Nokia Lumia 920 '1314' firmware available on Navifirm, signals approaching global release

Lumia 920

The 1314 firmware update for the Lumia 920 is already rolling out on AT&T in the US. The update wasn't previously listed on Nokia's Navifirm server, but now reports have come in that the much anticipated fix is now listed and will be available for the Windows Phone in other regions.

So what's included in the 1314 firmware update? This is what we noted from the AT&T rollout:

  • Improved automatic display brightness adjustment
  • Fix for intermittent screen blanking during a call
  • Improvements for connectivity issues in certain network conditions
  • Performance and stability improvements

We'll bet Nokia will begin rolling out the new firmware to hardware in multiple markets shortly (if you've not already received the update alert).

Source: Winp.cn; thanks, hengxiang32401, for the tip!


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Nokia Lumia 920 '1314' firmware available on Navifirm, signals approaching global release


Is this update going to fix the constant shut down on my lumia920? I just used this phone about a week and it has been shutting down by itself for 5 times now. So frustrating! Otherwise, it's a great phone.

I got my 920 from VandenBorre (unlocked) and I'm using it on Mobile Vikings but it came with 1308 preloaded...

It's a bit annoying if all settings are lost. Although I did have to reset once and it didn't take that long to restore everything. I feel safer doing it the easy way tho.

Yesterday, 22nd april, I got the 1308 here in Sweden on my unlocked Lumia920. At last I got ridd of the anoying black screen when calling. Heureka!

Since 1308 wasn't really released globally, will this update include the storage fix ?  I believe most of the regions out of the US never installed the 1308 (at least I never got the update) and will be skipping this and jump right into 1314. My 920 and my friends 820 will need the storage fix bad. 

Exactly, no 1308 for Lumia 920 from UAE region. Still waiting impatiently. I hope they just give us 1314 directly (with storage fix).

I just received the 1308 update last night...920 bought in UAE but living in Lebanon...check again for updates

Just got the 1308 today (not 1314 wtf...) and there's the Stoage check option but it doesn't really help with the "Other storage". It does give you info on which apps takes up most "App data" so you're left with deleting it or not.

You can clear Temporary Cache's but not much of help. I was hoping big improvements on "other storage". Although there is no problem with the 920, 820 user's have been out of storage for quite some time now, and there are only 2 (TWO!!) games installed. Photo's, media files on SD card. TWO games and a couple of other apps have filled the whole damn phone already with the "other storage" taking most of it. 

This isn't acceptable. 

Rich, I have a curious question: I've long had the 1314 firmware update which was to address the 1308 update issues.  Is this a newer version of the 1314 update or what?  If it's just the same, why a repeat article or break this all of a sudden when it's long been out?  I'm using an AT&T locked that I purchased from my AT&T store on day one.

If I remember correctly this is a newer version of the same update that doesn't have the issues (radio connectivity) that the earlier one had that's rollout was halted by Nokia.

Well they 1314 of yours was for ATT only before but now it's global. Hence the word global in the title and not ATT

I can concur with Gouboy Sun as my 920 which I bought in February did not receive the Portico update (v. 1249) either up till this very day. Malaysian unit as well.
And after reading about 1308 and the current 1314 update being available, it's no surprise why Malaysian owners are hopping mad with the way how Nokia Malaysia is pushing out the updates, which is maddening to put it lightly.

Unfortunately, hes not bullshitting. Nokia Malaysia doesnt even release the portico update yet. Most people update it manually or got to the care centre and lose our data, saved games, etc. Start new.

also never get the '1308' update but hope this will be visible soon.
What i see most important is customizing the OS, a file explorer is a must have for every phone. improving the IE with more features like incognito,download box for mp3/4 files or every kind of files i don't care if those files aren't compatibile with the device just save them! install some motherf#cking unsigned apps or cracked who cares, even the Symbian was better on customizing the system. Proud of my L920 but WINDOWS PHONE needs really to work hard for that, othervise people may switch to Android or iOS, and i don't like this i really hope WP will improve some things and add more cool stuffs!

You're better off just getting an Android. WP (and even iOS) is meant to be kept simple. That's why it works smooth.

no i never went for an android or ios, always a nokia user and that's why i said it must be customizable ( WP ), Symbian from nokia was perfect until wp came on, just a few more things to be included is not a bad idea but a complete operating system. Im here because im a wp user and really impressed by smoothness as you said, not trying to throw wp away.

The old days of having complete access to everything is probably gone for the time being... Older versions of Windows Mobile and Windows CE mobile gave you access to everything but there was a smaller foothold with Smart phones back in early 2k but now millions use these and giving everyone complete access would only cause more harm then good! Just my two cents!;)

Crap!... With OTA update very long delay for each country and now they block navifirm?
I'm not using OTA since nokia N8. Flash by my self better no need to wait long~ long~ long~~~~~~~~~~~~time.

I wish there were an update to fix that dust in front of the front facing camera.  You see that stuff?

Lol. I just started getting dust in mine. Super annoying I know. Though I heard blowing an air can into the headphone jack might work. Haven't tried it though.

Blow hard into the seam near the Nokia logo, where the Gorilla Glass is joined, it helps in clearing the proximity sensor thus fixing the blank screen during call (even after disconnecting) issue.

i think no, actually didn't notice.... however, although my FFC is quite dusty, people on the other end of the line say that they get crystal clear pic of mine while video calling on Skype :D

no trace of the 1308 firmware update here in Spain with an original unlocked nokia 920
but i have the storage cleaner available and running
i think this 1314 will be there  in december 2013

It was just killer sarcasm. By that time Lumia920 will not even be supported by any affiliated vendors (MS & Nokia)

I need this update SO badly for my Rogers Lumia 920. If I had hair to pull I'd be pulling it out everytime my signal drops to no signal. Failed sms' everyday.. missed calls going straight to vmail because of frequent signal drops. LTE is chugging.. Live tiles and toast notifications are hit and miss. Even my Xbox avatar is on strike and refuses to wear the clothes I put him in. For some reason he prefers his generic Xbox t-shirt over the Superman costume. Hate that 1308 update with a passion.

I'm scared my battery has gone REALLY downhill since the 1308 update like its 10 am here and I woke up at 7 and its already at 60% and I've barely used it with battery saver on. Anyone else? Lumia 920

Downloading in Finland right now. No idea what version since i didn't have the 1308 yet.
- downloaded in about 10 mins
- 21:02 restart in progress
- 21:07 restarted, "Almost ready, Transferig data (phase 1/4)"
- 21:15 Phase 4/4 ready, restart needed
- 21:15 restarting
- I have 1308 now
- "Your phone is up to date"

downloading.... will this now include the flip to silence?
now updated software version 8.0.10211.204 firmware 1232.5957.1308.0001
so this is the 1308 right

If it's just the spinning gears, you'll have to be very patient. Keep it on the charger and leave the phone for a few hours. Keep me posted. 

Romania again, Vodafone branded, imported from Germany. Update received. The storage+ section is classy as fudge and the fix for mid-call-screen issues practically gave me a new phone. Thank you and good night!

I got the 1308 update, took 20 minutes. Everything is running great, storage check is awesome!
Unbranded/unlocked 920 in Germany.

I'm upgrading my Lumia 920 as I write. It just began displaying spinning cogwheels after installing a "NOKIA Update for Windows Phone". Unbranded 920 in Saudi Arabia.

Its Available for Lumia 920  in Mexico (Telcel)... or something else am at work with no wifi and just 50% in my battery

I have been waiting for this update for a long time. I have the problem with the screen blacking out during the call. I heard from some Lumia 920 owners in the States that the update fixed this issue. 
The update is now downloading. Hope it will solve this issue! 

1308 on unbranded in Sweden, around 30min from start to finish. Love the storage check, just over 7GB extra storage for me. Now let’s hope the auto brightness work again.

Did you have to uninstall your current apps that took up most space? Is that the only option to clear GB's worth of data?

Finland unbranded. Just got 1308 for mine and wifeys L920s. No sign of 1314 at this stage though.  

Just installed it in a Lumia 920 Telcel in Mexico :D... a little over a month with this and all ready more updates than with my old android :D

Same here, got it at around midnight, last check was 7 hours earlier and there was no update available at that time.

Just got the 1308 yesterday night, and you guys are getting 1314? WTF?
Is it because the 1308 messed with att's reception or is this 1314 an ordinary update which we're supposed to get too?
Does it include flip to silence?

Installed successfully yesterday on my Lumia 920 on Orange Romania.
Everything seems to be working just fine, no issues so far.
Already cleared 1 GB of junk and love the improvements to the camera performance!

Hi everybody.. I am in Country Georgia. My lumia 920 getting update today to 1308 firmware. please be carefull with nokia care suit. it's may damage your phone.

I live in Saudi Arabie, and the 1308 update went out today, so I think there's still a long time before the 1314 update comes wroldwide