ProShot for Windows Phone 8 gets updated, social network sharing comes into focus

ProShot for Windows Phone 8

ProShot is a feature rich camera alternative for your Windows Phone 8 device. The app adds more control over key camera settings such as shutter speed, ISO, exposure compensation, and white balance.

ProShot was recently updated to version 2.6 which adds a handful of features into the mix that includes the option to share pictures to social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Flickr, etc. Once you capture the image, if you slide over to review the photo you'll see a share button that gives you access to your Windows Phone share options.


Additional features of the version 2.6 update for ProShot include:

  • Ability to view all pictures in the camera roll added
  • Live Tile support and ability to pin camera modes added
  • Option to customize menu color added
  • Vibration option added
  • Storage memory issue fixed
  • Back button press now navigates back to camera.

The update also fixes various bugs in the camera app.  The ability to pin specific camera modes is a neat addition in that if you want to jump right into ProShot using auto mode with a burst shutter mode, you can pin that mode to your Start Screen for direct access.

Unfortunately, ProShot is still not compatible with Samsung Windows Phone 8 devices and there's still some sticking issues with manual white balance.   Otherwise, it's a very nice photography app if you're looking to get more control of your camera. There is a trial version available for ProShot with the full version running $1.99. You can find it all here in the Windows Phone Store.  

Thanks, Matthew, for the tip!

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ProShot for Windows Phone 8 gets updated, social network sharing comes into focus


We're impartial when it comes to covering news and apps :) most important thing is to bring you guys awesome content!

I love WP central..a lot! But I rather pro shot win because whoever wins gets featured in a commercial and I would much rather see an awesome app built for WP on the commercial than just a windows phone news app that anyone can access through the internet unlike proshot

Yes, I totally agree!! I love WPcentral, and there is no app that I use more, but I had to vote for Proshit because I'm sure it will appeal to a larger audience than WPC. Especially with there being a commercial involved.. Sorry WPC, but its for the good of the platform.... I only wish Instagram was in the mix for voting. Nothing would be better than a WP/Instagram commercial.. Just my opinion... Proshit!

I'm sorry you don't like the look of the Live Tile when it's in motion. I'm open to suggestions! Email me via the feedback link found in the "About" panel within the app :)

It actually is possible! Problem is, Microsoft's APIs don't provide developers the option to save recorded video to the camera roll (aside from some technical complications, this is the main reason why I have yet to add video to ProShot).

It would be, but the only way to get it off of the phone would be to upload it to skydrive, then download it onto your pc (it couldn't be downloaded straight to your PC unless you had a dev-unlocked phone).

My goal for ProShot is to make everything as easy, seamless, and as no-compromise as possible, and I'm not satisfied enough with this workaround to pursue development further with video. I'd rather wait til the API matures a bit more and focus on creating the best photography experience possible.

Yeah, you're right that it is POSSIBLE, but with the limitations you listed below. This lack of access to the video library is also the reason we can't upload video to Vimeo, YouTube, WhatsApp or anywhere really. :'(

L620 Hardware does not completly handle the long shutter thing ... try to use this function on a totally dark place and you will see that its working ... but with some light the hardware starts to act weird
jusr saying

According to some reports I've received from users, the Lumia 620 needs to have the latest software update in order to use longer shutter speeds. I've definitely seen quite a few 4s exposures from the Lumia 620 posted on Sina Weibo (can't find the link though, these were from about a month ago and I'm not sure how to search the site for older posts).

Thanks. Nice to know it's possible. I'll give it a try after the upcoming update. Still a great app :)

An HDR mode is definintely something I want to add, but the current API does not have the functions I need to implement HDR fast enough to my satisfaction. I'd rather wait until the API matures so I can deliver a fluid experience.
There are, however, still plenty of good features on the way!

This seems real!!!!!!!! It must be ready for download tomorrow or very soon. This is huge news! How did you find out??

Here in Brazil we have some good blogs for WP users, in one of these I find this ... But we are still confusing about if it is true or not... The publisher is Burbn Inc. ... And this name is the real name of instagram makers, but, the 1 april is today in some places.



Has anyone noticed that on a L920, at&t, when you get down to 3 bars of connectivity it doesn't seem to work at all?? There was a report of connectivity issues after the last update.