Facebook from JDB Pocketware hits the Windows Phone Store

Facebook JDB

JDB Pocketware, the Windows Phone developers of HandyScan and SkyManager, have released a Facebook app. Facebook JDB is billed as being optimized for touch input and includes a set of enhancements to make your Facebook browsing experience the best possible.

Facebook JDB

Key features with Facebook JDB includes:

  • Full screen mode (show/hide bar buttons)
  • Live tile shows Facebook notifications
  • Lockscreen Facebook notifications (Windows Phone 8 only)
  • Supports themes (Windows Phone accent color)
  • Menu button and home button
  • Post status updates with photos
  • Browse photos in full screen with pinch to zoom
  • Swipe left/right to navigate through photos
  • Enhanced posting screen
  • Integrated back navigation
  • Support for watching videos
  • Launches external links on IE
  • Horizontally aligned Like/Comment/Share buttons, ideal for larger space on screen (Windows Phone 8 only)
  • Customizable tiles for pin to start

You can't check-in to places from Facebook JDB but overall, the Windows Phone app makes a nice first impression. However if you have Social Scout from JDB, the two apps can be integrated to allow for check-ins.

Facebook JDB is a free app that you can find here in the Windows Phone Store. Facebook JDB is available for both Windows Phone 8 and 7.x devices.

QR: Facebook JDB


Reader comments

Facebook from JDB Pocketware hits the Windows Phone Store


whenever i hit the back button it crashes on me, doesnt automatically update conversations that you have with people during the chat. doesnt automatically load the new stories in the feed.  its pretty bad.

have you updated it by any chance? :P
i have never had any such problems. Only problem ive had is a bit slow load times and a few time-outs (but thats because my internet is god awfull. Speedtest.net ranked it F and said im slower than %80 of america)

On the Microsoft Facebook app how do you share? How do you turn off all your friends stupid game info? How can you see what your friends have commented on? These 3 things kill it for me. Is there something in the settings I'm missing?

  • Sharing within the App is easy. Press the little page (titled "add") in the menu bar at the bottom
  • Sharing via other apps requires you set facebook up in Email+Accounts
  • Turning off game info is a facebook thing. ive done it via my account online.
  • Tap a post then tap the comment bubble icon to see the comments on others' posts. Your posts; you should recieve a notification saying so-n-so commented on such-n-such post (again, that last part is a facebook wide thing.)

Though honestly, you get the most out of facebook when in conjunction with the people hub. I honestly think thats why a few things are missing or not as prominent (Why add something in an app the system already has built in?). Sort of like the facebook app being a supplimental app.
Same with twitter. i only use the apps (twitter, facebook) to view comment/conversation threads on posts/tweets and to view messages. People Hub covers the important stuff. Twitter & Facebook fill in the gaps.

I still can't figure it out. 1. If one of my friends post something I'm trying to re post (share) it on my page. All I see is the option to like or comment. I see no icon to share their post to my wall. 2. When I browse on jdr or pro Facebook I see where my friends have commented on other peoples post. I also see recommended friends. I don't see none of this on the Microsoft app. 3. I get blasted with peoples game info on the Microsoft app. I don't care about your farm or mafia crap. I looked all thru the app and my desktop and I can't find away to block it. On the other 2 third party apps I never see that junk. Maybe I'm doing something wrong but them 3 things gives me a bad experience with the Microsoft app.

  1. im not exactly sure on how to reshare a post. If its like twitter integration, just add facebook in email+accounts, find & open the post in the people hub, and click the share/repost button
  2. I see a little speech bubble under posts in my feed with a comment count. I click the post, click the comment bubble in the post, and then i can view comments
  3. Ok, recommended friends are missing, but you can use the website anyways to do that
  4. Facebook is tricky. I had to block notifications from individual apps online from the desktop on facebook.com (have you tried Facebook App Center online?)
  5. In the iOS and Android versions i was bombarded with Game Invites just the same (though im not anymore after blocking apps and cleaning my friendlist)
  6. You know JDR and Facebook Pro are just the website in a standalone app thats been tweaked (most likely via html) &/Or lightly integrated right? Only advantages are the live tiles last i checked.

Nice, but just a browser displaying the touch version of facebook website : m.facebook.com with sad colors
+ some native pages
Better than nothing, but I wait a better native facebook app !

How about making something better then, we know you can. Great opportunity as MS has dropped the ball down an eternal sinkhole.

Microsoft knows that the current Facebook app is not perfect. We have every weeks new apps from Microsoft, the last Twitter is awesome for example, so I think (and expect) that a new Facebook app is in project :).

But your app would be cooler!! I would spend 3$ if you made one! Come on, Rudy! :)
BTW: Did Microsoft contact you somehow? I mean you're the winner of the app contest - would be shocked if they didn't show any interest...

It has a neat plugin that pushes notifications really well. This is really my only gripe with the "official" app, with JDB I never miss anything.

Apparently it's been out for a while, because when I went to download it, it prompted me to update. Yeah, I definitely remember having this for at least a month

Looks pretty slick. But for some reason I can't figure out how to have it sort by Most Recent instead of Top Stories.

Anyone figure that out?

does it have notifications for messages? I just want an app that can notify me when I get a message (specifically a group message), I'll be happy to use the browser to view/reply to it.

Exactly what my question was! I have the messaging part of the MS app pinned, but it does little when I don't get notifications from it. Here is hoping they bring the new Chat Heads thing to WP7/8 soon!

I used this and it was garbage. Even the social scout was a poorly made app. The whole Windows Phone store is littered with crap like this. There are about 15-20 Facebook apps and except the one developed by Microsoft, they are all wrappers around the web page. 

Agree with everything but the statement "whole WP store is littered with apps like this" - bullshit. Now that you've moved to BB10, Im sure these apps are miles better than any android ports you are bragging about!

I am quite sure this isheep won't stop trolling at wpcentral even after moving on to other device.

You misunderstood my post. When I said 'apps like this' I meant the Facebook apps; not the whole Store. And no, I don't have a BB10; what am I, insane?

I agree with you to a large extent...the WP store is littered with crappy apps that are named such that you might think they are something better than they are. Note that I'm not necessarily talking about this app because I don't plan to try it out after the negative comments here. If it weren't for WPCentral, I don't know how I would separate the wheat from the chaff.

Best WP Facebook app, I use exclusively instead of the normal apps,notifications are more reliable too.

Dev updates at least once a week from what I can tell.

Give it a shot at least.

you guys are bit late with this one.. I have had this app over a month now. Great app though, the best I have used with wp. Ps: I recommend all to download this now, because it isn't going to stay free for long ^.^

Been using this for awhile already, surprised to see wpcentral just covering it now. Also it lets you check in with the social scout app. It's my go-to app for Facebook at the moment.

Most of the apps are just browser wrappers for the Facebook touch website. I use the ms fb app and it suits me just fine until Facebook gets their heads out of their ass and makes an official WP app

Not bad...but why do none of the Facebook apps use the double wide live tile to show recent notifications on the start screen?!!

Like other have said it's been out for a while.  I actually don't mind the real FB app but always looking to see if there's something better.  I don't really think this one is much better.  Certain aspects are but others aren't.  It also crashes on me a lot, and for doing simple things like commenting.  The notifications seem to work better than the official app, however.  One way this would be much better is if the navigation bar up top always stayed at the top of the screen while you scrolled.  At this point, though, if you're a casual user using WP's built in FB integration is basically just as good.  Will hold onto this for future updates, it does get updated quite a bit.

Its pretty nice actually. The one beef I have is how it manages predictive text. It doesn't correctly capitalize or punctuate the text. Kind of a big deal for me but the app itself isn't bad.

Yeah, I also thought so. If they also fix the photo loading bug I'll definitely choose this rather than the official one. Gonna test drive this for a week.

this is nothing new...had it for a while now...like the overall experience...but it's actually just similar to the touch.facebook.com website :)

Ungliest piece of code I've ever seen... Takes the touch.fb.com site and adds a lot of ugly to it.

What do you mean "hits the Windows Phone Store"??? This has been in the Windows Phone Storey and installed on my phone for months. Just look at the user comment history on that very page. The first comment was left 2/15/2013. COME ON GUYS!

Being a fan of windows products I am disappointed with the apps. Only two apps I enjoy are Twitter app and baconit. Facebook app really lacks speed and features on the WP. What WP need is apps that are going to make you say wow and your friends and family be amazed...

Old. Been out for a long time. I tried it. It's just a shitty wrapper.

M.facebook.com is the best FB for Windows Phone

The only thing that i really hate with this app is the swipe left/right when you navigate photo on the news feed (without opening the album) or when you are on your profile and you swipe to navigate the tab (about, photos, friends, etc). While the tab are moving as expected like in other apps, this one activate swipe to go back, the you are back on previous page or the app even asks you if you want to exit. really annoying, and there;s no way to deactivate that feature 

Great app i've used many fb apps and this 1 tops em all. Only downside is u gotta pay for an add on to be able to check it to places. Which i will buy.

My phone got very hot after installing this even with background disabled. Looks beautiful and works well though.

      since 5 days back,facebook JDB is not available for my nokia lumia 710 i.e with os 7.5...so kindly please resolve my problem,i wish to have facebook JDB app again my mobile plz :)