Lumia 920 Firmware update

AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 1308 firmware update is now available

On top of an already busy day for Windows Phone users, those with an AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 will be pleased to know that the 1308 firmware is now available to download over-the-air. We told you it was coming last week and it’s now here.

We’ve detailed some of the changes in 1308 before, including improved photo quality, Storage tools to clear out “Other” memory and eventually a color profile tool for the display.

Camera comparison
Before and after photos with new Nokia firmware (Image credit: Axefield)

Nokia has been quiet as to the specific changelog with the 1308 firmware, especially for AT&T. We’ve reached out though for clarity and to see when it will come to other 920 owners who are either unlocked or on other carriers. [Update: Some of the improvements include "proximity sensor parameters, improved automatic display brightness adjustment & performance improvements" in addition to the camera fixes and Storage tools option]

For now, those on AT&T can go into Settings > Phone Update and check the server. You will need Wi-Fi for the download portion and no, this does not update the OS just the firmware.

Source: Nokia; Thanks to everyone for the tip!

camera comparison
Before and after photos with new Nokia firmware (Image credit: Axefield)


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AT&T Nokia Lumia 920 1308 firmware update is now available



I will agree if my proximity sensor works again. If not, I will be trashing this phone and getting something...anything...else.

Just finished installing the update.  Proximity sensor was the first thing I tested.  It's fixed on my phone!  I can once again hang up on someone or put them on speaker.

Not sure if you share this problem, but if you have a screen protector that covers the sensor, that can cause proximity problems I had to cut away a portion on a screen protector I had and it solved all problems with the proximity sensor during phone calls that I had.

My problem is dust.  I do have a screen protector, but I had it put on after I started having the problem.  Blowing really really hard on the top of the phone would fix it for about half an hour.
I should say, my problem was dust.  I still have the dust, but I can now hang up on a call (no more voicemailophobia!).

There are screen protectors available in market which are compatible with proximity sensors of Nokia. I am using with Lumia 920 and they work perfect.

Maybe do it right first time? Now I have a Lumia and am a Nokia fan, but they have some niggling issues which they always have to fine-tune. Things like overheating are never an issue with Samsung devices, Nokia has to get upto that mark. That said I hate almost everything else with a samsung phone.

The problems I had with my S2 was far worse than overheating. Restarts, freezes whenever I install an app.

yaa but my samsung phones you had to recharge every 6 hours. my L920 2-3 days. Im sorry I hated samsungs crappy hardware and batteries.

I love the updates as well but now my cyan 920 just got the cogs of death  glitch or lopp whatever you want to call it.... : (

Mine took over half an hour, but it got through!  I am now "migrating data" which is looking to take at least another half hour, at the rate the bar is moving.
I'll take it, though, if it fixes the proximity sensor.

Mine is stuck on the screen showing the at&t logo. Nothing is happening. It looks like my phone is now a brick.
EDIT: Pheeeeewwwwwww! I had to do a soft reboot and then it picked back up with the migration of data. All done now and working fine.

1. For folks with battery issues, try turning off LOCATION when not in use. You can check if its effective by using your phone only for push email and light browsing over 24hrs and see if it makes a difference.
2. For ppl whose screen goes black during calls with the Lumia 920, the problem is dust trapped in the proximity sensor. Use compressed air to clear it out or simply blow out the dust if you have strong lungs.

Best of luck guys. I'm in the UK and can't wait for this update.

Compressed air only works for a while. Eventually it will be beyond air fixing. The problem isn't dust really but a design weakness which leaves the phone vulnerable to it. And this need to be repaired. If they have done so by althering the sensitivity of the sensor in firmware, that is great. But one cannot be sure that the problem will not return adter six more months in bags and pockets. Still great that something is happening tho. I can imagine that the reason why they haven't admitted publically to a design flaw is that they want to see if they can lessen the cases with firmware, instead of recalling hundreds and thousands of units.

Nokia why oooo why must the rest of the world have to wait. My carrier don't give a rats ass if you push a firmware a day. So come on or do I have to wait for two months again?

It took a few minutes for the storage check to show up in options.  I must have looked at it twice before it popped up at the bottom of the Options list.

I'm just reading in forums that some rogers stores are not stocking 920's anymore and people can't get them, the store reps don't even think that they're getting anymore, some store reps don't even know what a 920 is.... hell just last week a rogers rep called me saying I had  920 and that I could do an upgrade to iphone or galaxy, like wtf.

That's odd, every store I've been too had it stocked and was able to buy the accessories for it as well. Some tech guys when you call in did not really know much about it, but that was around December which was close to release. 

I'm hoping OTA shortly, would suck to do it myself.

Yeah I was about to ask the same question. Come on Nokia, give us little love back here! Holland NL920

Or Austria for that matter :) With portico we were about the last on the planet though, so my hope is not too high...

Don't worry it will come to Europe as well. Guys stop being kids...oh wait most of you probably are anyway :}

Got the update but when I open Storage Check it just goes black and drops me back at the settings screen.

I've been running this for a week, and I've gotten the display + touch upgrade, but I still don't have the color profile thing. Hmmmm

I've been on the gears screen for about 15mins.... I was a little scared and thinking of ways to blame it on some outside forces, then it restarted as I'm typing this and proceeded to the step 1 of 4 portion. (phew, thank god lol)

me too!!!! glad to see i'm not the only one getting afriad of this.  Good to hear that it eventually makes its way out of it!

Love my Lumia 920 but nervous anytime I have to perform an update. Last time phone took nearly 9 hours to reboot. *crossing fingers*

Wow, I hope not.  I just started mine at work and I don't want to be here another 9 hours!  Guess I should have waited.  Sitting in the gears...

As soon as I finished my last post it rebooted and continued! The gears took less than 10 mins for me.

Update applied and went VERY smooth, just like the Portico update did.  I do like the vibration adjustment they made.

it's hard to explain.  But, it feels more like a Samsung device than before.  The sound is also softer when you hear it.  And no, I didn't drop mine.  The wife has a L920 without the update.  I'll do a check to make sure I'm not somehow making this up.

Any word on people that have updated already if this did fix the proximity sensor issue? I'm at work now so I can't download and test it out but I'm hoping people that have the screens go black during a call have this issue resolved!  I know it has a note in the "change log" for changes to proximity sensor, just wondering if anyone has tested it out and it worked.

I hope they've dimmed those capacitive buttons.  In a completely dark room, they are almost blinding.  It makes alarm-clock apps worhtless, and it's painful to read a book or watch YouTube videos at night .

This have been a issue since day 1 on WP. At least what I think. Let us have the option for backlights plz.
It gets annoying if you like clock apps and want to use them as a desk/nightstand.

Yeah, I'd love to be able to set them to go off when in a dark setting. I can't watch video on it at night because it's like getting hit in the eyes with a flashlight!

Can someone explain the logic of att usera getting the updates before unbranded phones? Is it just a testing thing?

I doubt it's the exclusivity that is affecting it. I'm thinking it might be that AT&T asked for specific changes in this firmware, so they've expedited the rollout ahead of whatever schedule Nokia and Microsoft are using for the non-branded phones.

Please say it ain't so. I'm on the spinning wheels now... 2 min+
EDIT: It's working now. Give it at least 2-4 minutes.

OK, mine (gears screen) took about 8 min.  I have a lot of data loaded.  Now on "migrating your data"...
That 5-10 min they quote is a pipe dream though.

oh man, I am starting to worry too... it has been around 10 minutes now :(... I have lots of pictures and stuff in mine though. I know my ipad used to take longer depending on the amount of apps and data in it.

Glad to see more camera updates, the camera on the 920 is pretty much awful compared to my old 4S. Not even in the same ballpark on daytime shots, everything was a blurry mess and the sharpness was like having my contacts out.

Check the images on a computer they are much sharper than they appear on the phone. Apparently WP displays compressed images to enhance performance :|

Doesn't make a difference if viewed on a PC, the textures are muddy and sharpness is nowhere to be found. It is literally the worst camera phone I've ever had. (Haven't checked since I updated, not near a PC at the moment.)

I do suppose you have the portico update.. right?
I mean I see that the sharness in my shots is a smidgen below the likes of the Iphone or the SGS3, but definitely not bad. All it takes is a little sharpness being applied in some editor on a computer, or via apps and there you go on par with the others. And then at night, well I dont even need to say that I suppose.
Have a look here:
^ Untouched image, no flash, at very low light, so low that I could hardly read a book at arm's length. Notice the strands? very sharp dont you think ?

I did have the portico update, and they still looked terrible compared tomy 4S. I'm not crapping on the phone, I love it overall, but the photos left a lot to be desired. I'm not interested in running an image editor to fix the inherent problems with the camera, it's a quick point and shoot that I don't want to have to fool with. It's not worth my time to fix every single photo I take with it to make them useable, I didn't have to with my 4S.

Since the update it looks to have gotten better, but it's absolutely asinine that emailing the photos from the phone drops the res to 720p. Unacceptable. I'll have to use it for a few more days to see how much it's improved, but the photos seem to have gotten a lot better after this update.

Can't view that link, am I putting in im y browser wrong? (straight copy and paste). Also, the night shots, while grainy sometimes are incredible. That I don't deny. Blew me away the first time I took a night photo.

The text that follows the '@' symnol is also part of the link, its being reformatted in the comment.
I have doubts on your phone, I'd much appreciate if you could provide a link to any of your pics that you find to suffer from reduced sharpness. Because the daylight shots although not outstanding are easily among the better shots I have seen in any phone, it surely is not terrible no matter what phone you are comparing it with, IMO.
BTW, that "very sharp" comment is especially since its a low light photo. Currently I dont have any pics that I took in daylight for comparison. The very next image is one with flash and that one is as sharp as any pic is from a phone-camera.

Okay, call it whatever you will. It looked terrible side by side to my old 4S. I don't care that you think I'm not telling the truth, the fact is looking side by side the textures and sharpness were an utter mess compared. It looks to have improved after this latest update, though.

I'm not saying it's better or worse than phone X.  I'm saying your assertion that it is "literally the worst camera phone I've ever had" is ridiculous, unless you are VERY new to the cell phone scene.  That kind of hyperbole is just silly.  There might be a couple camers out there that you could say are better, depending on how you personally judge a camera phone and the conditions you typically take pictures in.  But worst ever?  Give me a break.

+1. Either the phone is broken or you blind. Not even close the L920 blows it away. Couldn't be happier with my switch from iphone.

What happens is that the iPhone doesn't get too agressive at Luma Noise Reduction, that's why iPhone photos look very sharp even if with some visible noise. The Lumia on the other hand, has very agressive noise reduction, so pictures have a muddy look, specially at high ISOs, like over 200.

I would love to have the option of disable or reduce noise reduction, or taking the pictures in raw for that matter. The good thing is that the Lumia 920 is not affraid of long exposures like 1/2 or 1 sec. , so it doesn't alway choose a high ISO, the iPhone slowest shutter is about 1/15 of a sec, so it picks a high ISO more frecuently.

BTW I am in the gears spining screen for some 20 minutes... I am a little scared...

Great, good for you if they look good. In mt experience the photos look awful compared to my 1+ year old iPhone 4S. Not being a fanboy, I got tired of iOS and switched to a 920, but the camera sucks. I haven't checked since I just updated, but the camera is nowhere near as good if nothings changed. Maybe its my hardware, but I was incredibly disappointed with daylight shots.

Are you using tap to take pictures or using the camera button to take pictures? You need to let it have time to focus first by pressing lightly on the camera button.

Souds like you've got a bad phone.  I carry both an iPhone 4S (and will continue to until maybe four or five more critical apps show up on W.P) and a Lumia 920.  The 920 absolutely smokes the 4S in ALL lighting conditions.

I have 9GB in other too... tried Shrink app and its weird because it said it cleared out 3GB, but it didn't come from the Other category!
Updating now... now I'm curious to see what happens to that 9GBs...
edit* after update, the Storage Check option is the last thing in the settings list (I didn't notice it at first because I was still looking under 'Phone Storage'. With Storage Check, you can now clear the temporary files manually. I reduced 'Other' down to 3GB from 9GB. Excellent!

I had about 12GB in "other".  It still says 6.9GB in the regular Windows Phone storage area, but the Nokia Storage Check shows 2.1GB.  Even if I add up everything else listed that should be a part of "other", it doesn't come close to 6.9GB:

Office Documents: 2.6MB
Email+Contacts 374MB
Maps 350MB
Temp Files 1.8GB (after clearing)

I have noticed that some apps keep a ton of storage for no apparent reason.  The biggest hog was the ProShot camera app, taking up 471MB of space, most of that "app data" that would take up space in the "Other" storage section.  I uninstalled and reinstalled it and it now occuppies only 10MB.  The app just takes the pictures.  It doesn't edit them, so there's no need for any temp files for "undo".  It processes the shot and then saves it to the Picture Hub in Camera Roll, so it must be holding onto a temp file.  I wonder how many other apps are needlessly taking up space. This will be a great tool in finding them.


Please come out for unlocked variants soon! Nokia should not be releasing updates for AT&T first :/

Speaking of AT&T, props to them for getting Lumia updates in fast. Hopefully Verizon and T-Mobile get the update soon.

So is this gdr2 or something else? I mean is there on ur devices now double tap to wake up phone, Fm radio? Or is this something else?

One thing that I noticed is that the Nokia boot screen appears first during the boot sequence rathern than the AT&T logo. Nice little change.

Yellow, ATT, 2 months old. I wish I could roll it back to before this update now without resetting the phone. Scrolling is jittery now and battery life is suffering. It dropped 20% just lying unused in 30 minutes.
UPDATE: After the firmware update, I did a soft reset because of the issues with battery drain and jittery scrolling. To perform that simple task of rebooting, my battery drained 3%. In less than 2 hours, with very modest use, it has gone from 91% charge to 35%. It used 3% typing this update. I can see a phone reset coming.

Try letting it die and then charging it back up again or a soft reset. I sometimes have to do this when my battery decides to take a poop.

I think that was already updated to support it, but there must be another firmware update that actually enables it. I thought it was this one.

I sincerely hope that this secretly resolves the "battery drain issue" that I've had. 
In fact, I'm on my third Lumia 920 now, and ALL OF THEM have had the same issue. It was not true of the Lumia 820, which worked fine, but I can easily repro it on the 920.  My co-worker's 920 has the same problem, as do many others.  Sad :(
You can follow along via Nokia Support > Discussions > Mobile Products > Nokia Lumia > Lumia 920 Cyan - ATT - Overheats, Battery Draining

Anyone with the Build 920 get the update yet?  Or should I just check back in 3 months like with Portico?

Thanks but I already know that, I'm just checking to see if anyone with a 920 from the Build conference has gotten the update.  I have a suspicion we will have to wait a while.

Yeah, that was stupid where they put it. Cleared my temp files and still have 1.1 gig in other. I wonder if Nokia maps is the culprit

I wouldn't say that Nokia Maps is the culprit. Nokia Maps uses the downloaded map from the System. Offline map storage might be under System or Other. 
Looking at my storage check, HERE Drive+ takes up around 32MB and HERE Maps takes up around 23MB. 

I need those proximity sensor updates to fix my phone screen going black during calls. Hope it will be quick to other carriers and not as long as Portico took after AT&T got it

Hey. Its not the proximity sensor, its dust trapped in the upper right corner of the phone which blocks the sensor. You can get compressed air to flush it out and also clear your FFC. If you have strong lungs, you can simply blow out the dust like I did and it should work fine. Trust me its the dust.

I agree that it's dust on the sensor that's causing this issue, but this update seems to fix that problem.  My phone had the issue with the proximity sensor for roughly 4 months now and I can see that there's dust in there.  For the life of me, I can't seem to flush the dust out with compressed air.  Luckily, this update seems to make the proximity sensor less sensitive to dust.  It was the first thing I tested after installing the update and it seems that all is fixed now.  I can finally hang up on someone or put them on speaker.

Not for me its not, definitely 100% software related. I have no dust trapped, I have used compressed air, pressed down on the corner, no screen protector, tried the restart in a dark room, nothing works. It fixed itself once but after restarting the phone it came back and has been this way since which says to me that it is definitely a software/firmware problem.
I've just put up with it as I'm not patient enough to wait 2 weeks while it got fixed and given the reports on the repair jobs being done, I wasn't convinced that it would get fixed anyway. Looks like this firmware update finally addresses the issue.

try this, turn off your phone, than turn it on in a real dark room, or use something to cover it , it will rese tthe proximity sensor. 

As per my other reply, I tried this a number of times, while I think it worked once, it hasn't worked since.
I'm thinking that the one time it worked was a fluke due to the fact I'm convinced that mine has a software problem, looks like I'm not the only one if Nokia are changing the settings with this latest firmware.

After clearing out my temp files, my Other still sits at 2.56GB...

Seems odd that Phone Storage and Storage Check have different data amounts for the same category.

Good question, see if there's an update. Go to settings and find phone update.

Best place to find out.

Good luck, hope it works for you!