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YouTube app Tubecast brings 480p with 60FPS in new update


Tubecast gets Full HD, 60 FPS and QHD streaming support

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Windows Phone YouTube channel to be retired


YouTube mistakenly removed some Windows videos

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Amazon reportedly buying Twitch for over $1 billion

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YouTube Xbox One app revamped

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How to record Xbox One gameplay videos and share them on Youtube

Windows Phone Apps

The first YouTube uploader app for Windows Phone 8.1 gets a nice update, more to come

Windows Phone Apps

One of our favorite YouTube apps, myTube is free for 24 hours

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Official BlueFly app brings a boutique fashion experience to Windows Phone

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Weather Hound updated with transparent Live Tile support

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Awesome Lock updated in preparation for the World Cup

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Flipkart adds new features and improvements to their Windows Phone app


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Google's YouTube rumored to be buying video game streamer Twitch for over $1 billion

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Bollywood entertainment portal, Koimoi, launches official Windows Phone 8 app

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Middle East's leading newspaper, Khaleej Times, arrives on Windows Phone

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CNET comes to Windows Phone with all its Tech-Savviness

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Take advantage of the new YouTube mobile website with IE11 in Windows Phone 8.1

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Tonido released for Windows Phone 8 for remote access to your home computer

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YouTube for Windows Phone 8

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 gets a major overhaul too with version 3.0

When it rains, it pours. Today, the official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 has received a massive makeover, bringing new features and becoming more than just a web-wrapper for the popular video streaming site.

Version 3.0 is now going live in the Store (depending on region) and brings a new UI, High, Medium and Low video quality settings, pinnable channels, ability to download videos for offline play, play under Lockscreen and more. Indeed, it’s just about everything most casual users could want in an official YouTube client.

When it rains, it pours. Today, the official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 has received a massive makeover, bringing new features and becoming more than just a web-wrapper for the popular video streaming site. Version 3.0 is now going live in the Store (depending on region) and brings a new UI, High, Medium and Low video quality settings, pinnable channels, ability to download videos for offline play, play under Lockscreen and more. Indeed, it’s just about everything most casual users could want in an off

The full Changelog is as follows:

"Pin any video, playlist, channel, and even search queries to Live Tiles. Live Tiles flip to show YouTube’s most popular videos or your subscriptions’ latest uploads. YouTube for Windows Phone is also integrated with Kid’s Corner, so you can ensure your kids are watching age-appropriate videos."

  • Pin any video, playlist, channel, and search queries to Live Tiles
  • Manage your YouTube profile with your unique My YouTube page
  • Manage your playlists, uploads, and video lists
  • Find channels, videos, and playlists with the quick access search bar
  • Share videos to your social networks, e-mail, and text messages
  • Let your kids watch safe videos in Kid’s Corner and keep their own profile

On Windows Phone 7? Have no fear as an upgraded version for that platform is in the works as well, meaning Microsoft has not forgotten about you folks.

Pick up the official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Availability will vary as the app gets updated on Microsoft’s servers.

QR: YouTube


Reader comments

Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 gets a major overhaul too with version 3.0


The halo 4 smartglass app is for halo 4. 343 doesn't own the waypoint app, it does however have a link to your halo 4 stats online

Snapchat has a place under technical support/ "my device is incompatible" to let them know you want them to support windows phone. If enough users let them know, they might create an app.

1. Flipboard
2. Kingdom rush (1 and 2). But i know Ironhide Game Studio not support WP8 and W8. Why guys?
3. Jelly Defense (perfect T.D.)
4.More PERFECT games and the same PRICE with another OS (iOS or adroid).
5. Instagram
6. DEVEPOPERS support Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8.

I am probably in the minority, but I would love to see a SiriusXM app. This is only for North America. While I am loving Nokia Music (okay, it can get repetitive in offline mode, but is free and doesn't use data), it just isn't the same as SiriusXM. It kinda sucks to pay for a service and not be able to use it. Worst of all is the fact that I pay extra for the MLB package.

Another vote for SiriusXM.

I had been emailing them for months, kept being told to hang on. I stopped, still paying for the internet, but ready to cancel. :(


Because I really don't get why everyone needs instagram so desperately I'd prefer some changes to the actual OS...


- VPN support, OS wise! (just dreaming, probably won't come this year :( )


- support of increase/decrease volume with your headphone's buttons (also not this year, if even?)


- smaller local apps, like your local rent-a-bike-company etc


A decent Steam app (original or not) finally allowing a reliable STEAM FRIEND chat! Anything I tried (and paid for) in the WP store sucks tremendously!! :\

MetroTube is THE YouTube solution for me on Surface and WP. This is nice but I already have a better option.
Glad to see this recent spate of app updates though!

Metrotube is nice but this update suddenly changes everything. I am getting rid of MetroTube right away. The official app is good enough. And fast ;)

As far as I have discovered MS app can't reply to a comment. It can only add main comments on the video. Metrotube allows nested comment replies. So far, I'm sticking with it.

I'm with Metrotube since they have always supported Windows Phone and I think its still way better than this official Microsoft Youtube app. What took soooooo looong?

I use myTube, even after installing this I will still use myTube because it has really nice animations and is really clean. Maybe I will use the "official" YouTube client full time when it evolves a little more, but for now its playing substitute :P

Well Google have open APIs for YouTube which other developers (MetroTube, etc) have been using for a while. So this is just a case of MS finally putting out a decent app using those apis, than any change at Google. Good news either way though.

Been great couple weeks!
official tumblr, new Facebook (beta), new foursquare, google finally stopped being a dick (Youtube)....

Microsoft has wanted to release this for quite some time but google had to stop being a dick and allow them to.

Have u seen the relentless push from Microsoft to be an asshole to google? I would be a bit sour also

You realize Microsoft owns patents for things and Google has refused to compensate Microsoft for them? That my friend is called protecting your Intellectual Property. Otherwise, I dare you to make a game for whatever platform and let someone else release the same game with no changes and charge nothing or less than you. Bet the time and money you would lose would make you sue for the IP of your game. Google already tracks your every move on their services. So why not let them do whatever with no consequences and not even allow people to use your services even though they did the work. I bet this deals with the anticompetitive investigation against Google.

Man really wanted to see my store still says no update even try to look at the app it won't let me update only share anybody else

I'm in the UK and I've just updated, but it's still showing the mobile site -- going to uninstall and try again .

I'm in NZ, so probably the same here! I got the update a couple of hours after posting that comment. Very nice. I like how the SD links from the WP Central app are picked up in the new Youtube app, from which I can select high quality.

You could also try grabbing the wpstore url and paste in your phone IE and keep refreshing it will give you the udpate in one or two attempts.

This is pretty encouraging news, esp for the arrival of the new Lumia flagship in the States. With these app updates, and more surely to follow, it can only be good news for Microsoft and Nokia.

Very surprised Google cares enough to update this considering how little consideration they've given WP in the past. This is really nice to see.

Edit: Didn't realize this was done by Microsoft...of course...Google is still the devil.

The App is still being done by Microsoft. Google merely gave them access to do so. I'm not seeing Google do Apps themselves anytime soon.

which is a little bothersome if you're a glass-half-full kind of person.  I'll take it, myself.  Shows MS is supporting the platform. 

Windows Phone is a happy platform....exciting things happening to us. We thank God WP7 is still being remembered ;-)

It's a massive update! :) The one before hardly deserved to be called an application. It looks great, it's fast enough and it agrees with the metro philosophy. Good job, Microsoft! Now if only Google would give Microsoft access to full Google + API... :)

i was hoping for the app to open when clicking on a youtube link outside the app...bah! maybe next update!?

Wow! The update is really great :) i like metrotube but i hate their vid recommendations. It's good to have a lot of choices

Same for me here in canada with Bell.  Still also can't get the new netfilx released a while ago in version 3.0.  Still can only download version 2.3.  I hope it won't do the same for this youtube app.

Feels so weird to say goodbye to Metrotube but will have to support official apps so that Google knows how many WP users they were actually screwing about all these years!

1. This app is by Microsoft, not Google.
2. If you stopped "using their shit long ago" then why do you care enough to post on here?

Just because MS made it doesn't mean its ok with me. I despise google for their practices and think too many blindly go along with it. I voice my opinion because I care, just like the many who posted in support of it. I'm glad my post had an impact on you.

Microsoft hasn't forgotten about us? How many of us got an official update and they still haven't fixed the broken live tile issue. What a piece of crap pie Microsoft handed us. I'm not upset at all about 7.8 but the wait and the fact that I had to get it unofficially(CAB installer method) and for it to have issues after that wait...don't piss on my leg and tell me it's

Easy to say and hard to do. The only thing holding me to WP is the fact that I truly do lose the OS or else I wouldn't put up with all these issues. But if T-Mobile does not get a high end Lumia device announced next week trust and believe the HTC One will be my next phone.

No, it still hates Windows Phone. And of course, this app is developed by Microsoft, not Google.

Google still hates windows phone, but as it grows it is obliged to pay more attention to it, this is what we are seeing.

I don't know if this is true for WP8, but it's a straight up lie in regards to WP7. Open Metrotube > Go to Settings > Toggle "Run under lock." Start playing a video. Lock your phone... The video continues to play.

Kick ass! Only negative I see is the icon background changed from the iconic WP black to the normal white.

Yeah it really clashes with my color scheme!! I want the black tile back this one looks like one of the copy apps on the market. But that aside it looks like I'll be using the official app ones again!

Uninstall and try again. The app ins't live to all markets yet or better yet use the windows phone website ;)

i scanned QR code.. it still downloads the usual link shortcut
EDIT - OK not available in SIngapore then

Abolsutely love it, a great hit for Windows Phone, let's just hope Google+,Instagram and others come soon.  Working great on Lumia920 Search works streams quick and love the download feature

I think it is still important to support the hardworking devs that create amazing apps, even if the official apps fulfill your needs. Im sticking with metrotube and mytube for now

Maybe I'm missing something but it still looks like we still can't upload anything to our YouTube account. Don't get me wrong, the new app looks great, but I think we are only getting 1/2 the functionality if we can't take videos from our phone and upload them to YouTube.

Meh, that appears to be the case, no uploading videos. Unless we are both missing something?