Hulu Plus app for Windows Phone 8: Quick tour and hands on

Before you get your hands on the official Hulu Plus (www.hulu.com) app for Windows Phone 8, due later today, we figured we would show you how it all works.

While you do need a premium account for Hulu Plus (we’ve had one for years), we think if you’re a cord cutter, it’s a good deal even if you still have to watch an occasional ad.

As we said in our announcement post, it’s a solid app and when combined with the Xbox 360 app, Windows 8 version and now on Windows Phone, we’re pretty psyched to watch Psych on the go. We’ll of course publish the Store link as soon as it goes live. [Update: The app is now live in the Store]


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Hulu Plus app for Windows Phone 8: Quick tour and hands on


Every time i watch your video your phone always cross not straight. put straight so we can see perfectly.....!!!

I think it's supposed to be a "visually appealing" position. More to design and layout than anything else. Least that's what I've assumed... Maybe it's always just been in error, lol.

I just downloaded it from the Store on the phone. Should be there for everyone. Even has a live wide tile!

I do wish that it would group my queue by show instead of episodes.

Hulu - best for a lot of current shows on TV now and some older shows. Not that great at all for movies. They have some but Netflix blows them out of the water.

Netflix - best for older (1 + year) shows and a much better movie selection.

I subscribe to both. I watch movies with Neftlix, and shows with Hulu +

Rule of thumb for Netflix TV shows: Is the same series/season out on DVD? Then it might be streaming on Netflix.  Now, not 100% of the case in every instance, but pretty much true for the majority

Hulu is great if you watch tons of TV shows, most of them are available next day.
Netflix is amazing if you watch tons of movies. It's also great for old movies, something that's hard to find online. They do have shows too, but not next day. Also, if you watch Arrested Development, Netflix will put the entire new season 4.

They are really best when used in conjunction with one another. Like what is said, if you are a big TV fan like myself, both are great.

It's mostly for TV shows. I have a subscription and love it. The only network channel that doesn't participate is CBS. But the other networks and many cable channels do. They don't have many movies and most of those movies are old.

Also note there is a FREE basic Hulu VS paid Hulu:

Hulu FREE = desktop web browser only, no movies only TV shows, mostly newer TV shows, but not alwasy the case because my wife blew through some old I Love Lucy's, more popular TV series have expiration dates on previous episodes

Hulu Plus = view shows on ANY mobile device or non-PC device (assuming device has a Hulu app.. so, from your smartphones to your Xboxes to your Rokus to your tablet, etc); access to their film library, which are all old films; no expiration on TV episodes

So, I'm not a mobile TV/film watcher, I don't have the kind of job where I can effectively use it and no commute where I can sit and watch something, so I don't pay for Hulu Plus. But at home, I use it daily, I have 2 TVs (Living room, master bedroom) and exactly 2 PCs, one in each room, hooked up to the TVs via HDMI. Watching my free Hulu all I want. I've never run into a problem with episodes expiring before I watch them (I honestly don't get this 'plus' of the Hulu Plus... its not like episodes come down after couple of day or even a couple of weeks... it practically a MONTH or even more when they expire).

I know not everyone has a spare PC for every single room of the house, but if you have a laptop or even just one spare PC and you don't plan on using mobile Hulu, there is truly no reason to pay the $8 a month.

Also... added bonus, all those NETWORK TV shows on Hulu the next day? Are also on the respective network's own sites. So like someone said CBS isn't on Hulu? La di da... just go to CBS.com!

There actually was a difference between Hulu and. Hulu Plus. I don't know if the differences still exist as I haven't used basic Hulu since subscribing to HP.

First, there was content that wasn't available for basic Hulu, but was for Plus.

Second, I seem to remember for some shows, Hulu only offers the last 5 episodes, where Hulu Plus offers entire seasons of some shows (though that 5 episode cap does exist for some on Hulu Plus).

One advantage of having a subscription is being able to use my account on other devices at other places. I can use my Hulu Plus account on my sister in laws Xbox or my mother in law's Wii when we stay over.

When you went to hit Family Guy, you pressed twice, missing the button the first time.
The obvious way to play it is when you hit anywhere around there like you did the first time.
I think GUIs on WP need to be a bit less precise.  Other examples are in IE10 where you have menu text like "Forums" on WPCentral - you have to zoom to be able to hit it.  Whereas other devices are more tolerant of the user pressing an area around a control.

Pretty awesome since Hulu Plus is on discount right now with Bing Rewards. Just got three months. Great way to use some Bing Rewards Points right now. Down to 420 for gold members. I think it was at 625 for gold members beofe. It has actually been on discount for about a week now.

wait, whuh? First off, that's a Yellow Lumia 920 with a blue case on it...and second, green? Have you seen your eye doctor lately? lol

ha u just got served.....a green lumia 920

I don't think Daniel questioned the existence of said green Lumia 920...he questioned your eye sight, which seems to need a check up :) His phone is pretty obviously a yellow Lumia 920 with a blue case.

Anyone with decent eyes can see that its a yellow phone with Blue cover, so don't make excuses and get your eyes checked.

what pisses me off about hulu is that you cant use their apps with a free account and just watch the non premium stuff you can on pc

They have to make money somehow. That is the main point of Hulu Plus, being able to use it on devices such as network players, phones, tablets etc.

Hulu is like Netflix in that in order to please their content overloads, they have to do some not so great things, like ads and premium-only access to apps. Then again, at $7.99 a month I don't really mind.

i dont mind them trying to make money, but this is not a way to do it; I used to watch hulu all the time when they started and the ads were 10-15sec each for free users, but over the past few months I just found myself using it less and less, with the even increasing limits on free shows and the ads now being nearly as bad as on TV with 2-3min each, I just can't be bothered
And I don't get why anyoe would pay for the premium service since it still has ads, if the paid service was add free, I might consider it, but then again Hulu lacks many TV shows I like to watch especially CBS ones.

'Early adopter' means accepting the good with the bad, means you're willing to take the chance. Can't call yourself an early adopter and complain later.

You can say you are a consumer who now regrets their purchase though, and no one will argue with you.

Next up, the official cartoon network app, fox app, and adult swim app. Don't forget Disney channel and nickelodeon for the kiddos. (we need these TV-watching apps)

Great addition to the WP store, yet im not a big fan of the overly large top panel( same as Facebook app).
I think its a waste of a valuable space on the screen.