Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

Microsoft announces new Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8, revamped and more features

Your calls have been answered, well sorta. Microsoft today announced that a new, recently redesigned Facebook app (beta) for Windows Phone 8 is now available for you to try out and provide feedback. Yes, you can go and download it right now.

The app features “…new support for high-res photos, post sharing, and Facebook Timeline”, which should go a long way in making users happy--though being beta means it won’t be 100% stable, solid nor feature complete, so take it with caution.

Facebook Beta for Windows Phone 8

But hey, Microsoft has finally redesigned the official Facebook app (or at least started to), answering many of your calls to overhaul the app for the popular social network. While the current version of Facebook for Windows Phone will continue to remain on the Store, it has garnered many complaints from users even despite the numerous updates it has received over the last few months.

The question for you, die-hard Facebook users, is this redesign and new feature set to your liking or not? Sound off in comments.

Grab the official Facebook Beta version right here in the Store.

Source: Windows Phone Blog

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Microsoft announces new Facebook beta for Windows Phone 8, revamped and more features



Under settings, there is a send feedback option. Please send to Microsoft/Facebook. We want to encourage them for releasing a beta like this early.

Also, I noticed that I can't turn my phone horizontally to type when adding comments. That's 1 more for feedback.

You can search for people other than friends. Click the drop down menu at the left and the search icon is there!

More horizontal scrolling sounds unappealing. I dint want it, especially just for the sake of making it more "metro." Now of it was for a specific purpose, I could get behind that I suppose.

I do like the beta. It seems much more fluid than the old. But visually I liked the old app. The top bar that showed your albums on the main page was just a beautiful design.

Never really comment, but I had to log in to say that this is pretty legit.  I started with Android, went iOS and recently switched to WP8.  Better than Android and lacks a little compared to iOS, but it's a really solid app so far.  Love the feel; very smooth.
I haven't been able to check; does this one finally show Instagram posts on Facebook?  Both the People app and MS's first FB app lacked that function...

Thanks wpcenteal as always. I haven't used this app for months and I am finally seeing it was worth the wait for great premium apps to finally hitting WP store as Microsoft promised since wp7 announcement.

Metro is a design style... it's still there, in fact it's more there than it was before... flat colours, content first/less chrome, etc.  it's beautiful.

Agreed- add the modern style fonts ("favorites," "apps," etc) and this indeed a Windows Phone app and a damn nice one.
I love how the wide tile is my banner image. LOVE that.

EXACTLY! Metro is all about Chrome-lessness and elegant design. Microsoft's original style is not the only way to do Metro.

Swipe to the right (Left page) and click the gear next to News Feed.  Can sort by Most Recent there.  (Default is Top Stories)

Personally think it is miles better. Much more natural to navigate now that is more like the Facebook mobile site.

Is need! Might need a diferenciator in comparision to iOS or Android, in the other hand, I might be the only one thinking this.
All in all, this came out of nowhere and I love it!
Progress my friends

Finally and it is a nice app.  Reshare is very buggy, but when this all gets ironed out then facebook will be up to par in wp8. 

Way better design than the original app, very smooth too. If only they can integrate high resolution picture uploads right into the OS it'd be perfect.

As far as I'm aware, you have always been able to save Facebook pictures to your phone -- Simply go to the people hub, and save pictures that way.

So why doesn't Microsoft just update the existing app? Why do they have to make a completely new beta app?

Or better yet, just have Facebook make their own app.

This is definitely a huge improvement over our current app. So happy that this was released cause I was starting to get very frustrated with the Official App and it's lack of some functions. Everything in this is smooth and fluid and it looks great. I didn't mind the look of the official app but it started to get slow and was a bit annoying to navigate. The only issue I'm having with this one so far is an error popping up when I attempt to share a post.

I like the change to make it more like the web version (and IOS) while it still retains some metro love. Good move. Nice and slick.

I like the look and feel of the old app. And it was original to Windows Phone. While it wasn't perfect, it looked better than the standard iOs and Android app that this is based off of. Boo to you Microsoft. I wish you would just fix the old app. It has the best interface of all Facebook apps on all oses. And for those that think this has a metro feel are dumb. It works the same on iOs and Android. They can swipe left and right as well. This isn't metro or unique to Windows Phone.

But it works! Hey, I'm not saying Metro is bad, but it's not a point to be different when this new app clearly works great. 

I know I am not in the minority on this. Others have stated it. But people on here are hypocrites. They rave about Windows phone and want this and that for the device. But they want it to look like iOS and Android. What's the point then?

im not saying your wrong im just saying that at this point a facebook app that works is better than a metro facebook app that doesnt. (metro according to what your calling it) know what i mean i personally feel that even though they changed the overall look they did keep metro principles which are flat design and content first there.

Have to say that this is a real step forwards for this app. It seems like MS have listened to the feedback about having an app that is more in tune with Facebook's house style. Granted the app has lost a few Metro elements in the process but on balance my personal view is that it's a reasonable trade-off.
Noticed a few bugs but that's what the feedback button is for.

HUGE update. It was about time! Definitely a step to the right direction.
I notice that more and more apps are dropping the "Metro" design and to be honest I am glad. I really like Metro it is a very beautiful design language and very eye candy, but its taking a serious amount of space that causing functionality and usability problems and especially in small screen it becomes a real problem. Major Apps was suffering from this, including Facebook, Twitter and Foursquare.
Twitter dropped the design couple of months ago, Facebook today and the upcoming redesigned Foursquare is also dropping it. (just few examples).
Also I noticed this directly from the Windows Phone Blog:

"If, on the other hand, you want to see where we and the Facebook team are headed..."

Hopefully this means that Facebook is now directly involved with the Windows Phone App Development. I will ask my sources to find out.

I don't agree that Twitter abandoned Metro; it feels like an update to it. This new Facebook app on the other hand, threw it out and set it on fire.

The problem with the original Facebook app is that Microsoft tried to make an app that is a hybrid of Metro design and Facebook design and the just doesn't work. It's like making a sport car that is also a truck.

Had Microsoft made a Facebook app that is entirely Metro, it would look like the People Hub. It would work fine, but it would look nothing like Facebook.

Microsoft finally gave that up and basically went entirely with Facebook design.

Facebook is definitely involved with this app now. Notice that when pinning messages to your start screen you get the facebook messenger icon. I doubt Facebook would have allowed that had they not been working with them.

The app is better than the old one, but it looks like an IOS app, not a metro one. Some people here are deluding themselves saying otherwise.

To that I say: who cares? It works, it's what was needed, and it still looks good. Does it really matter to you if it looms like the app on a competing platform? If it were flat-out ugly or lacking functionality specifically because of the new design, then you might have a point. But it's all good, so now all you folks unhappy because it looks like an ios app sound a bit whiny....

Also the threaded messages/ comments are now in the reverse order to the original app ie in chronological order with the most recent at the top. Seems less intuitive this way despite email inboxes operating that way for years...

Why are you commenting when you obviously don't care about design? Go play with Android if that's what you like.

i personally feel that even though they changed the overall look they did keep metro principles which are flat design and content first.

What's the point of Windows Phone and Metro design, if even Microsoft publishes apps that makes it look like something else?

What's the point of making apps adhere to a certain design principle at the cost of functionality, information density, and usability? Microsoft made the right move in this one, and it still mixes in some metro elements. But it doesn't force those principles at a major cost to the end product which j would argue happens to apps windows phone alls all the time, including the old Facebook app.

Guys does the app has page management feature?
I am an admin of page with 20k followers I really need this feature badly.

Me too, but built in apps cannot like individual photos, share posts, or handle events. Do all that and I don't need the Facebook app.

everthing okay..just it takes long time too loading and cannot tagging..hope microsoft can update n we can tagging people..btw,it nice..thanx microsoft :)

I just wanted to ask, why there's a logo change? Like the white line is gone on the bottem of the design, this is the same on iOS and Android

It looks awesome, finally Microsoft we've been waiting for this, now all we need is instagram hehe ;)

Few observations:
1. It is FAST!. but not without flaws. the pull to refresh in the News Feed is nicely done but fails a few times.  If i am not mistaken in iOS version, whenever a new item is available in the newsfeed, there's a notification bar that tells you "You have 10 new items" and tapping on it will let you go to latest newsfeed. Not complaining though but i wish that too could be implemented on the new facebook app.
2. Swiping to the left or right which reveals the app drawer/menu or the chat drawer is simply intuitive and smooth! I couldn't ask for more.
3. When tapping on the notification icons, say the messages icon, the red indicator doesn't disappear UNLESS you press the back button or you go to the other pages (app drawer or chat). One surprise for me is, for example you're in the messages  icon and you swipe to the left, you get to the new notifications or when you swipe right you get to the new friends request list. cool!
4. I am yet to find any obvious glitch or disappointment
5. I am loving the new app.

1. The notification bar does say how many new items there are. I noticed it on mine and thought it was useful.

Created a new photo album, it created 3. Cannot tag photo on upload, would like to upload multiple pictures to an album.

Ok, I downloaded the new FB beta app and its ugly as shit. Looks just like a mobile web site. How can anyone like this. Just fix what you already have.

Why try to reinvent the wheel when it works?

I think Microsoft have done the right thing by tweaking the original design, with large Metro style text.

A good day for WP today. The commercial of Apple & Samsung fighting getting lots of attention, and now this facebookapp that we have been waiting for!

It's nice and fluid. I like it. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed using the "previous" version too, but with the official release of the new desktop News feed, the Windows Phone experience will look similar. So both on desktop and mobile will look the same. I prefer this.

Love the new app..tho I still cant use the keyboard in landscape mode. Also, when you go to comment on a picture, you lose the picture you're commenting on. Not a deal breaker but that's the feedback I sent of stuff I noticed was just...lacking. Other than that, I already love this new FB app leaps and bounds over the older one.

there is still a 100 photo view limit on albums. when are they going to fix this!! It is my biggest gripe about windows phone and facebook!.

I am really in love with this app!! I made sure I reported some problems so the app can get better. I cannot wait for the real deal. I even told them, "Please hurry with an Instagram app".

I read these comments with people saying it looks like the iOS/Android apps which made me think it would be just like the browser version and a bit pointless, but it actually really has its own styling. And fits very well within Metro.
I like the top banner with the photos in the old one but overall this design is better in my opinion.

This app is awesome! But missing the metro style! MS should have found a way to make it awesome in metro style!

When people comment on your status.. I noticed it puts the most recent comment at the top.. Not sure if that's on purpose or not?

Nice and smooth, but "just like Android..." or "same as IOS". So much for switching to a WP, huh? Could have just refined the old one, imo.

MUCH faster on my Samsung Ativ S. I uninstalled the Original FB and was using Facebook for WP8 but the chat functionality was garbage. This is MUCH better!

Terrific update, Fluid, usable UI, lots of features now visible. Next would be to add Facebook video calling within the app an alternative to Skype for a quick call.

And just like that, everyone had deleted the 3rd party FB apps that have littered the store.  This new one works pretty good.

Much slower on HTC 8X. It feels to me like a html5 webapp and Facebook tried html5 for android and iphone and they said it was the biggest mistake they ever made and went to native for blazing fast apps. Now Microsoft might have gone to html5? Please don't Microsoft, learn from facebooks mistakes!

Also why is fastappresume so much slower on windows phone? On iphone it's literally instant! Here we get a black screen for a second or two or we get resuming...

I was wondering the same thing... I know it is instant on IOS and Android but WP8 is slow compared too those OS. Agreed 100%!

<p>Not sure why everyone is so happy about this &quot;app&quot;. It looks and behaves just like a wrapper for touch.facebook.com. A nice wrapper, yes, but still... If it was a real app you could swipe right or left through pictures in your timeline when your friends post multiple pictures at once. Also I dislike the absence of Metro. And the collection of picture albums is gone. Have all of you ever invested more than 3 minutes into the now &quot;old&quot; FB app of Microsoft. Then you should have noticed all the great things in it which are sorely missing now. I say if you want that app to behave like the iOS or Android app then why don&#39;t you use such a phone???</p>

And I say this is a beta so all the stuff you say is missing from the old one is probably yet to be implemented here. And we should switch phone platforms because we like how a certain app on a competitor works/looks? Get a grip, guy.

Microsoft Betas are most often unfortunately feature complete. The assumption that missing stuff will be added later is just not valid.

When are mobile apps ever feature complete? Even MS' last crappy Facebook app got updated with new features to help it keep up. What makes you think this one would be different?

The now "old" Microsoft Facebook app received bug fixes only. And as a reader of wpcentral you are probably very aware of this. So please don't try to insult my intelligence by playing dumb. OK?

Whoa guy, I wasn't playing dumb, if you're correct then I wasn't aware of this. I'm a faithful site reader but I guess I must have missed it. Maybe you can calm the hell down and we can have a discussion like normal people, ok?

At work so no time to go into it more than just a little. First impression is it's a step in the right direction. Like it.

Let me try to explain.
My phone with 7.8 will not get this update. Apple offer support to even 3GS phohe. A 2009 phone. Before you argue to say that 3GS and Iphone 4 receive IOS 6 with some cuts, the API's is there, so even though you don't get all new stuff, devs can release apps to the 3GS, the only requirement to see is hardware, not APIs like Windows Phone.
That is sad. That even a budget phone with 2.3 android have a decent support. In other side I stuck with this laggy facebook. =/

I know that I would never exchange to android. But for IOS yes. It is smooth (not like windows), but wil get a nice support. The API's are there. I don't feel left like in MS.
Get it?

How do you know this new facebook app will not come to 7.8? Just because the bedta isn't available for it doesn't really mean anything. But who cares. Enjoy your iPhone 3gs then, I guess. Heh

Look what Michael Stroh answered me: @marcusasdrubal: Please stop spamming the blog. I've been in meetings. I don't know the answer since I'm not on the app's development team.

Enjoy your iPhone then. I'm sorry to hear that your experience with WP was not perfect. Your standards might have been too high for a platform that jumped into the game a few years late. You cannot deny the growth and progress of WP since the first gen devices. A lot of us have had a less than perfect time with windows phone especially if we've been on the ship from the start. But the difference is that some of us expected glitches and missteps along the way, but we never gave in because we have a passion and vision for the platform and slowly, more people are siding with the 3rd option in smartphone technology.

The original FB app looked better and fitted better with the windows phone . Now this one is just like the other one. 
One thing that I like about most WP8 apps, they look and suited WP. They look intuitive to WP. But if all apps start to look like iOS and Android, what's the point of changing. WP is about being different, right?

Nope, it's not about just being different. Different is good if it improves. In the case of the old fb app, it definitely didn't improve on the other platforms' apps. Being different for the sake of being different and not for the sake of improving the experience is just being stupid.

Well I have a L900 and my co worker has a L920. This is wrapper for the touch website. Fix the older app

the metro design of the original completely set it apart from any other facebook app on any other platform which i enjoyed a lot.  now it's just "a facebook app".  would have been better to just improve the original!

Nice improvement!  Even though this is beta, I have removed their other FB app from my 920.  I can work between the people hub and this now.  Keep up the good work.  

I'm glad to see there are more people embracing the new beta design and less negativity towards it, unlike prior I would read hate comments on anyone that thought the original app was not as good.

I'm using it on a Lumia 920 and while it could be faster it's not that bad. I like that the layout is now similar to the mobile site and other platforms (makes for better use of space), and we FINALLY can share posts. Good one!

No accented character permitted.. Example á, é, í ... I just reported , with this bug, it's hard to use it in Spain ..

I think the design sucks. Big time. The problems with the original app were with the missing functions, not the design/interface.

It looks like an android port or a web app which is freaking disappointing. Big time. I use WP largely because of the UI. Everything had a consistent look and feel that I like. This goes for most of the apps as well. Then, I open up the beta and I get an android port thrown in my face. Pretty damn terrible

I actually like the look of the beta, keeping the design consistant with the iOS and Android apps means that if the Windows Phone version is faster than the awful Android version people may be more likely to switch platforms.

This was a long time coming, much needed and they delivered. Only very small complaints but it is beta and honestly every feature is supported. Sharing posts, chat, timeline, etc. were all much needed. But lets all keep in mind it is in beta and Microsoft needs our constructive feedback to continue improving it.

Or not considering there is no YouTube app for Windows Phone because Google are being asshats about making the APIs available!!!

I'd like to have someone from here create a mockup of an updated FB app in the metro design language as clearly, some here are bemoaning the fact that the Facebook Beta lost the metro design interface. It would me something nice if FB team and MS consider the idea of merging the design language of the m.facebook.com with the design language of Metro.

I liked the "metro" version also, but I HATED that it didnt filter the news feed items that I hid on FB, like farmville, etc etc.  I also didnt like the small picture thumbnails.
So, keep metro, bigger thumbnails, and carry timeline/feed settings from FB.

Seems pretty good but it also feels and looks too much like IOS and Android's. Needs more Metro! Hopefully they fix the integration with the message app

So far so good. Can't "reply" to comments, edit comments or see past edits. But its a good start. The top bar seems large for just icons, they should make it smaller