of fresh air, featuring a unique design approach from Nokia (that slightly resembles a HTC 8X) and mid-level specifications.

To serve as a quick reminder as to what we can expect to see from the Lumia 520 and Lumia 720 Windows Phones from Nokia, the former sports a 4-inch LCD display (480x800), dual-core 1GHz chip, 8GB internal storage (with SD support), 512MB RAM and has a 5MP rear shooter. What's unique about the Lumia 520 is how Nokia has managed to include Sensitive Touch, much like what's available on the Lumia 920.It's a perfect choice for those who are new to the platform.

The Lumia 720 on-the-other-hand is a slightly more advanced mid-range Windows Phone. The unique design is coupled with a 4.3-inch IPS display (480x800), 1GHz dual-core chip, with 8GB internal storage (SD support included) and 512MB RAM. The added bonus with the 720 is the front-facing camera. This 1.3MP shooter joins the 6.7MP main camera on the rear of the device. Head on over to Allphones to register your interest.

Source: Allphones (Lumia 520 / Lumia 720); thanks, AngryNil, for the tip!


Reader comments

Lumia 720, Lumia 520 listed at Allphones in Australia


Nokia seems to have improved the production for these phones unlike 920/820/620.
They are releasing in many markets simultaneously(Europe/India/China/Australia) this time.
Nokia seems to have right strategy. They are releasing these mid to low end phones which comes to the market at the same time as galaxy S4/ HTC ONE but the sales wont be affected because of the different price points.

While I agree, I'm tired if all these low and mid level phones!! Nokia should be about high performance! I get we have the 920 but lets raise the bar even higher in the fall.

Nokia cant do anything unless MS updates the SOC restriction, Qualcomm 600 and 800 will be shipping in few weeks now, Not to forget the Resolution and RAM limitations which need to be updated to 1080p and 2GB respectively.

This fall we will see new hardware "Snapdragon 800 series (MSM8974)" with the "Blue update" WP9?

- Nokia Lumia 940
- Samsung ATIV S2
- MS Surface Phone
- etc etc

For that to happen Nokia needs to sell more phones, and that is what they are aiming to do with this mid-beautysh phones. I'm waiting the 720 so badly  :D 

Maybe in the future but it might clash with the L820. I could see it going into another carrier. Ill be surprised if sprint gets it..