Vote for the Nokia Lumia 920 to win the Smartphone Madness Final

Smartphone Madness 2013
Vote for the Nokia Lumia 920 to knock out the Blackberry Z10 in the LAPTOP Smartphone Madness finals!

While we have the Windows Phone App Star contest winding down, we have another March Madness style contest reaching the finals. Laptop Magazine is running the "Smartphone Madness 2013" contest to see which smartphone on the market is the most popular.

The field of sixteen smartphones has been widdled down to two with our Nokia Lumia 920 facing the Blackberry Z10 in the finals.

Currently the Lumia 920 has a very comfortable lead over the Z10 (62.8% to 37.2%) but we shouldn't see this as an easy victory. Our friends over at Crackberry.com have sounded the alarm so this may end up being a close contest when all is said and done.

Every vote counts and to help keep the Lumia 920 and Windows Phone out in front, head on over to Laptop's site and vote. Voting ends Monday, April 8th at 9am EST so spread the word and get out the vote!

Thanks, everyone, for the tips!


Reader comments

Vote for the Nokia Lumia 920 to win the Smartphone Madness Final


Hey now. You don't know CrackBerry fans are cheating. I just highlighted how easy it is to cheat. Look... this is a stupid contest. They do it every year. The fact that something like the iPhone 5 lost to the Asus FonePad in round one just proves that. Polldaddy is an OK polling/voting medium for everyday blogging, but for an event like this where you want to declare a winner it's not good enough. Push come to shove, it's just some fun for the community to go out and be engaged, whoever wins. What really doesn't matter here are the results.... as the data is completely compromised from the get go. If any publication wants to go out and do a real head to head type of event for phones, they should be a little less lazy and at least try and do it up right. This is just fun. All of us Mobile Nations EiCs just ignore this thing... but so many people in the community have been tweeting us to raise the flags that we did. Have fun with it. Don't take it too seriously.. cuz it's not serious at all.

Yes we are crazy indeed! I believe that's called being a WinPhan!! Can't let all the other OS's have the cool fanboy names now can we⁉ WinPhan FTW!! ;D

I love this response! I have written small novels on my Z10 as well and didn't even notice until I was finished. The keyboard is simply amazing. 
P.S. when is WPcentral going to join Crackberry in the 21st century and make a half decent site? Haha.

As much as I hate to admit it, the BB10 keyboard is amazingly fast to type on and frankly, one of the best keyboards I've used on a smartphone. 
Sadly, I just don't see any long-term appeal from me when it comes to BlackBerry 10, the OS is still at its infancy (WP is still considered an "immature" OS anyway, so this claim may seem a bit unfair), phone designs are generic and bland (though the Q10 looks a tad interesting IMO), and since I'm a photofreak, the phones for BB10 have less-than-sufficient camera picture and video quality.

It's just another mobile keyboard with the same limitations of any tiny keyboard. Oh and BTW the one on my Lumia 920 is just a bit bigger :p

Kevin Michaluk wrote:

How do you change the font size on Windows Phone 8? Oh wait. You can't.  It's a feature phone that looks pretty.

Thanks for the insult.
settings > ease of access > text size.

Hilarious. Was that a new feature roll out or has that always been there? It's funny.. I rocked the Lumia 920 for a while and that was one of my few pet peeves... even brought it up on the Windows Phone Central podcast and complained about it to the guys: http://www.wpcentral.com/windows-phone-central-152-0 and nobody corrected me. If you never watched that podcast you should. I actually like Windows Phone 8 a lot. There are a few areas where I think they focused on the looks at the sacrifice of efficiency, but it's definitely a happy / fun OS experience. Thinking it's getting close to time for another cross site editorial event!

Hey Kevin,

i dont agree with u there... iPhoney 5 is crap, ofcoz it lost to the Asus Fonepad...

ohh and i want the Q10! :D

Sorry Kevin, being as the Admin of the site, you should discourage people from doing that. Instead you posted what to cheat.  If you think the poll is a joke, then why you care so much even promote cheating.

Only because Kevin is a good guy. I wish your platform and the Z10 all the best, even though I'm a Windows Phone guy.

OMG: WPCentral users started cheating first!  It's the end of the world!!


Any contest in which one of the phone models isn't even released is a poor contest indeed.
This is like blind people judging a miss Universe pageant.

Aha. Thanks....oh wait. Can you help me? Why if i want to post any comment on wpcentral via pc, always shows "your submission triggered spam filter, your comment ia not posted"

But seriously though I haven't seen a newer blackberry for years. I haven't even heard a person talk about the z10 other than to make jokes. They may win some stupid poll but they're done in the phone race.

You guys can have this one considering WP just overtook BB as the third smartphone OS. You need something to raise your spirits. Which is probably why you guys are cheating your way to the top. Personally I only voted once for the Lumia 920. If it doesnt win on some internet poll, so be it. Its a winner in real life and thats what matters.

How do you guys have more votes than devices sold? Craziness!!! BB10 looks like an OS should have looked 2-3 years ago... Its hideous.

CrackBerry Admin, Kevin Michaluk is insulting us!

How do you change the font size on Windows Phone 8? Oh wait. You can't.  It's a feature phone that looks pretty.

He's also encouraging everyone there to cheat.

That's the way to do it. You can probably clear your cookies and keep voting again and again and again :)

DUDE. Read the comment I left above and replied to on the one you left on CrackBerry. I'm not INSULTING YOU. Have some fun buddy. YOLO.

YOLO?? Really? In my country it means 'I'm an idiot which is why I said/did something idiotic.' Perhaps it means something else where you're from...

Crackberry Admin is a Cheat and loves to insult other OS based on False, made-up stories, will be nice to see his reaction once Blackberry gets sold for bits and pieces after one or two years.

Too funny! Soo, I'm definitely on cheat. But there is a time to be a fanboy, and for a dumb event like this, it's one of those days. :p In general though, I'm probably one of the most knowledgable guys out there when it comes to unbiased mobile platform debate and discussion. Ask anybody smart and they'll agree. :)

It's seems you're so intelligent that you need to say it. Were you ever taught to let others do that task for you? 'Cause that's actually very smart ;)

Sorry he is shameless but not me. I will not stoop to his level. Let them win by cheating because that shows they have no confidence in their own device. I'm glad our WPCentral editors did not degrade themselves in the same manner.

Somebody, put the poll in the article please. It's just convenient to have it like in the Crackberry's site.
Anyway, I'm voted for Lumia 920 :D

also make it so you can't actually vote...

In today's society "everyone is a winner."


This is silly i don't like iphone but no way should it lose to asus fone pad. Iphone is way better than most andriods. I wp fan by the way

Crackberry guys are cheating and even their admin is encouraging it, that is why Lumia 920 went down from 80% to 62%.
So, Keep voting, use as many connections and ip- addresses as possible and clean your cookies.

go home kevin..ur drunk
we need a poll here like they have on crapberry guys
THIS IS LUMIAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin glad you have a sense of humor. Reading some of these comments being so serious about a poll is taxing at times... That being said I hope the 920 buries the Z10. ;-)

+1 Million. Thanks for that comment. Glad you get it. :)

Yeah, I totally have a sense of humor. Look. This stuff is fun. I LOVE how passionate people are about this kind of thing and how worked up they can get about it. But a poll / contest run the way LAPTOP does it is a complete joke. Whoever wins the event has nothing to brag about, as it means nothing. 

Pointing out how easy it is to "cheat" on a poll like this, or looking at some of the results (this year and previous years) is further proof of that. That said, I wouldn't be doing my job as #1 champion for BB if I didn't spread the word. Nor would you guys all be doing your part if you didn't aim for the Lumia 920 to win.

It's all in good fun. And hey.. it's a quiet Saturday morning. Nice to have something to get ppl worked up a bit on.


I agree with 'fwaits'. I just woke up and started reading all the hate replies. Made me lol with a hangover, lolol. I wish more people could just laugh. Besides, everyone already know that WPCentral rapes crackberry, hahaha . . .

If blackberry wins im going to cut my nutz off with a dull butter knife while screaming blackberry is number one.

What browser are you using? with Chrome in a regular window or incognito window if I refresh and vote again it says"Thank you,we have already counted your vote" and the vote count doesnt always go up

just refresh. You don't need to clear your cache to vote again :)
Let's not be complacent...

Let's beat the Z10, that way I can sneak to Kevin's house and take his Z10. I've been after one of those for a while now, would love to have BBM, WP8, and Android, all usable with ONE SIM.
Kevin, you're going DOWN mate! I may be a former CrackBerry but I'm a glass now, WPCENTRAL WILL RULE THE WORLD! RAWR, TAKE THAT NEWB!

It's fine, I'll just troll him twice as hard. I'm in a wind-up mood so BRING. IT. ON! I'll take him down while eating blackberries. Which are a very tasty fruit, which means the blackberry fans should also be really tasty. That's my meals sorted for the next ten years.

As far as I am concerned, the Galaxy S4 shouldn't have even been in the running, its not even released yet. Also, the Lumia 900 won last year, why shouldn't the 920 win this year?

The Lumia 928 is just a variation of the Lumia 920 for Verizon Wireless.
If you already have the Nokia Lumia 920, I can safely assume that you are not on the VZW.

FYI You can keep voting by using the refresh button (F5), Z10 is gaining ground. Keep voting!!! 59%-40% now...

Man this is sad... Why beat so much on Kevin? Its all good fun my people. We know the true winner is the Lumia

I'm sad that the Nexus beat the HTC. Often I have wished I bought the 920 but yesterday I noticed a big difference in the sharpness of the 8X and 920. The 8x looks sooo much better.

Your right of course, that many things, like looks, are Subjective. For instance, the 920 is much bigger, easier to read, and especially, has a darker black. I should have specified by saying that the 8X's higher pixel density, and s-LCD make the edges crisper looking. I simply put more weight into the "crispness" or sharpness if the edges, than I do size, or "true black." Yes, as a whole, the display is subjective but I was simply surprised at how much sharper the 8X seemed to be.

I loved the 8X, but between the poor battery life and lack of turn by turn (now fixed) I traded up for the 920.

I can tell you for a fact that the Z10 votes are cheating.  How do I know this?  There is currently 17,502 votes for the Z10.  That's exactly 2, 176 more votes than there are Blackberry users left in the world.