Microsoft and Nokia to hold May Windows Phone developer camp in London

Nokia Booth

Microsoft and Nokia are preparing to hold a Windows Phone Developer Camp in London. May 11th this year will mark the day when the two companies will provide an introduction to the Windows Phone platform for developers who haven't quite looked into hopping on to the train just yet. Numerous sessions will be held with some hands-on labs. It's set to be a worthwhile day for anyone looking to develop apps for Windows Phone.

What will the sessions cover? Storage, networking, user experience and working with core phone functionality (camera, sensors, mapping and more). As noted above, multiple hands-on labs will be present for a more practical approach. Demonstrations will run through key features of application development and submission to the Windows Phone Store. 

The event listing boasts the adoption rate of Windows Phone rising in the UK, which is viewed as the perfect opportunity to get cracking with attempts to get more developers building apps. As well as going after the big brands to get much anticipated apps in the Windows Phone Store, Microsoft is also seeking those who can also bring something new to the platform.

So what are the requirements? It's recommended that those who are considering to attend:

  • Bring your own laptop with Windows Phone Developer Tools installed, should you wish to go into the hands-on labs
  • Read the MSDN documentation ("Getting Started with Windows Phone Development" and "User Experience Design Guidelines for Windows Phone")
  • Register an account with the Dev Center (dev.windowsphone.com) and bring a Windows Phone

Here's a timetable for the day:

Nokia Microsoft Developer Event

Sounds good, right? Definitely. If you're looking for such a resource to attend, be sure to head on over to the Eventbrite listing and register your position. It's free to attend and will be held at 2 Kingdom Street in London.

Source: Eventbrite


Reader comments

Microsoft and Nokia to hold May Windows Phone developer camp in London


I've been to one of these Dev Camp events, sometime last year and if I'm honest wasn't impressed.  It was an OK introduction but nothing to get your teeth into.  You have some people who are not developers attending and it slows the pace down.  Lab sessions was basically in the room next door if you had a specific question.  In fairness it was run by one of MS's teaching partners appamundi and not MS nor Nokia.  Don't expect any hardware reveals etc as these guys are not in the know about specifics.  However if you want less structured high level intro to Windows Phone, this may be of interest to you.

I'm not currently a developer but I want to be and am picking it up slowly, I can't work out whether going along to this would be useful?