Deal Alert: Unlocked HTC Radar Windows Phone

Groupon HTC Radar Ad

If you're looking for a very good, entry level Windows Phone and don't necessarily need a Windows Phone 8 device, Groupon has a deal for you. They are offering an unlocked HTC Radar for $172.99.

The 3.8" screened device sports a 1GHz processor, 8GB of storage, a 5MP rear camera with BSI sensor and is GSM carrier compatible.  It may not have all the bells and whistles of other Windows Phones but overall, the Radar is a solid performer.

From the looks of things this is the gun metal gray model and not the white version of the Radar that T-Mobile offered. There is a limit of three phones per customer with an additional two that can be purchased as gifts. There is free shipping but the Radar does not ship to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada or Puerto Rico.

The deal is only good for another 28 some-odd hours and you can find all the fine print on how to order the Radar here at Groupon.

Thanks, Sahil, for the tip!


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Deal Alert: Unlocked HTC Radar Windows Phone


great backup phone if it were $50.  My parents still sling WP7 phones and I know they will eventually break one of them.

:).. 172 dollars for windows 7 phone.. good deal would be max 150. When oyu get windows 8 phone for 150 dollars.

HTC is getting better. HTC One is a sweet phone with some Nokia ingenuity. Makes Android bearable. I have a 64GB One as my main.

Even if HTC were getting better, that has no bearing on whether or not this phone is rubbish. As it happens I used to have one, it was OK (and yeah it *did* have a FFC), but it's certainly overpriced here.

The HTC One is not rubbish. As for the HTC Radar, it has better camera than Lumia 900 in my opinion. It may be rubbish in your opinion.

I didn't say the HTC One is rubbish, I didn't even give an opinion on it. I didn't say that the Radar was rubbish either. You seem very confused.

Re-read your first sentence. You state that even though HTC may be getting better, it doesn't mean that this phone is not rubbish. I don't know what country you are from, but from your wording that is how I read it. If you say it's an ok phone, why question it's rubbishness in your first sentence?

Seems pretty clear to me, he doesn't say "it doesn't mean that this phone is not rubbish", he says "that has no bearing on whether or not this phone is rubbish". This sentence doesn't qualify the phone as anything, and it's not an opinion, it's a fact, HTC current quality won't change the Radar quality. Finally, his one and only opinion is that the Radar is OK

It speaks volumes that rather than quote me verbatim, you chose to rewrite my first sentence. What you did was to write what you thought I'd said, rather than what I actually said. Oh, and I'm from England, where we don't use an apostrophe in a possessive "it".

The main advantages are ff camera, flash and Zune. If music and fhotoroom are your forte, then it's a good phone. You'll also have access to apps and games that didn't make it to WP 8. I would keep a WP7 phone around just for Zune and Chaos Rings. I wouldn't even consider a 521 for myself. It has no flash or ff camera. Couple that with the currently horrible Xbox Music and it's not that attractive anymore. The lowest I would go and I did, is a 620.

Some features no longer available in WP8:

  1. FM Radio support
  2. Native turn-by-turn touch to announce driving directions (replaced by third party apps)
  3. WiFi sync with the desktop (now only cloud sync or USB transfer is available)
  4. Auto-playlists sync (playlists need to be created manually now)
  5. Zune support

Not to mention better stability.  Your turn.  Tell me what's so great about WP8.

Damn, I'll actually give that to you, you have a lot of good points here.  These points aside though, I still think WP8 is better than WP7, and the fact that WP7 doesn't get anymore updates seals its fate for me.

Those are valid concerns particularly if you rely on Zune alot.  But WP8 has too many advantages to choose over WP7 to be honest.  You also get native code support, apps developed only for WP8, dual core and future OS updates. 
Edit: Not to mention one of the biggest difference for me: speed! I don't have to wait ages to open some apps anymore.

What turn by turn navigation? I never found no such thing in my quantum (originally 7.5, now 7.8).
There was a radio app that allowed one to listen to local radio via the internet. (I never use radio much in my current WP7x device. Its more of a customers needs scenario).
The last 2 i will give you (Windows Phone Sync, XBOX Video, & XBOX Music all suck. they [MS] fragmented something as simple as Zune Music + Video into a horrid suite of apps)

I also have the Quantum and know with 100% certainty that those features are there.  Turn by Turn you can get to from Maps (click the up arrow icon), from Contacts, Local Scout search results, Bing Search results under the Local heading, Gas Buddy and other apps, etc.  I'm not talking about Internet radio.  FM Radio can be found in the Zune hub.

I know what you meant on radio. What i meant was there are apps that allow you to tune into local (fm) radio stations via internet radio (i use one once on WP, forgot its name) so even though the feature is gone, its easily remedied.
And thats "directions". Not actual turn by turn navigation (even google maps online has features like that.) I meant actual turn by turn where its zoomed in where you are at and reads directions to you.

Yes, that.  It is integrated in Maps in WP7.
However, I heard you can still download the old maps from the marketplace in WP8, so that feature is cross platform to a point.

Radio is dead, haven't you heard?
Navigation has been improved, by Nokia
The cloud can sync from anywhere, not just your home network
Stability? Never had a problem
New Apps, New Apps, New Apps
Better hardware
Updateable to the next Gen. of WP
Better Tiles

But yeah you got me on the playlists... Waiting for "blue"

Exactly what I was going to post.  In light of the 520/521, and heck the 620, this deal make no sense to me.  At this point, a WP7 would have to be less than $100 for me to even consider recommending.

620 is around $250 in the US through Expansys (more on bay last I looked!). 521 is $150, so this isn't really worth it over the 521.

I have seen the 620 on sale in O2 shops at £119, even normally I think someone sells it at that price, that would be ~175 dollars.
Based on that I just could not recommend this phone at all at this price, if you really want cheap then £85 (~125 dollars) will get you a Lumia 510 brand new from Tesco's last time I looked.
If they want to blow people away with the price then it really needs to be $100 or less for this phone.

This is the stupidest thing wpcentral has ever posted.. No rational person is gonna pay that much for this oooolllld phone

I have not used it any more than just to see if it works.. hold on.. I have had phone of late without the FFC and dont miss it a bit.. :)..

Enough of it guys, they just gave you information about a deal not necessarily a good deal but still. Its ok if you want it else move on.

People are just on an HTC hating spree these days. This site is only posting options for people that may be interseted. People have a right to comment on how they feel about this deal and the phone, but trash talking about this site for posting something that cam be helpful to some is just overboard.

@ben55124 any windows phone 7 user on windows phone 8 is in zune withdrawl. The current sync clients are inadequate and Zune is 10x better than XBOX Music and XBOX Video on Windows 8.

It is your decision to buy it or not! As a NEWS website they are posting NEWS....Some people have spent so much money on Zune music and they want that capability! Just move on with your life...

I would consider buying a wp7 device just to play wp7 only games that I already own... My old phone's battery is like x2 the thickness now and doesn't really work

My carrier (in Canada) was selling this for $100 without contract about 8 months ago, ago and that was before wp8 was out. Cold deal.

Same here, I bought this unlocked in the UK for my mum, who was going to use it in Spain, a year ago. I paid £99 ($153) at the time!

I gotta agree with the others. With the Lumia 521 out there, this is not a good deal. Maybe at $100...

I have the phone, sadly my HD7 bit it 2 months before WP8...I can't stand it, one of the worst phones around. Constant calls dropped, call clarity issues, lack of space always running out of room on it, small screen, terrible battery life. It is so bad, I am switching to AT&T taking the $200 hit and getting a Nokia 920..,just waiting for it to arrive in the mail. T-Mobile has horrible customer service, horrible singal strength, and their no-contract phones are just another way to bilk an extra $20 a month of out people...horrible. I've put up with them for 7 years, I'm done.

"milk"??? Their no contract phones you pay up front. If you do the payment plan its added to your bill, sure, but its a hell of a lot cheaper even with the phone. And its not "extra". They buy the phones from the OEMs and then sale them at retail price. Its like buying a car and leasing it. Att, however, charges you considerably more and their subsidies are a lie. You are still paying the cost of the phone even if you technically paid in full for it because the rates never decrease, meaning after you've paid for the device, ATT is getting a good 20 - 40$ extra in profits. If anything ATT milks people for an extra $20. (not to mention "plan fees" "data fees" and all that other hidden crap.)

The signal I could understand if you are in central US or in rural areas. But if not, ive read that tmobile has exceptional coverage in major cities and on the coasts (not to mention tests done by non-affiliated third parties show that T-Mobile's HSPA+ is "consistently faster" then ATT & Verizon LTE (Both of them beat TMo in either Upload or download, but not either at the same time.).

And ive never had a problem with customer service. Friendly and helpful as ever.

No. Tmobile is the fastest 3G, not 4G.
Either AT&T or Verizon have the fastest 4G, depending on the study. Tmobile service is crap in my area and terrible along the west coast of Florida.

BTW - "bilk" is a word and he used it correctly.

@ Josh, thank you. I was a Communication/English major...I didn't think my choice of word was wrong. I've used T-Mo all the way up to Tampa and you are correct, horrible signal, it's the same on the East Coast. I'm excited to get going with AT&T I'm also excited for the 920.

I understand the cost of the phones and how that all works. It has been my experience with T-Mobile they are a second-rate company. I am 100% happy to be leaving the stables of T-Mo.
I live in Miami, I don't consider Miami a rural area. I get dropped calls all the time, for no reason. On South Beach last week I couldn't even get a signal all day. Maybe in your area T-Mo is good, but last weekend was the deal breaker for me. Most companies have call drops and signal issues, I understand that, however in a place like South  Beach? That is asinine.
The customer service is a joke. The sad part about it is most companies customer service is severly lacking now-a-days. So it would be bit of a shock if they actually were decent.
The service is actually more expensive than what I am going to be paying with AT&T, hidden fees and all. I will be saving $50 a month.
Plus, their Windows Phone selection is horrible.
 To It's time for a change, I'm sure my new 920 on LTE will make me much happier than the crippled Radar. Which is what this article is all about, it is a horrible phone, one of the worst I have ever owned.
To each his own though, I'm not here to steer people, (much less yourself) away from choice. I'm j'ust offering my opinion. Not that I'm even qualified to offer up my opinions on technology. I work in the restaurant industry.I use my phone to setup sales, seminars, meetings, orders, etc...etc...having the crippled Radar,call drops, and horrible clarity affects my ability to do my job properly, especially when bad customer service would/can cripple a restaurant.

Exactly! Looks like everyone know only about the T-mobile variant of the mobile ._.
btw this deal is stupid. Why would anyone want to buy a wp7 mobile even after wp8 is out?

Its a great phone but times are passing by. Great for developing countries though. At that price, it may sell like hotcakes. If it only had 7.8.

Funny enough, 200+ have been sold. I work in the industry and I get subsidies. So...while that it technically a great price, still not worth it due to age of product. As other have said, better and cheaper out there already.

Maybe I am jaded though I guess. I have 2 920s and a 900 sitting on my desk, as well as a focus and surround in the junk drawer. So.. I don't live in reality I guess.