Crushed Lumia 920

Lumia 920 reportedly survives getting crushed by a 24 ton Caterpillar

Here’s an interesting story worthy of the Weekly World News (an old tabloid reference, for you kids). Evidently a Nokia Lumia 920 was accidentally run over by a 24 ton Caterpillar “earth moving machine”, which is basically a ginormous dump truck. What’s interesting is that despite having its display crushed into what looks like a bazillion pieces (see above), the phone still technically works—even making phone calls.

Sure, you can’t hang up those phone calls but the fact that it turns on despite the body being “stretched” is still quite impressive. In fact, it’s because it still worked that they were able to find the phone, as someone evidently called it and they heard the ringer (it was found about a foot and half under the ground).

The phone won’t be repaired, however, as Nokia Care have even their limits. The good news is the owner of the phone, Ossi Pyykkönen, will be getting another Lumia 920 due to his being impressed with its ruggedness.

Of course for every “my phone was run over by a 24 ton dump truck…and survived!” story, we have a few “I dropped it off the couch and the display shattered" ones. It goes to show how luck (as well as soft dirt) plays into these things. Anyway, file this under mildly interesting.

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Crushed Lumia 920


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Lumia 920 reportedly survives getting crushed by a 24 ton Caterpillar


I don't know about all that.  Maybe it's the amount of apps I have on my phone (which is kinda on the high side, admittedly) but I average about 6-7 updates a day since I went to WP8 and I update every morning or whenever I see an article on here referring to the update. 

6-7 is high...but I have about 80 apps on my phone in total and get 2-3 a day on average.  I get updates all the time.

I know I'm not your wife, but should I be offended? LOL!!! ;-) With me, its the exact opposite, my husband on the other hand wouldn't know how to install a screen protector if i handed him

Of course I say this in just because my wife can be very clumsy with phone. She destroyed a Nokia 6820 I got her. I buy new phones cause I'm a junky. She because they break. :-)

This is impressive, but the "impact" the dump truck had on the phone will always have the variable of just how soft the ground was. If this were on concrete, the phone would he damaged far more than if the phone were on soft dirt.

That's the exact thing I thought when I read it. And they usually have really knobby tires so it may have slipped between the knobs on soft dirt.

Not to mention that only one tire could crush the phone at one time, so it definitely was not 24 tons of force on the phone.

So "only" 6 tons of force on dirt now lets factor in angle... Was it a slope? Or tire composition? Suspension stiffness? Weather?

or just run the other phones through the same test and if they survive then your pointless variables clearly matter :D

The truck weighs 24 tons so saying it got crushed by a 24-ton truck is accurate. He didn't say the phone was crushed by 24 tons.

Oh pllleeez.  Just because you are proud of your 920 doesn't mean that the Galaxy S3 is a piece of junk.  I like the 920 as well, but unless you subject both of them to the same test, you can't assume anything.

He didn't say it was a piece of junk; he said it was a cheap plastic phone. The case is plastic, and compared to the polycarbinate shell of a 920, it is cheap.

You try this with anything other than Nokia and you will need to sweep up the pieces, if you can even find them.

Ordinarily, I'd be genuinely impressed by this. Now if they could only get the 920 to survive firmware updates like 1308. Now THAT would be truly IMPRESSIVE.

That's almost how my phone looks, only a dropped my 920 from about 5 feet high, and it landed face first on a bus floor. Imagine my shock and dismay when I discovered the glass screen spider webbed! Had to switch back to my trusty Titan I, but miss my 920. It is fully functional, in fact writing this comment on it, but I can't view movies or such with it, so now its a portable mp3 player! Anyone know of any cost effective repair options? I didn't get insurance through my carrier.

What on earth did you hit your pocket with while in this condition?
I have seen many many many 920 and have never heard of such a scenario.  Given the Gorilla Glass and numerous stress tests, I fail to see what catalyst could cause damage with just a couple of keys.
I am on the verge of calling b---s---. ;)

Wow impressive. I also remember seeing a video on Nokia's fan page on Facebook of a baseball machine launching a fastball at a 920 and the same hitting an S3.... You can guess which phone survived...

Wow... This is a true testament to how awesome Nokia phones are! Very impressive indeed.
As for the questions and comments about the updates, how do we know those didn't come in AFTER the phone got damaged? I imagine Ossi can't use the touchscreen anymore, even if the phone does still take calls.

There's a video on YouTube where some guy goes to extremes to break a 920. He ran it over with his Cobalt and it still worked... He finally threw it a couple of times at a concrete post.

I dropped my Lumia 920 from 6 and a half feet and it slid a foot screen first on the concrete and it cracked :-(

As a long time mining guy, I don't know of a CAT truck with a 24 ton weight. The lightest that I know of might class in as a 24cubic yd capacity, which would be a model 769. Those actually weigh in at something like 30 thousand kilograms empty, and over 65 thousand kilo's loaded.
Soft ground or not, that is a lot of weight.
I'm impressed, and anxious for a 920 class phone to be available on Verizon.......

Actually the original article states that he was paving a stone field with a 24 ton CAT loader at Sodankylä Kevitsa mine. So it was not a truck.

I believe it.  24 tons (assuming even distributed) is diveded across 4 tires.  Let's add in that the area touching the ground on those huge (6'? 7'?) tires is a surface are much larger than the phone itself, so maybe only 1/20 of the 6 tons was applied to the phone.  Suddenly such a huge number is downgraded to about 600 lbs.  I wouldn't want 2 obese people standing on my phone, but the number suddenly becomes much more realistic.  If the truck was empty, there's that much less weight applied. (Impact, otherwise known as work required to change momentum in a short moment, does more to damage the glass display than the force of the load itself.)  Oh, and if the phone was face-down, the arch on the back of the phone would help divert more (some) of the force to the frame instead of the glass panel.

I'm a member of the one foot drop club. Took a small drop and the screen shattered. Thank you insurance. (Of course, as much as I love this phone, its the 5th one I've had since first purchased in December.)

Since the Facebook phone is trying to steal the put people first from Microsoft, I think Nokia and Microsoft, should steal Fords and say Built Nokia TOUGH.
And its not the beginning, I had some of the old nokias they have always been tough.
I agree with WinFan1, lets take a Iphone 5s, Galaxy4s and and Blackberry Z10 and run the same truck over them and then have a commercial and call all of them and the one one rings and answers is the Nokia. :) I gurantee all the others would be trashed.

According to the article the phone works almost like new. The screen is shattered and the phone is very bent, but the touch gestures still work. Only thing is he is unable to do, hang up any phone calls by himself. I'd assume the proximity sensor is broken(or the is some dirt infront of it :D )