Chaos Rings now available, Windows Phone 7 only

Chaos Rings

The other day we shared that Chaos Rings from Square Enix was headed to the Windows Phone Store. Well... the Xbox title is now available over at the Windows Phone Store but only for Windows Phone 7 devices.  While a bit of a head scratcher, it is nice to see our older phones getting some exclusivity tossed their way.

Another couple of eye turners with the Chaos Rings release is that the game requires about 1GB of memory and is running $9.99. Due to the size of the game files, Wi-Fi is required for installation and it takes forever to download.  Thankfully, there is a trial to let you try things out before paying the ten bucks.

Chaos Rings

Chaos Rings is a fantasy RPG game that shows promise. In just tinkering with Chaos Rings for a short time, the 3D graphics are really nice and the game feels well thought out.  There's a lot of dialog screens and cinematics involved.  It ran fairly smooth on the Samsung Focus 2 but load times felt a little on the slow side.  We'll take the game out for a spin and get a full review up on the site shortly.

Again, there is a trial version available for Chaos Rings with the full version running $9.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.

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Chaos Rings now available, Windows Phone 7 only


Me too.. Luckily I still have my 900 around, so I'll be able to play it :P.. I am happy for WP7.x users they are not getting that much attention these days.. Good job MSFT, you are not forgetting those who trusted you..

Quit your whining. Us older guys didn't get Pandora, Temple Run, or the new Gravity Guy 2 not to mention the other apps WP8 users get that we don't.

Hey I have had WP sense HTC surround, Samsung focus s, and now my 920! Time to upgrade, I was just lucky my upgrade was ready the week at&t got the 920.

The real losers of the week are the 620 crowd. Can't play the 1 GB WP8 games and now can't play this. There's that constant  feeling of so close.... but NO.

Well the games will eventually be optimizes for 512MB devices, is just a matter of patience.. Anyways the 620 is just the best device for the price and style!!

Unless you're being facetious, you're not making any sense. This game was probably planned a long time ago and is just now being released. I'm sure a WP8 update will be out soon enough.

It's really not that funny. It obviously doesn't take much to make you laugh if that's got you rolling on the floor. 

Hahahaha. Now that's funny. I don't understand why people come to a completely WP focused website just to troll. Must be gaining enough marketshare to attract the trolls.

I'm guessing it's because Square*Enix is a Japanese company and their first motiviation was for their Japanese Windows Phone customers. Windows Phone 8 has not launched in Japan, making it more rationale for them to release the phoen for Windows Phone 7 instead, which did launch in Japan years ago.

+1 as well I laughed pretty good. I use the 920 but still have my 900. I'll try the game, but it will be out for wp8 soon enough so I'll buy then.

Ha, never mind the other 20 WP8 apps that just came out and us older guys just get one good one. Spoiled brats.lol

wow....who saw THAT comming?

no complaints...downloading on my omnia 7 now ;D

im sure wp8 compatibility is comming

Have you looked at the crappy graphics? They work on WP7 but on WP8 it would be an insult to present them so bad and for such a ridiculous high price. Who the hell, in their right mind, would waste 10 dollars on that? Exactly. No one.

Don't play for graphics. Its made by someone called square enix previously square soft (the best in the RPG/JRPG business) we go for story!

I agree with this 100000000%. Square Enix are the masters of having incredible storylines (Final Fantasy series, Kingdom Hearts series, etc.)

Oh, the graphics are fine. And WP8 is supposed to run all WP7 games. Arguing against that compatibility is awfully short sighted.

So, it is the developers at fault?  How much work and programming does it take to make current wp7 games and applications function on wp8?

To be fair though it makes sense to even the clueless that something for a more modern platform may not work for an older one.
The other way around makes less sense (from a noobs perspective, like me)

This is hilarious, Windows Phone 7? Not complaining or being sarcastic by the way, its nice to see WP7 get some love. Just kinda funny that there isn't a WP8 version (yet, at least).

Guys, its squenix, they charge $18 for iPhone games, don't be so surprised that they do something backwards like this. And, their CEO resigned yesterday, btw.

Not surprised that it gets a WP7 release without WP8. The resolution looks very odd and if it were a WP8 title I would hope they scale it better.

"CHAOS RINGS takes full advantage of the Windows Phone’s capabilities."

> Wrong OS
> Windows Phone is an operating system not a phone.

I was ready to throw down $10 bones for this. Huge mistake considering all the new WP8 users whom want games and are willing to spend a premium on them.

... I recall they couldn't release one of the Final Fantasies for rooted Androids. Why? DRM? Anti-cheat? I dunno. Why WP7, when that is jailbroken?!? People can cheat, you know...

WP7 apps have the capability to be compatible with WP8, but that doesn't mean there isn't any extra work that has to be done to take advantage of that ability.

Well that's weird. Hope it jumps across to wp8 soon :3 glad to see squeenix publishing stuff on windows phone. Hoping for FFIII and IV soon :)

Wow this hasn't happen in awhile were getting something wp8 isn't getting weird I was trying to get use to all the WP8 apps and games we'll never get with no updated in site lol

wouldnt count on this even making it to WP8. kenken has not been updated yet. WP7 only and from december i think

A lot of complaining going on. Some apps/games for W7 some for W8.
Bottom line Windows Phones are fragmented. That's just life in the tech world. Android has it IOS has....wait not sure if IOS is fragmented.

To an extent, yes.  There are several applications on my ios devices that will not work.  Both ios devices are less than 2 years old....  :(

Very sad news for windows phone 7x users. Temple run and 7 other games are only available for WP 8. The fact is Microsoft only working for WP 8 . Wp 7x phones doesn't have NOTIFYME, NOTIFICATION CENTRE and LOCKSCREEN WEATHER. Microsoft said WP 7x os is like old car. so 7x users going to change our smartphone to android which have more apps and most top games are free.

Notify me, notification centre and locks screen weather are primary apps for smartphones. android and IOS have these all features.

Wow... Only for WP7? That's rare. But wait. Does this 1GB memory requirement was referring to storage? Because if it was RAM, which WP7 devices exactly have 1GB RAM? :o

I couldn't get it from the store via my phone, so I thought I was being smart my installing it over the wp store website... the download began, then the installation and I ran out of space. I cancelled the download, but no space became available and had to reset my phone =( Warning, even if you have 1.4gb available...