How to: Using BlueStacks to upload photos to Instagram

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Whether you like it or not, Instagram is here to stay as a social network. Whatever plans Facebook has in the future are irrelevant, today it’s a huge platform for a lot of users. Its presence (or absence) makes or breaks potential smartphone purchases by the active 90 million users. Windows Phone still doesn’t have an official app, but Instagraph is a good workaround for right now. From the forums, here’s another slightly more involved way to get pictures up to Instagram without using an iPhone or Android device.

We get it, for some reason you can afford a smartphone, but shelling out $2.50 for Instagraph is too much. Here’s a nice little hackaroo to get your plates of food up on Instagram. It involves a Windows PC (most of you probably have one or access) and BlueStacks.

If you don’t remember from the last time we covered BlueStacks, it’s software that can allow you to run Android applications through emulation. It only works on x86/64-based machines. So you can’t use it on your Surface RT, but you can on your Surface Pro and desktops. Back when we covered BlueStacks I actually installed Instagram, but couldn’t get the app to work. If you found yourself in the same boat, Windows Phone Central Forum member illegaloperation offers up a step-by-step guide to getting it working.

Head on into the Forums to get a look at how you can Instagram from your PC.

Alternatively, there are some other ways to get pictures up to Instagram if you’re primarily a Windows Phone user. Like the Sam Sabri method (it’s really called that, Bing it if you don’t believe me). Just make sure your photos are automatically saving to SkyDrive and you can then access them from most any modern computing device through SkyDrive. For example, I have an iPhone 4 around that is basically an Instagram machine (thanks to SkyDrive). I’m kidding about it being only an Instagram machine, I mostly use it to check for app parity when we get a new release from on Windows Phone.

Anyways, let us know below what other ways you get pics up. And thanks to illegaloperation for sharing the guide with us all.  

Source: Windows Phone Central Forums


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How to: Using BlueStacks to upload photos to Instagram


bluestacks wont install on my pc it gives me a update graphics driver message but everythings up to date i had it on this same pc before i upgraded to windows 8 now it wont work at all

how would i be able to find the new drivers? im on a hp laptop and i went to the hp site and it said i had the latest drivers but it didnt say anything about windows 8 drivers

If your laptop has both integrated graphics and discrete graphics, you'll have to switch to discrete graphics.

Mine is the Radeon HD 3800 series.

I have an HP laptop as well (only 1.5 years old, a dv7) and I have researched the driver issue a lot in the past.
The bottom line is HP does not release new GPU drivers, ever. So if you have switchable graphics you are screwed and have to do with the drivers you currently have.
Because of this HP drivers crap I am unable to update to win8 or use IE10 in win7 (there was a MS support article about this as well stating that certain HP laptops are stuck until HP releases new drivers).
The best advice is don't buy another laptop from HP until they sort out their driver updates, and don't buy a VAIO laptop in the UK their support sucks even more than HPs.

just did this method a little while. i said this in another post but i feel dirty after using android...

Huh, I never really used bluestacks, though it's already installed on my PC.

Oh well, time to instagram the crap out of it, I guess.

I picked up Instagraph and Metrogram (free) - supporting the developers, hope they are up to speed with ensuring that bugs and glitches are resolved!

If instagram is that important to you you shouldn't choose WP. I mean that's a hella work to upload a damn picture

No. Yes. Maybe. Depends. 

Everyone will have a different answer. For me Instagram isn't a deal breaker on Windows Phone. Would I like an offical app? Yes. Can I live with my current set up using Instagraph or my method above? Sure. But for others it is a huge deal (90 million active users / month) and for others they couldn't care. 

So why do we make a big deal about Instagram on Windows Phone? Because it is an important app to have. I'm sure we'll get a dozen comments in this post about "who cares", but they're the minority, a lot of people do care. 

I agree that instagram is definitely an important app. All I'm saying purchasing a kindle or an iTouch sounds more reasonable then going through all of that hassle. What I don't get why there is no official app. Facebook is already loosing it's ground to twitter and instagram is probably their key of not becoming MySpace but they are denying access to customers. No wonder why their stock is doing so bad. What kind of business plan is that?

Here's the 'who cares' you've been asking for.
Seriously people need to get some self control about sharing every damn thing about their silly insignificant lifes online.
boohoo you can't use an app whos only purpose is compromising your privacy
what a sad state of affairs the human race has come to

Agreed if the "I have to have Instagram or I'll die" crowd will stop infesting every other story about an app that comes out.

Here's another workaround: take a picture of a hot steaming pile of shit, send it via MMS to your teenage daughter, and have her post it to instagram for you. I haven't tried it yet, but it should work.

It's not that I can't afford, its just that instagram on other platforms have official support, full of features and uploads for free.

Downloading bluestacks is supporting the android platform this would help to destroy our Windows phone platform not good at all, also i had used bluestacks on my pc before i had a Windows Phone and it was unstable on a lot of fronts and crashed once or twice, so i got rid of it after a few days also its just extra hassle to use it, instagram will joiin our platform soon if you don't destroy it first....in the meantime use instagraph which they said will update again soon

Does this work on WP7 unlike you guys on WP8 I can't get instagraph and I was ready to support the developer!?! Also I agree that the I don't care people should keep posting comments as long as im reading reviews on phones and other apps and people bring up instagram lol

Perhaps I am missing something...but I don't see any instructions or tutorial on HOW TO UPLOAD photos to Instragram from your PC in this article?? 

So I had no problems installing Instagram and I just drag the photo in the instagram box and it opens there, but after I finish editing it and proceed and press the green ">>" button in order to post it on Instagram, Bluestacks blocks and it's "Not Responding" anymore. Any idea why this is happening? I have the latest Bluestacks version, could it be because I have Sims installed? Or Windows 7?