Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom hits the Store

Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 8

Fhotoroom is a fantastic Windows Phone photography app that had it's Windows Phone 7.x version updated to version 3.0. When that update when live, the developers mentioned that a Windows Phone 8 version was in the works and today, that version went live.  Fhotoroom (version 8.0) hit the Windows Phone Store today which brings many of the features the Windows Phone 7.x version reccieved plus Windows Phone 8 support.

As with the 7.x version, Fhotoroom for Windows Phone 8 has recieved a significant makeover with user interface updates throughout the app.


Key highlights for the Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom include:

  • Large photo support
  • Windows Phone 8 Live Tile support (small, medium and wide sizes)
  • A new Photo Lockscreen editor
  • New gestures that include swipe left/right for filters, drag up/down to control adjustment slider, and double tap for before/after views
  • The in-house camera app now supporst full resolution and auto save and multi-shot support
  • Tilt shift filter has been updated with an additional slider setting.

As with the update to the Windows Phone 7.x version, the Windows Phone 8 version helps an already nice photo app all the better. The Photo Lockscreen editor allows you to generate a lockscreen collage image from pictures submitted by the Fhotoroom community. You have options to randomly pull images from recent, popular, interesting categories as well as creating them from a keyword search. It's a nice feature if you're looking for another lockscreen source.

Fhotoroom is a free app that is available here from the Windows Phone Store.

QR: Fhotoroom


Reader comments

Windows Phone 8 version of Fhotoroom hits the Store


it usually takes a few hours for it to propogate through their servers once it goes live, i would just check tomorrow to save the agony :P

I am unable to download the Fhotoroom app. It says the app is not available for your device. I am currently using a Lumia 920 on the 1249.xxxx firmware in India. Is it region specific or I'll be able to download the app only post updating my firmware??

I can't remember.  Does Fhotoroom do the processing on the device, or does it upload to the internet and then download the processed picture?

It's ashame this lovely app can't get even half the praise and recognition of instagram. I actually like both apps but this one is so much more featured packed in my opinion.

True. Fhotoroom is full on photographic experience.  I use its camera app more than the Windows Phone stock one, because I like choosing a specific point for exposure that isn't always the same point of focus.  It's also a robust editor and not just a place to lay a filter over the pic.  It even has a thriving share community that seems to be more about photography than cats/lunch. :) 

I also think the developers are REALLY great. They support the platform with a great app that is continuously updated.  They are even keeping the WP7 app fresh and updated.  I don't know how they do it with a free app and no ads. 


It comes down to userbase. If Fhotoroom were on the other platforms and had half the celebs that used Instagram, the story might be a little different. I would love to forget about some of the apps on iOS and Android if my friends, family and acquaintances used had WP and used the alternatives.

Why this version is not available on Indian Windows Phone store? Instead we get an old version that too paid with the name of fhotoroom core.

Thank you for the review George and thank you everyone for the support. We still have a lot of WP8 features in the works with some very exciting stuff still to come for the camera and new filters that we just couldn't fit into this new release. We hope to get these out in the next couple of weeks.

Fhotoroom is awesome, its community is very, very polite (amazing how humans can behave differently, you don't see barely any whining - yeah, sick of whiners and entitled kids). Now, fellas, update RT version to WP level of awesomeness, it still lacks some features.

i got a message from the developer on twitter saying they are putting the social aspects into the win8/RT version

It always worked with WP8 and never protested when loading full size photos for editing, but perhaps it didn't output full resolution files before? No setting for that now as far as I can see so I guess it now does that automatically.
Can't see any difference at first glance but I suppose they are there somewhere. :)
Unfortunately there is still no intergration with the phone's albums so when you have shot a photo with the normal camera and choose edit, Fhotoroom is not listed as an option along side the two other ones I use.