Nokia Canada to make announcement on May 15th, continuing to tackle music discovery

Nokia May Event

Nokia will be showcasing the next chapter of music discovery in Canada on May 15th. This follows the 14th event in London, where it's believed the company will be unveiling its next Windows Phone. Invitations have been sent out for an event in Toronto where an "important announcement" will be made.

Could we be seeing the next phase of Nokia Music with possible support for Canada? It'll be interesting to see what path the manufacturer takes. We'll be sure to keep our eyes open for any details published from the event. Windows Phone Central will also be on the floor at the London event on May 14th.

Source: MobileSyrup; thanks, Bernnutz, for the tip!


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Nokia Canada to make announcement on May 15th, continuing to tackle music discovery


Well, we do have archiac rules regarding radio that keeps trying to get its grubby mits on online services and failing...plus the nightmare that is licensing that keeps us from getting most services up here...

9 may: international press event in India
14 may: press event in London
15 may: Nokia Music event in Canada


Yup its all happening 4 Nokia! What's Canada's problem anyway?? You can get any artist u want on Nokia Music, both tha standard version n + version!!!

The CRTC in Canada has some very stupid rules pertaining music, it has to have so much canadian content which is just stupidity from my point of veiw being a canadian. This also applies to radio stations in Canada on FM and AM.

EOS (Electro-Optical System) is Canon's line of DSLR cams and some of the best so just a nickname for good cam..

if you are referring to the codename that Nokia may have given to its next camera flagship...then that is "EOS", otherwise its the Canon trademark for their digital cameras :)

Eos is also the goddess of dawn. She opened the gates of heaven every morning for the sun to shine. I see what you did there Nokia. 

Canadian bands. I just wish Spotify had all the Econoline Crush albums, aha. Makes me wonder if all of their albums will now appear in Nokia Music...

I have wierd feeling that everybody will get excited including investors that this is gonna be that phablet and then the  dissapointement will come when they will unveil that slimmed down Lumia 920 in metal. I'm sure phablet is not ready yet as I'm sure Nokia is waiting to put WP 8.1 or Blue or whatever it will be called on it, plus quad core (which won't be possible until update).

....It could be Nokia Music, or it could be an official release of Monster's Nokia Purity headsets.