DIY Nokia wireless-charging nightstand video makes us wish we had skills

If there’s one thing people really like about their Lumia 920s and that is underappreciated, it’s the ability to wirelessly charge them. So it’s fun to see forum regular and video guru Nisse Tuta show us how to improve upon our nightstands by integrating our standard Nokia wireless charging plate.

The process is not that involved and only requires a few tools for the job, but it is something you’ll want to take your time with and plan out accordingly. Personally, we think this project came out quite nicely and makes us wish for more furniture that is Qi-ready.

See an earlier and similar project using a coffee table here.

Source: Windows Phone Central forums


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DIY Nokia wireless-charging nightstand video makes us wish we had skills


Nicely done! Especially impressive to do this while making a video this nice!
I was going to a similar thing to my nightstand but since it isn't very nice to begin with I'll hunt for a better looking one before I begin.

Do you know if Nokias wireless charging pad works with all wireless chargeable devices or just the Nokia brand? Also, how does wireless charging work? Do u need WiFi or data?

Yes, the Nokia-pad works with all products that supports the "qi" standard like for instance the Nexus 4. I know how it works but better if you google "qi wireless charging" since Im not sure about the details. And finaly NO, no need for wifi or data, otherwise you would have needed it for your electric toothbrush as well :)

Anyones wireless charger DC converter make alot of "electronic buzzing" sounds when the phone is charging? It kind of sounds like air is leaking from ballon. I have two wireless chargers, one in the kicthen and one in the bedroom. The one in the bedroom is way over on the dresser and the noise keeps me up at night.

I have the charging stand, not the pod, in my bedroom and hear a slight noise when that blinding LED light flashes on. I hate that darn light! I also have the charging pod in my living room but it's a noisy area, so I haven't noticed any sound from the pod.

I have this sound as well. I only noticed it when I was cleaning my baseboards of my house. But can't hear it in normal conditions. Very strange though.

I had that noise issue as well for about 2 days. My solution was to only use the wired charger for about three days, and after that, to not leave the phone on the wireless charger too long after it has fully charged (I did that for another three days after) I haven't heard any noise since, and I can leave it there indefinitely now with no noise. Its not very logical, but maybe it'll work for you too

I was always wondering how thick these charges can go through, Did he really need to cut into the wood to be able to mount it ? Could it of been just glued/clamped to the bottom of the table above the draw ?
I guess in this case because it was a Cheap ikea table he needed to dig into the wood(fiberboard, not wood) but,  bettter quality tables have a little lip above them. I gota try to put mine attached in my night table and hold it up to the top to see if will charge through them.
They sell really thin cheap QI chargers on ebay (about $40), they might work good for this...just to glue to the bottom and drill a small hole in the back for the power cord...

Sadly, palm pre users having been doing this sort of thing since 2009 . . But im glad other people are getting to experience the joys of wireless charging now . . And I can do the same with my wp8

Ahhh... the Hammer and Chisel - the two standard IKEA tools that I always seem to need but are nver included in the box!
Nice bit of work and a great video! - Thanks!

For the lobotomy required to make sense of the "International" cartoon instructions they use these days!

So amazing so so so amazing. I have two wireless chargers one on my nightstand and the other on my desk. Im not skilled enough in woodworking but maybe I'll tape it under my desk lol

All you're missing now is an NFC tag to shut off the volume so that the emails  you get at night don't wake you.  Wish this damn thing would charge while off.

Well Airplane Mode will keep all external data from intruding. while leaving the Alarm and Calendar Alerts intact to wake you. That's my solution.

Putting your great idea together with this - I'm going to install two NFC tags on my Nightstand. One to turn Airplane Moe ON, and one to turn it OFF. Placed far enough apart it will negate the requirement to fumble around with the screen in the dark or with bleary morning eyes. - Brilliant!

Huh, I wonder what a dedicated table JUST for charging multiple Lumia 920's would look like.

.......so many charging plates...

Why did that guy not use a router? Could've made a simple jig, set the depth, and routed it out in less than 15 min. Brilliant idea either way.

I have the same charger, but i am a little afraid to use it.
My Lumia 920 gets very warm during charging with this charger....

They all do.  Not to worry, its normal.
Charging the battery using any technology generates heat.  Wireless charging generates more heat as a result fo the physics involved.  i use wireless charging all day at home and work, and while the phone gets hot its not a problem.

I did this, and I made a little cover panel underneath that latches and unlatches so if I want or need to move it all I need to do is pull out the drawer and unlatch the cover to get it out. And for those of you thinking of doing this, DO IT. It is so much cooler than you could imagine, and it only took me about 2 hours to do (and I have 0 experience/knowledge/skills in the chiseling/woodworking department)