Be seduced by Nokia Thailand and the Lumia 920

If you're wondering, "what on Earth did I just watch?" Fear not as we're still asking ourselves that very same question. Nokia Thailand has published this interesting and rather seductive promotional video for the Lumia 920. The Windows Phone is paired with a young lady who enjoys noodles, taking self-portraits and being slightly cheeky with the arrival of a mystery male.

Is it effective? Should you be a man with a pulse, it's definitely set to grab your attention. While the Lumia 920 is an elegant Windows Phone, we can't help watching this advertisement and not think of UK retailer Marks and Spencer and its seductive food adverts. What are your thoughts on the footage?

Source: YouTube, via: Reddit, MyNokiaBlog; thanks, Halamadrid007, for the heads up!


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Be seduced by Nokia Thailand and the Lumia 920


Oh wow.. can't believe our Thai ads shows up here! She's a VJ in many music tv shows and of course, she's a real woman. I would say she helps with the sale of Nokia Lumia here in Thailand.
Greetings from Thailand :-)

She is a beautiful girl, famous actress and VJ in Thailand.
In this scene, her boyfriend' s mad at her and she wants to mak up with him.

Your 555 will go above the head of just about everyone here. Hah Hah Hah. I was thinking the same thing though..

Lol rich there's nothing really. Weird about this ad I've seen alot worse thn tht it also explains all the features only difference its like a movie your watching xD

Sigh. And i guess its promoting sexual abuse and misogyny too is it? Responsible for failing science grades in high schools, the Sudan crisis and the rushed final season of lost?

Tacky is subjective.
Prostitution is absolutely nonsensical to the point of I'm wondering if you know what the word means.

What's those 3 countries dat have added billing support (their,operators)

The list is not being updated on the Microsoft billing support website :/

Does the Thai version not have a front facing camera, I bet she took a ton a of terrible shots using the back camera

Seriously, Nokia needs to air this ad in the US market during football season.
I can just imagine a living room full of dudes going totally silent for the duration of the spot...

But you know on the inside they're all falling a little bit in love and making mental notes to google this ad when they get home :)

(sorry for the 5 month late comment)

This commercial is trying to say that why she loves the Lumia and why you should love it too. It's Thai commercial, Thai language that made for Thai people. So please don't take it any other way than this is the phone commercial.

Wow, it's as if Nokia understands the basics of effective advertising in a much more "intimate" way than Microsoft ever will. Having Jessica and Gwen as spokespeople was a decent start for Microsoft, but even those brought in the kids/family angle... Meaning that they immediately isolated a large portion of the desired demographic. While I loved the kids/family stuff as I treasure my kids and family... This one speaks to men and women everywhere regardless of kid/family status, albeit in an "old school" sex-sells Mad Men sort of way. Does she have kids? Who knows! The point is she used her Lumia and it's unique and marketable features for a "booty call" that fails at first until she ups her game a bit... And haven't all of us with a pulse gladly fallen for that? In short, we all relate to this in a primal way that completely crosses all language and demographic barriers! Well done. Bravo.

They could play up the two "sides" of the phone in a similar Jessica Alba spot. Show her interacting with family kids using the "kids room", and then transition to prepping for a romantic dinner with the hubby similar to the above advert...but with a little less clothing...oh, misogyny :)

I am Thai, living in Thailand but discover this commercial on this site... shame on me.

For those who wonder;
- yes she is a woman
- she is trying to get her bf attention by sending him some photos of her. It wasn't successful until she began to use low light mode.
- the man voice in this commercial is actually her bf voice.
- Lumia 920 selling in Thailand do have front facing camera but we only use that for video call. It is common in Thailand to only use rear camera for photo shooting. We love the quality.

Nice to see a WP8 ad that shows off features of the phone. I'd rather watch this than the silly wedding ad. Khop khun krup!

how can he not answer her on time, also wtf with Thailand and all the extremly seducive advertisments for everything the last 4 years?