Nokia Lumia 820 Giveaway

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered member, which you can do here.
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!


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United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)



If we're talking about the land of make believe then I would LOVE to see an app for my local theatre, The Steven Joseph. To be able to see what's on and book tickets, as well as showing a virtual ticket would be great

There are quite a few. I'd like to say BBC iPlayer...but then web compatibility is on its way for that (with a stand alone app, I'm sure, not too far behind). On a similar vein, I'd love to see the other main TV channels follow suit with their catchup services. I'd also say an HBOS app, but looking through the comments, this would hardly be a unique one.

If proper native podcast support counts as an app that would be by far and away my top choice.  If not, has to be an official (or just decent) BBC news/iplayer app.
Edit...although an official Youview app would be very welcome too!

Three UK app
Virgin Mobile
Virgin apps
Vodaphone app
uk carrier apps
Carphone warehouse app
Phones4u app
london oyster app
london transport apps
essex cares app

There is already a three app made by Ian Morland. If it's anything like the Ovivo app he made it will be brilliant!! He also did one for Giffgaff

I would love to see a BBC iPlayer app, an official BBC news app, and also an Asda online homeshop app :-)

I would love to see apps for Barclays and Metro Bank, and maybe apps for more loyalty programmes but more than anything Id just like to see contactless payments properly supported....

An official BBC News app.  (The BBC never even acknowledged my complaint about the manner in which they enforced the withdrawal of that third-party one, so there must be one coming...right?)

Gotta be Barclays, they have the worst mobile banking site so an app would be perfect but something different and better than the iPhone/Android apps...maybe incorporate contactless payment though it/the phone.

Lloyds TSB app would be good although I live in Scotland and we're being transferred to Lloyds TSB Scotland and then to a new bank or something (to do with terms of the bail out for the banks, I don't fully understand it all :s). Or Sky Go :)

Barclays banking app.
Official BBC news app
paper (especially for windows 8 tablets)

Lloyds TSB banking app would be sooo helpful, but im loving my windows phone after switching from iphone for the last 5 years, never ever thought that would happen :)

Locally a Yorkshire Bank app would be awesome and a stagecoach and national express app. A data counter like i had on Lumia 800 is an essential can't believe there isn't one. And they keep saying it's coming but BBC iPlayer is a must must must!

a combined transport app that links buses and train nationwide, ideally one that links to the sat nav / mapping directions

Without sounding too greedy and in no order :)
HSBC banking app
Sky Go (they currently should advertise as on Apple products, and not mobile)
PaddyPower (i see no gambling apps, hoping they're not prohibited)
PKR Poker
BBC iPlayer

There is a very long list!!! here are just a few of them:MyEE (seriously, expensive 4G but no app to monitor usage!!), BBC iplayer, 4oD.

Lloyds TSB, I cant believe we've got this far without all major banks releasing an app in our store. Love to WPCentral team!

British Telecom Smart Talk application to make calls on your home tariff from any Wi Fi connection (same as iPhone and Android apps which are excellent)

Banking apps look to be a popular request on here so let me add to the pile. An official Lloyds TSB app would be fantastic and definitely needed!

Definitely a Lloydstsb banking app. Its so much of a pain logging in to the full website everytime i want to keep track of my finances. I use online banking a lot and Lloyds is my bank of choice. I would also love to see an app which incorporates calendar contacts and navigation. As a driving instructor prevouosly i used navigation on my Lumia 800 all the time but when running late it was illegal to use my phone to text the pupil and let them know. The way i see it, the phone knows how long it will take to reach my destination and it knows who I'm going to see through the calendar appointment. It should be able to offer me the option to text my pupil, or in other situations the other members of the meeting, to let them know ill be late at one touch which is then not illegal =D.

an idea i had in that job which can be applied across many situations but i have no knowledge to create it. If someone did or if Nokia/Microsoft merged the three apps Id be well chuffed.

I would love the Pure Connect internet radio service to be connected. Being a British company, they offer all the BBC content as well as less well known UK audio. Lots of over seas stuff as well. What's more, I could buy tracks directly through my bedside radio and listen to them on my Lumia 820 over the bus WiFi on the way to work. Solves the lack of podcasts available to UK WP8 users too, as Xbox Music has none available in the UK. Being British, Pure Connect has loads of Doctor Who podcast content (unlike most other services) which we can all agree would be an essential boon in this 50th anniversary year (well done Mr Moffet and Mr Davies). This app also gives us live radio which helps cover for the lack of FM. The Pure Connect app would be the ideal partner to the Lumia 820 for the UK. iPhone & Android only right now though.

Channel 4OD, Skygo, Channel 5 Demand, ITV player, BBC Player, DropBox, Google Street View, Google Earth, Ironman, Simpsons Tapped out, Temple Run 2, NFS Most Wanted, Real Racing 2, GTA Vice City, Gangsta Rio, "Halo" mobile or pocket edition or something (ultimate first person shooter exclusive to WP devices) Photoshop, AutoCAD, Instagram, Barclays app, Virtual DJ, Tango, Zoosk, Musy, BeFunky................ errr an XBOX controller app (an app that gives you the XBOX controller buttons on your screen and then you sync your device to your PC  and control your games using your WP8 device. If Super sync sports is possible then why can't a an XBOX controller app be possible too), and if thats possible how about a Keyboard app; use your WP8 keyboard to type on your PC. Oyster app (digital travel card),
and i know thess aren't apps but; a notifications hub, like maybe a "Swipe to the right from your start screen" showing your notifications in the app list format. how about a landscape mode for your start screen , could have a similar lay out as the W8 start screen.  a close all apps option from the multitask switching screen , could be found in the 3 dot option. 
yeah thats all !!

Would definitely benefit from a Nationwide banking app that supports NFC, perfect for payments on the go! Another reason to love Windows Phone :)

A cinema app that allows you to input your orange Wednesday code when pre booking.
Halifax mobile banking
Data sense. I'm with orange but the Your Orange app is useless.

really need a decent podcast app. Something like downcast would be great. All of them currently seem to be limited in certain areas

SKY+ is the thing I miss most from my iPhone. Infact I still keep the iPhone just for this purpose, it is much easier than the sky remote. BBC official apps, and all the banks. 

Some sort of app that allows me to order food from all the different take-aways.That includes all of the different types of places, from Indian to Chinese to pizzeria. I don't mind pick up but delivery would definitely be an added bonus. All this talk of food makes me want a takeaway... :(

I would like to see a fully functioning BBC iPlayer app with the ability to stream, download, series record and play back both SD and HD content. Ideally the app should have a W8 sister app whose settings can by synced via Skydrive.

Nationwide app, first direct app and an app tells which data connection you are using, it would be great if this is showing in the top tool bar next to each icon

Youtube official app,
Temple run on 512mb ram,
Gmail official app,
Wikipedia official app,
GSM Arena,
Document Scanner
More internet browser,
Theme changer( Multi tile colours),
Subway Surfers,
Atleast one GTA ( Liberty City or Vice City)
More keyboard options,
More Google apps
Banking apps
Transportaion apps,
BBC iPlayer,
Sky go,
Just Cloud,
Games Cheats an Tricks,
Online Shopping Like
Mark & Spencer

As already stated by others, a BBC iPlayer app and also a HSBC banking app would make things a lot more simple for me. Now's a good time for them to do it since Windows Phone is on the rise here.

Brilliant chance to pick a brilliant handset!
I'd love to see Candy Crush on WP, so I can feed my addiction whilst at work!!

Support from BBC would be great, especially a iPlayer Radio app for catch up radio and an official BBC News app too, with a good sport section!

I fully intend to upgrade to Windows 8, but for those who like me are still using 7 for the time being, I'd quite like some proper phone sync software. The current version is a shoddy after-thought that doesn't even produce the same media library as Media Player.
Surely there'll be a lot of people using pre-8 for a while yet.

It has to be BBC iplayer, here is hoping that the event in London coming soon is going to be where they announce it!
Maybe that it is why it is going to be an all day event, they have that many apps coming to the WP catalogue that they need that time to talk about them all!

Heylo :)  Well I completely agree on the lack of banking apps, and the TV apps (Sky Go, iPlayer, 4OD).  And everyone knows about Instagram etc.  BUT the truth is... the one thing that would make all windows phone users happy... the most missed TV show.... *ehem* app.... is.... the official Crystal Maze app! Mumsy and Richard-O-B on my Windows Phone? Yes please! Stevie

Has to be Sky Go for me (although I would agree with iPlayer, 4od etc - surprised 4od isn't availabe already actually given how quickly they jumped on the windows 8 and xbox app bandwagons!)

A BBC iPlayer app would be immense, especially if it covered radio programmes that can be downloaded using wifi and listened to later.

The Apps I would most like to see are 
Sky Go & Sky + App
and with the others as well a datasense app for data usage etc

I'd love an app for HSBC mobile banking, along with an official BBC iPlayer app. Oh, and a data counter would be fab too - I cant believe there isn't one as I'm sure there were loads on my old android phone. At the very least EE could enable Datasense...

Would really like to see a First Direct app, or access to First Direct accounts through a generic HSBC app. I'd also welcome an app from MilkAndMore, national dairy and grocery delivery service. Oh, and iplayer, of course.

TV guide plus is a good substitute for sky remote record. I use it all the time to set recordings when I'm not at home.

Grindr - gay dating app. All the gay people I know buy iPhone or Android because neither Gaydar nor Grindr is available on Windows Phone. That effectively knocks out 10% of the population and the gay sector has a lot of disposable income...

I'm for a push to get DataSense over here and also a MyO2 app. Alternatively I would like O2 to update their priority moments app so that vouchers went into the Wallet app.

Well, hello and thank you to WPCentral and Expansys
So, a short list.
A proper BBC News reader app (and BBC Get Mr Gripner to do it for you!)
BBC iPlayer with full download watch offline support
4oD, 5 on Demand and ITV Player apps (Also with offline support)
SkyGo (guess what, yes with offline support)
London Midland Railway App (they have a damn good twitter team!)
Co-Operative Bank App
MyEE App
That will do for now - may the best person here win.

Since you mentioned it, I'd really love a Nationwide bank app. I do all my banking online and it will be very convenient to do it on my phone. Additionally, a Sky Go app and a LoveFilm app would complete the package since I watch lots of videos on my phone and surface tablet.
Thanks and good luck everyone.