Instagraph Instagram client for Windows Phone 8

Instagraph sharing to Instagram up and working again for Windows Phone users

What’s that? We almost went a day without discussing the Windows Phone unofficial Instagram app, Instagraph? We’ll fix that by mentioning how it has been, well, fixed.

We reported yesterday that there were two issues affecting users, including a placeholder image being occasionally used in place of a submitted photo and long delays in publishing. Luckily, both issues have seemingly been fixed as queuing for uploads has been reduced to less than 5 minutes (from our experience) and the placeholder posting bug was also squashed.

We’re still not out of the woods yet, though. Until more servers are brought online, the developers have hidden the app on the Store in order to manage user demand. They will re-open it in the coming days and weeks as they get more hardware.

There's even more good news: we’re hearing that for everyone’s trouble, people who bought into the service they will be rewarded in some fashion, and from the ideas we’ve heard it should quell a lot of users as the company tries to make things right.

Finally, a new version with “some stylistic and the incorrect queue time fixes” is about to be submitted to Microsoft, and of course, the enrollment option is practically done now (though it won’t go live until server capacity is brought up). We recently teased that feature on, appropriately, our Instagram account.

Stay tuned for more and for current Instagraph users, how are your uploads going?


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Instagraph sharing to Instagram up and working again for Windows Phone users


you've been having fun responding to folks in the comments this week, eh?
Us Long Island visitors should pitch in and buy you a drink (or 8). 

Since last night (Europe, Germany) everything works fine for me.
Uploadtime is about 3-5 minutes and picture is the right one.
If they remove the 3 pictures a day limit everything is fine :)

Worked for me too! 
Little italian software house is more interested in instagram than instagram!

And I am fairly sure that Instagram themself is only thinking about a way to stop Instagraph submissions right now.

The developers said they can not block the access because they use a real smartphones motherboards for the authentication! 

Daniel is this how the developer who had a Grindr client in February 2012 got it to work? Grindr got it pulled within a month of it working great. Some of these companies really give a nasty taste in the mouth :S

Its working fine now. Less than a minute uploading. :) i like that instagraph is included in default share options.

Anyone else getting errors when trying to post comments? Also I can only upload pics on WiFi despite having strong lte signal...

My photos dont seem to forward to Facebook using instagraph, only through instagram. Is this a fault to the work-around?

So that was fast.  I wonder if all those crybabies who went running to Microsoft to get their $2.50 refunded had the app pulled from their devices too?  I expect this app will have lots of improvements in the near future.

TBH, the devs told us no one has actually asked for a refund, believe it or not (despite some people here claiming to have done so).

The app is $2.49 ... I have exactlty$2.50 in my MSFT acct from Bing Rewards. Yet I can't purchase it..... What's the problem??

Are the Instagram people Apple fanbois or something? Surely if your business is a social network platform it's in your best interest to be as widely available as possible?? What's problem??

Noone outside of Instagram/Nokia/Microsoft really know why they're being such idiots, but speculation has run from the CEO has a personal vendetta against MS (he used to work for Google) to possible just permission/resources/redtape.  

It seems crazy that a CEO would have a beef against a company to help distribute their product, especially when social, but dare I say I'm almost ready to lean on that as a factor.

The only idiots are people that believe that there is some hidden Instagram conspiracy against WP. Facebook owns Instagram. Facebook uses Bing search. Oh look, there goes your argument. Out of the window.
The only reason Instagram is not (yet) on WP is because it makes for them no financial sense. WP share (especially in the US) is almost non-existent. Once it goes up, Instagram will come too. Right now it's just not worth it.

Someone from Facebook should read the riot act to Instagram. They should be told that they now belong to Facebook and that Facebook is a business and that personal preferences are no excuse. I am sure Nokia or Microsoft would PAY to be allowed to develop an app which can also upload.

LOL yeah right just like MS has done with Skype.  If MS doesn't do it for its own acquisition why do you think FB should bother?  Especially now that they are pushing a FB Android launcher & HTC First.  The reason Instagram doesn't bother with WP is the same reason MS doesn't release MS Office for Linux, the market share is practically nothing.  If the market share increases dramatically then the apps will come.

Sure, but if someone like Nokia (and they would jump at the opportunity) were allowed to develop an official app, they would. I believe Nokia would PAY Facebook to do it. Why would Facebook, as a traded company, refuse? If I owned stock I would be annoyed that they would knock back good money for what is essentially a free app that does not earn any money yet.

I think the amount of money FB is missing out on is really small, and I don't think the API to allow 3rd party apps to post to Instagram is available on any platform.  Remember Instagram is free on Android & I believe iOS so they make their money off in app ads.  To make money on WP they would have to charge for the app, & there would have to be a consistent stream of new users purchasing the app to keep making money.  The problem is if a large enough stream of new users were switching to WP they would gain market share, and the apps would come on there own. 

Forgive me but I hope Microsoft's definition of "big" gets a little bigger than a two year old Temple Run. Am i right or am I right.

Instagram? Who cares? When's the MySpace app coming? It better be OFFICIAL It better be FREE. It better have NO ADS.  It better let me download FREE music, movies and apps...or I'm leaving the platform.  /s

wow looks like Instagraph has done some damage to Instagram, I am getting this lovely message
"Sorry, an error occurred while processing this request."
Keep it up Instagraph, I'm loving it - lolsssss

My upload is still queued,  around 30 mins now.  Looks like they still can't handle the demand yet.
Edit: "Servers in maintenance..." message now.

#screenShotsWp8 use this hash tag on twitter along with your screen shot. Microsoft won't show off the features of this great device then I think we should.

I just bought my Nokia Lumia in February, I've been looking for an app for instagram that actually works. I was really excited to hear about Instagraph but when I went to the Windows store it just isn't there. Are there only certain phones it will work with or is there a problem with the app?