Nokia’s Drive+ reportedly getting close to not being beta, getting traffic calculations

We’re big fans of Nokia’s Drive+ Beta app for Windows Phone but we’re the first to tell you it’s lacking some major features when you compare it to non-free apps like Navigon (our current favorite navigation app). But we always knew that with Nokia it was just a waiting game: whatever isn’t here today, will be added by them in the future, they just need some time to catch up.

Word has it from one of the Nokia HERE team, Pino Bonetti, that the “beta” status of Drive+ will soon be lifted and thankfully, live traffic data for route calculation will be added. The info comes via Pino’’s twitter account and since he often speaks for the HERE team, we can bank of the commitment.

While no exact ETA has been given on when Drive+ will get traffic and come out of beta, the “soon” part raises an eyebrow. As you know, next week in London, Nokia will be doing some announcements and while a new device (or two) is expected, they usually tie in some software announcements as well.

In other words, we wouldn’t be surprise if that whole transition happens in the next few weeks (or at least is announced). What do you think?

All Windows Phone 8 users can pick up Drive+ Beta from Nokia here in the Store.

Source: Twitter; via WinPhoneLive.ru; Thanks, Stanislav

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Nokia’s Drive+ reportedly getting close to not being beta, getting traffic calculations


They are also gonna do something in India on 9th may. This might be the topic as Shift the Gear was the tag line for the event.

I would like it if it should be possible to add point of interest manualy via adding gps coordinates which show up as favorites.
or does anyone know a way to do this right now. With the tomtom i can import these poi's which i use before goingon vacation using a poi editor.

I know that my favorites will show up if I sign into my Nokia account. I wonder if something like that will work for you.

Maybe if it is possible to add a favorite over there by just giving the gps coordinates and a logical name and then offcourse if it synchronizes then with my phone.
i check if that is possible via nokia account. Thanks.

Two weeks ago Nokia drive+ really let me down. It would get stuck and no update new routes. I know it was the app because it did the same thing on different dates. I reinstalled it and it might have fixed itself now. I hope they add a list of upcoming turns you'll take as you travel.

Did you send any feature request to Nokia directly? Its very nice if you share your needs with the average Joe wpcentral forum readers, but dont expect that its equal to a proper feature request submitted directly to the vendor. Just saying.. people have quite unrealistic expectations. Next time Nokia should check for graffitis in the underground and marks drawn into the snow in Antartica for Drive+ enhancements? Your forum post here in wpcentral is just as realistic as those apparently stupid examples.

Adults shouldnt drink milk,  not good for the health due to the inability to digest it completely. So I suppose you can piss whereever you want ;)

I really hope they fix the poor ability of the app to determine what street you are starting out when at an intersection.  I was staying at a hotel and the parking lot was right near a stop light.  Perfectly perpendicular streets.  I was about 50 yards away from the light and the app still thought I was on a different street.  As I started moving it STILL thinks I was on the other street.  I went the wrong way twice before I realized it has horrible starting accuracy. 

Yep, for some reason the accuracy is much worse than in Navigon. When you open the app and start to drive it takes a good couple of 100m to exactly pinpoint where you are. Once I nearly turned on a one way street the wrong way because of this... dangerous stuff

Are you aware, that no matter what the GPS navigation says, you are still responsible for any traffic accident you cause?

Of course I know this, but if one satnav solution raises the odds of getting into a dangerous situation by 1%, why should I use it?

Exactly! I miss the precision of the GPS in my old Blackberry 9000. I could almost navigate by only watching the screen! Why can't the 920 and HERE be just as precise? It regularly places me 100m or more from where I really am and takes forever to get back on track. I also hope they add a much easier way to send in map corrections and then actually read them and act on them. It takes Google less than a week, HERE maps didn't bother with mu corrections and it has been nearly 6 months!

i think it depends on your GPS signal, this varies based on location i never had any issues with GPS precision, i live in US,
only problem i had so far with HERE DRIVE is that some times it gets struck on resuming, doesn't resume till i restart my phone.
i think Nokia should combine all the navigation apps into one, i cant see traffic on Here Drive, i need to open Nokia maps to see traffic information.

I'd agree with you but my wife's iPhone 5 has no trouble and it is right beside my Lumia 920. Other things that happen is that I get directions to take a freeway off ramp and immediately go straight to get back on the freeway again! Wide open expanse, no hills, trees, buildings, etc and it can't find it self. Cruising along a freeway and suddenly it recalculates a route and has me on some side road heading a different direction over a half-mile away. Consistently placeing me past an intersection while stopped at a light and then recalculating a route then taking several blocks upto a couple of miles before it finds it self again. Again, my wife's iPhone 5 doesn't have this issue and neither did my iPhone 4 or Blackberry Bold 9000 from several years ago.
I need to find how to upload the screen shots of what it is doing to Nokia to see if they can do something to fix it. Right now the Drive app is nearly useless since it can't be trusted. Fortunately I've generally known where I was headed but I have driven some extra distance because of the app messing up.

details , need more details. 
If i need to take a freeway, which way??  Doesn't say south/north or freeway towards certain city.  Just says take highway # on your right.  great thanks. 

Did you try changing the voice to one with announced street names? That has made a huge difference for me, not sure why it's not the default voice.

Oh, that's true. Your original message said that it doesn't "say" which direction, guess I took that too literally.

it does since the last two update. Dont know why people are still complaining this. Or maybe it is missing for some of the areas?

I hope it fixes alot of the bugs I've been experiencing.

Does not detect my movement.
Also some whacky directions.

I've noticed that (sometimes) when you zoom in (or move the map) and then press the back button it fixes that issue (temporarily).

Before on wp 7.5 it use to give me voice navigation without stopping the music. The music would continue playing in the background while instructing what to do next... Very smooth. That bothers me more than anything else lol

Agree with this one... it's just disastrous for podcasts as you miss out on what they're saying. VERY frustrating. Should also have a "relative voice volume" control... So you can have the voice dir be quieter than the audio it plays over.

Who cares about the beta tag. Gmail was beta for like 10 years. Just add features, like you know, navigation ones that tell you which street to turn on.

Nokia Drive is for Nokia WP7
HERE Drive by Navteq is for HTC & Samsung WP8
HERE Drive by Nokia is for Lumia 520 &720
HERE Drive+ by Nokia is for Lumia 620, 820 & 920.

They need to fix the way Nokia drive handles background music/podcasts. I'm tires of skipping back 5secs every time Nokia drive gives directions over Bluetooth. Suggestion. Quiet or pause the audio when reading directions over Bluetooth (see google maps)

Please fix laggy movement and slow detection of location. Also, show destination address onscreen with ability to have it stay(like the flag does now) statically til i stop navigating. Also make map view larger and make sidebar(mph,speed limit) display smaller that way more screen for the map. Integrating with calendar so i can click address from calendar and open here drive. Right now I have to copy and paste. Thanks.

Who are you addressing these 'requests' to?  This is WP Central, not HERE.com. 
If you want Nokia to implement or listen to your suggestions, why haven't you contacted them via the app or via their website?

The inaccuracy and lag might be handset specific as it runs really well on the 8X. Traffic would be great and routing and rerouting around it would be amazing.

The text to speech voice also needs to get on par with the Symbian voices. The differences are night and day, especially when street names are spoken.

For example:
Nokia Drive on Symbian = "Parkway" (nice and natural)
Here Drive on WP8 = "Parkwa..." (deliberate and chopped off voice)

Also it needs to have separate volume toggle for the nav voice. At full phone volume the voice is TOO loud over the stereo system in my car while music is playing.

This is obviously going to be announced May 9th and NOT on 14th which will be the 928/925.
Nokia are holding a global event in Delhi
TIME TO SHIFT GEARS .....hint Gears...Cars...Nokia Drive?

Is it me or are they trying to capture the news around the world... announcements in Delhi, UK, Canada etc. all coming up soon!

Please bring back speed cameras (traps, radar, etc.) alerts like in the symbian version. If the reason not to include them is kind of moral consider that, at least here in Spain, speed cameras are considered a deterrent, are supossed to be placed in dangerous stretches of the road and their locations are publicy avalaible. I know there are other apps for this but none works together with here maps +.  
Considering this and other bugs/missing features already mentioned I'm wondering why its taking them so long to get Lumia maps to the level of Nokia Drive/Maps for Symbian if most of the work was already done. 

I hope that streaming of voice commands via Bluetooth audio will be included sometime soon. On the 920 it works only when streaming music from my phone which is only the second best option. Please include!

I agree.  The phone will read a text message out over Bluetooth when listening to a radio/CD, but not voice commands.
The only way to hear navigation voice commands is to have the radio set to listen to Bluetooth Audio from the phone.  Which kind of sucks as you then cannot listen to the radio.

Speaking of voice commands it would be nice for drive to integrate with tellme so we can give certain commands like adding a route, re-routing via fast food, etc.

Pas disponible en Belgique!!! Here Drive m'indique "Différence de licence MCC=206". A quand ce service disponible mondialement pour tous les Windows Phone ? Vous faisiez de la pub en disant que c'était disponible pour TOUS les Windows Phone et je me rend compte que vous sélectionnez les différents pays... Samsung n'a pas fait ça avec les options de blocage d'appels disponible pour tout le monde il y a peu de temps mais disponible depuis toujours pour les possesseurs de Windows Phone signé Samsung.

Samsung Ativ S réglé pour la Belgique.

It won't ever stop being "beta" until they add in a list view for upcoming turns and display/announce your final destination address at the end of your route.

Actually no. No.
Those two things that I mention are not worth paying $50 for when the rest of Nokia Drive is solid for what I need. The information I'm asking for is already in the app, I'm just asking for it to be surfaced better.
No route can be calculated without an end-point address, just display it on the screen at the end of the route in case it's been some time since I looked at the original address or I directly mapped from a Bing search etc.
Also the turn information is there, being displayed on screen for each turn. I just want to see all of them at a glance to make sure its not taking me down streets I know for sure I don't want to use i.e, road closures, construction, rush hour, etc.

I hope they integrate more with Bing in Australia. Bing maps has way more traffic data than Nokia.

Amazingly useful app, in Europe at least. In fact, the WP I like most is the HTC 8X, but I ended up getting a 820 since I *need* Nokia GPS app.

I used the Drive app for the first time the other day. I was with my band on the way to a gig.
Our drummer had his iPhone and it couldn't even get a GPS signal. Lots a swearing ensued. My Lumia 920 didn't miss a beat. He's now considering getting a 920 cause he reckons the iPhone is rubbish.....
Great advertising for WP8!!!!

Like an idiot, I deleted this app from my Lumia 520. Does anyone know how to reinstall it. Neither the link on this story or going to the store will work. (I think it is a licence limitation on the 520). So... Not "all" WP8 user can install this app. Any clues?

Brillinat news seeing as how Drive on Symbian has had live traffic updates for about two years!! About time!!

That will be welcome news, The persistence of the routing within the current version sometimes can be very frustrating so better rerouting has to be a good thing assuming it gets the best route in the first place.

Hi that is all cool, but none of my here apps are working. It simply returns to the home page. Anybody facing same issue and has a fix for it. Tried uninstall...installed didn't work...