Nokia Lumia Catwalk

First images of Nokia’s aluminum Lumia, codenamed ‘Catwalk’, have surfaced [Updated]

We have no way of verifying the authenticity of these two images, but it appears to be of the upcoming Nokia Lumia ‘Catwalk’, a follow up to the Lumia 920 that reportedly sports a new aluminum chassis to help reduce the size and weight. The images showed up on the popular Chinese social network Sina Weibo.

No other details were given, but earlier information about Catwalk stated the device as having 4.5” display with an OCTA display, S4 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, 16GB of storage (down from 32GB), 2000mAh battery and an 8.7MP OIS camera with LED flash.

Nokia Lumia Catwalk

As a result of the new body, the device is 50 grams lighter (just 132g) than the current Lumia 920 and is supposedly about 2.3mm less in thickness (8.4 versus 10.7mm on the 920).

From the image, we can see that the microSIM door on top matches the Lumia 720's and indeed, it has the same "three dots" on the back for a wireless charging backplate. While moving the microUSB (or is it an HDMI out port?) to the top may seem unusual, we must remember that it is not a requirement that it be on the bottom of the device and OEMs can move things around.

The timing of the device was reported to be for a May 15th announcement with a late June availability. T-Mobile US is expected to pick up the device as well as other international carriers.

Verizon will launch a similar, but non-aluminum device called the Lumia 928 aka ‘Laser’ in the coming weeks.

Update (5:25PM ET): We have spoken to someone familiar with this alleged device who can confirm that it is indeed, accurate. Because of that we've bumped the rum'o'meter from an initial '5' to an '8' (from an early corroboration) to a '10', meaning we have very high confidence in these images. Whether or not they are early or late prototype, we don't know.

Source: Sina Weibo, Baidu; Thanks,  AIKON, for the tip!


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First images of Nokia’s aluminum Lumia, codenamed ‘Catwalk’, have surfaced [Updated]


If this a follow up as the article stated or a variant, then why lessen the storage to 16gb? Thats not an improvement nor keeping par. Good thing none of this is yet confirmed


It's gotta be a variant of the 920, it has the same specs.
EOS will be the follow-up and I hope they do a better job with the design than this.

Looks odd to me, I was holding out for this phone on T-Mo, but if it does come out looking like this I'll be happy with the 810.

If these specs are indeed accurate, what kind of message is Nokia sending by offering us(T-Mobile) a 16gb high-end phone while AT&T gets essentially the same phone but with more memory? Don't get me wrong, I will be getting this device if something concrete and official is announced by the supposed date or middle May but I know I will be settling. 16gb without memory expansion should not be in the same sentence with flagship or high end. And if nothing is announced I will be getting the HTC One. I waited long enough.

its called cloud service.  even i dont save pics on my phone anymore.  music is dealt through subscription via xbox music, spotify or nokia music, and documents are on my skydrive.  Apps come and go, and trust me, youll be deleting the ones you dont use as much.

Apps and music content aren't the problem. When you start installing these huge games on your phone, that space begins to dissipate quite rapidly. Besides when you're talking about a flagship device, wouldn't you rather just keep the content you want on your device and have the option of cloud services rather than having to decide what to keep and what to delete? Besides you can't even stream movie content through XBox music yet so you would need to store those files on the device.

So do I and does Netflix have the latest episodes of Game of Thrones or Scandal? Maybe they have the latest movies that came out. They don't. We shouldn't have to be confined to 16gb of internal storage. Thank you for your comments.

Firstly, let me say hello to everyone, I am new to WP Central.

Secondly, that is the nastiest looking phone I have seen in my whole life. These pics are so fake, they should say 'made in China'.

Furthermore, Nokia wouldn't design anything like this. It's like the 'Frankenstein' of all known phones, with a L520 screen on a L900 body, topped off with a Huawei back panel.

Thank you, but you don't get my point, the story and pics are fake, hence the comment about saying 'made in china' -- as you are aware China loves faking 'top brand' names.

This leak is to get more visits to which ever website produced it first -- kind of sad really.....

Don't think Nokia won't make ugly designs. Look at the freaking box of a design they threw together for the Lumia 810 on T-Mobile. Its terrible! So don't think Nokia won't just throw something out there "just because", because they have and they may again. Secondly, hello and welcome to WP

Cheers RaRa85,

I get what you mean but this thing is beyond ugly, and it looks cheap (no matter what colour you paint it). Not only that, why would anyone buy this 'supposed' flagship model, when they can buy a Huawei for less money?

The camera looks like a big deformed nipple... Lol

Prefer my 920's design over the pimpled back of this but might well look better in person. The most important thing is to have more carriers with a range of models.

Perhaps the phone has USB OTG support and/or MHL?  That would be a welcome addition to WP.

I'm pretty skeptical that this is a finished product, if authentic at all.

Some people want the Qi built in, but I prefer to customize with different shells, or go without if I'm traveling.

Someone ask that guy who allegedly saw one at mwc if this is legit :)

Looks kind of ugly IMO. And doesn't seem to sport a unibody design. I think I'll pass. I was hoping they would refine the current design to something even close to the Lumia 800's uber cleanliness and use an aluminum instead polycarbonate chassis.

If this is legit, I hardly consider it an improvement of the 920.

I'm starting to think they'll save their award winning design for their flagship devices that'll be for At&T only. Damn...

This can't be a Nokia Lumia! It's just too ugly! :|
Also I hate that we have to deal with metal bodies on Nokias in the future, just because HTC made a metal phone.

Nokia has made metal phones in the past. The E71 was one of Nokia most elegant phone they ever made. Its not new to them.

Ok, but don't call it a Lumia then.This is not the design language that they've started with, and Marko would puke over this.
It looks like a Nokia designed by Samsung.

Ugly, outdated specs, new phone coming out a few months later.  Skip this one and release the flagship on all carriers. 
Enough with the carrier exclusive brand dilution.  I really want a nokia flagship and I want to roll it into a Tmo contract. 

I'm not sure why Nokia would release what is essentially the 920 in a new shell 9 months later. They need hardware upgrades to make it a worthy step up over the 920. I know speed is not an issue with the 920 but there are plenty of the advantages to new hardware like better battery efficiency (in multiple components like processor, GPS module, etc),, better and faster image processing (allowing you to do more cool stuff with camera software, always on voice monitoring in the new Qualcomm chips (for access to voice commands without pressing a button - especially good for driving) and others. For a company like Nokia in the unique position of not needing to put any resources into software, re-releasing the same hardware 9months later is just lazy.

Nokia Lumia 521 released on May 10 and Catwalk in June were details emailed to me as well. Should be receiving a 928 to train associates with next week.Nokia Product Specialists will be blitzing Verizon and T-Mobile stores heavily. No details on EOS yet.

If going to aluminum means sucking the personality and color out of the phone, Nokia can keep it. Why would they drop what defined the Lumia brand, what got these phones noticed? Talk about a disappointment.

The other thing that irks me is the fact that we're barely 6 months in with the Lumia 920 and Nokia is already revealing details and planning a launch a few months from now. So not only does it cannibalize sales of existing devices, display insecurity at Nokia, but it burns anyone who owns a current Lumia that still feels new.

I'm curious to see how Nokia reconciles this model with all the other recent releases. Seems to me like potential buyers might hold off to see how things play out. Why get a 720 now when you can wait to see what the new 920 is all about, especially since it introduces a new design language.

The great majority of consumers don't know about the rumours that you read on this website and others like it.

Looking at the hardware specs it is EXACTLY the same as the 920, just thinner and differently styled. I don't know why anybody would bother waiting unless the phone had better hardware features or longer battery, or some other thing to make it better other than looks.

this is simply butt ugly..hard to believe this is really a Nokia phone..If in fact it is it has to be a early prototype.

I actually don't mind the port position on this phone. I always plug in the charger and headphones in my car on my Lumia 920 and it's always yanking the top and bottom of the device. It would be nice to just yank it from only one side.

I just don't see any Nokia design language in this device.. Or very little.. It looks more like a Huawei device. I'm very skeptical if this is production hardware....

I love Lumia 920. But it is heavy. It fell on the floor and caused a damage on the hardwood. I cannot tell which corner if the phone did it. Now I understand why it is called a weapon

I really doubt the production run will be gray. All the naysayers here will be commenting on how awesome it looks when WPCentral shows pics of them in the lumia colors

Really don't like the look of this. It just looks so standard and the USB and USB ports make the top look too busy. The back is also hideous. The camera looks more like the back of a HTC than something from Nokia.

So is the small plastic strip in the top corner a long awaited LED for missed calls?
Love my 920 but if this thing is thinner, lighter with a better camera, still has wireless charging, has the USB port at the bottom and an LED for missed calls it will be very popular. I am sure the pictures are an early prototype and it will be improved before it comes out.

Well, whoever designed this should be fired. This is positively one of the ugliest Lumias ever designed But it fits if it's to be the 41MP Lumia to succeed the 808. 'cause the 808 was also a damn ugly phone.
And the aluminium body just makes it look cheap.

Just...just awful. I'll stick with the polycarbonate ones. Thanks.

Looks like an early prototype or a "fake" model from a nameless Asian manufacturer... I highly doubt that final product will look similarly.

Simply put...its fricken ugly as Hell. Looks like a copy of everybody elses design (HTC). Nokia would never, and if they do...what else is left to brag about to others?! WP8 OS is still a bit iffy, Nokia is the only edge I have on others. Ugh.

Kill me now

I like it. Don't think it's nearly as bad as people are saying. I would have prefferred an N8 bump with xenon flash, though.

On an unrelated note, 
why does "Kim Kardashian's skirt causes outrage" link is among the links in "More from WPCentral"? 

One of the best features of the Lumia phones is the polycarbonate case. I don't care if the phone weights 30g more than an aluminum phone. I rather have phone that can withstand the occacional drop instead of a ligther device that scratches and dends.

To differentiate with the current Lumia color palettes it could only go monotone. Or maybe they will polish it with color....hard to say, but what I really want to say is you can't tell if it's a phone from Nokia judging from the back alone. Kind of a step backwards.

What I liked about the Lumia phones were that you can tell apart they are Nokia's design with clean lines and a ceramic plate aroud the lens. A slight bump around the lens reminds me of Samsung, and Samsung makes me sick. 

Looks like my 920 will still be a signature phone for a while :)

Can the hole for the tool to eject the sim tray be in the middle of it as it is here?! And what's that on the upper right side of the phone, led for notifications? I don't think this is the real thing!

Early prototype as the back looks either plastic or just ugly.   So either Nokia's industrial design is poor, or it is an early prototype.   Also, would like to see the three spot charging disappear for the production model.

I think its a prototype or fake, its not having a Xenon flash like on Lumia 928 for verizon as the leak suggest.
No pureview and Carl zeiss branding.
Volume rocker and power buttons are way below normal placements in earlier Lumias. There is much less space to have physical camera button.

Please PLEASE let this have the S4 Pro 8960T that one is also dual core but 1.7gh and most important, the newer 320 Adreno gpu.

Doesnt scream Lumia to me. Maybe its the bland "silver" color. Let me see some Cyan or Anodized Red, Blue, etc.

One can only hope that this is a prototype... So safe this they should raise the back so that it is flush with the camera lens. Now they have room for wireless charging and maybe a bigger battery.

Thank god this looks ugly and has very little over the 920, otherwise I would have been regretting my 920 purchase, I would have been very jealous if the other set of specs were true, 1080p, quad core, 2GB RAM 41MP camera etc

I ran the rumor in detail by my source. My source looked around the room for a little bit, maybe she was a little uncomfortable with me knowing so much about an unannounced prouduct. She started shifting a little bit, she was definately nervous. Then I pulled out the picture you guys have here and asked for a comment. She wouldn't make eye contact with me but she did say "Meow" and ran into her scratch post's hiding area.
Rumor confirmed.

At least the wireless charging plate should make the camera flush with the body. And if they come in different colours i think that will look quite nice, especially blue or yellow combined with that aluminium frame.

Woohoo! Crossing by fingers that I will be able to get one of these on Tmo US in September when I'm due for an upgrade!!! I assume it will also be running the newest version of WP and the latest firmware???

i hope the back would be arch-like (for lack of a better wrd)... same with the current 920.... much tolerable than that hideous image

I dont know why, but i am hating its look from back due to that camera. Though phone is premium but that camera gives it similar looks of cheap canvas Phones by Micromax!!!
I wish its just a prototype and will either come with looks of N8 or traditional Lumias. But this, Nooooo!
Else looks quite nice, and yeh, nokia is back with a bang........

I sure hope it doesn't look like this. Not the camera bulge, not the shape, not the finish. This looks like it's been beaten badly with an ugly stick!

With camera bulge on the back they alienated those who don't care about the camera really. To me awesome camera is not on a list of pros and cons when I am choosing the phone so emphasizing it just throws me off. Well it also might explain how were they able to shave few mils in thickness and why 920 is so thick.
This design language is more of a continuation of 810 on Tmobile then of any other Lumia so who knows maybe we are looking at TMo exclusive here ;)
To me biggest drawback in design is the loss of curved glass cause thats is what makes Nokia Nokia

That camera bump is a huge mistake... i´m glad i haven´t wait  for something like this (even it´s just a preproduction model) and got the 920, seems like a last device with the beautiful original lumia designed body...

I *really* hope that this is either a very early prototype, or that the grey on the back is not intended to be the actual back of the phone (i.e. that maybe there is an additional very thin shell that goes on top which is metal like the edges.
As it stands this just looks like an ugly mess (which really sucks, because i'm super excited about getting a new Nokia flagship) :(

The camera sticking out like that is an immediate turn-off. I don't want a wobbly phone, and I don't want a protrusion when one isn't needed. Make it a fraction of an inch thicker and make the back a uniform shape. 

Do not like the back where the camera has a bluge in the housing.  It looks quite ugly and will get in the way when you carry it in your pocket or place on the surface. 

I do believe it's fake. If it was just tmobile exclusive than I'd think otherwise (hint the uncreative design of NL810).
Catwalk will be available worldwide with aluminum body, but I question this hump if the camera stays the same as NL920

Honestly, I'd rather have built-in wireless charging. I prefer not putting a case of any kind on my phone, so the 920's integrated design is way more appealing to me as compared to the external case that the "three dots"-design of the 720 requires.

I agree. Why bother with an aluminum skin if it's going to be covered with a charging plate? I sincerely hope this is a bad photoshop job.

It would make no sense for Nokia to put the USB port on top...
Otherwise their wireless QI car dock would lose some of it's 'features'

Not to mention that it makes using the device while plugged in a pain in the ass as the cable weight keeps tugging the top of the device down. They really nailed everything with the 920. I hope they don't fall backward with this terrible design.

Good Lord, that's uglee! With that crater on the back, it looks like it got shot at. What a looser design! Lumia is colour and style, with a Lumia, you can easily be seen in the sea of black/white iOSs and Androids.

Something makes me think that its not only lighter but also Fragile. Hope they dont mess up with the handcrafted body including cheap chinese plastic like Samsung does with Galaxy

I bet this is an HTC prototype.Actually I'm pretty sure of that.It has all the HTC design features: camera hump, the 3 dots (like the One X, not the 720), body looks like old HTC's...AND if you look closely, the Nokia logo is a bit offset.This is just some photoshop and a rumor.It will never make it as a Lumia, no matter what.

If this is the next version after the 920, I am very dissapointed. Why bother with an aluminum skin if you are going to cover it with a wireless charging plate? I love the fact that the flagship 920 has wireless charging built in. Also moving the charging port back to the top which is a total pain if you want to do anything with it while it is plugged in as the cable weight keeps tugging the top down. The camera hump will make lying it down on a flat surface and typing on it a rocking horse of impossible. Also note how the rim of the camera is already beat up. This is a major step backward in my opinion and I hope this is not true. The people complaining about weight are not the users of the 920. I honestly prefer the heft of this solid device as it makes the plastic and light phones from the other groups feel like flimsy toys. If this is the next device, I will plan on keeping my 920 for another year. Please Nokia. Please make the next phone after the 920 a step forward.

This doesn't look like the flagship phone for the Nokia Lumia line. It might be the 800+ edition because of 3 holes before the speakers which is meant for a possible "wireless charging shell" option. : )

Hmmm, i dont mean to be rude, but the back does not look very attractive with the camera sticking out, just my opinion, anyone agree???