Lumia 920

DEAL ALERT: Nokia Lumia 920 available for free through AT&T

Want some free Lumias? Of course you do! AT&T currently has the Nokia flagship Lumia 920 Windows Phone listed for free when taken out with a two-year contract. Checking out the official online store will present one with an online discount that drives down the price of the handset with only the contract to be added to the monthly bills.

Be sure to read our in-depth review of the Lumia 920 for more information about the Windows Phone. Colour choices include white, black, yellow, cyan and red.

Source: AT&T; thanks to animalkracker and Naveen for the tips!


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DEAL ALERT: Nokia Lumia 920 available for free through AT&T


This makes me think a new Lumia for AT&T is coming sooner rather than later. Maybe we are going to get more than just the 928 announced next week?

According to Digitimes, market watchers are expecting the EOS to be announced next week. I think it is possible. At least more plausible than the 928 being announced next week. (due to that it wouldn't all make sense to announce a Verizon only phone at a euro conference). -if that were the case, why didn't Nokia plan a US conference like they did for the 920?

Difference is the First has been out three weeks and the 920, six months. It is time for some new at&t Nokia phones.

I don't think so. This time around 920 owners will be able to upgrade to the new version of the OS and still use (presumably) the majority of coming apps and new features for some time to come. The same couldn't be said for the 900 or 800 owners.

This is true. The Lumia 900 buyers have every right to complain. They were sold a phone with advertisements stating "THE BETA TEST IS OVER" where the 900 turned out to be the most beta-like product ever. The 920 came out just months later and support for the 900 was all but dropped.

Considering that the 900 has received multiple updates since the 920 was launched, including one that just started trickling out today, your claim that support for the 900 "was all but dropped" is manifestly untrue.

While the 900 is my only phone I use, my gf upgraded to the 920 as her Surround lasted longer than my Focus. I feel a little burned. A little.

I'm waiting for T-Mobile or Sprint to come out with their new Windows Phones this summer. I'm not a big AT&T fan. They're too shifty.

They can probably cut you a deal if you call.
I am torn. I am thinking of switching to T-Mobile to support their no contract business model, but I am with AT&T right now. I called and asked how much the penalty would be to cancel my contract and they said $205 right now. I would make that back in FOUR MONTHS with the Walmart T-Mobile plan for my unlocked Lumia 900! But AT&T told me they'd allow me to extend my contract right now and give me $50 credit if I stayed (my 900 has a cracked screen that has become non-responsive twice in the last week, so on it's last legs)... said I could call back within the next few days and let them know.
So now this seems pretty tempting... but that $103 bill every month is not.

$50 off one time vs. a super low bill every month.  I can't imagine that's actually a hard decision.  Just pick up a refurbished 810 to tide you over if you want to wait for a newer phone.  Or craigslist one for a couple bucks.  You save SO much money in the long run.

I am ready to move on from my Samsung Focus but will wait until next week's announcements. Even though "free" is great, the 920 was $20 on Amazon yesterday. It was free at the MS store a few weeks ago. Not urgent. But why are WP7 phones still being sold? Remaining stock should be loaded into a container and given away in Uzbeki-beki-bekistan (in the immortal words of Herman Cain).

I too am holding out until next weeks announcements. My first Gen focus is on its last leg. Constant reboots, power button gets stuck...cannot wait to upgrade, but need to see if it's worth waiting until August.

I'm going with a 720 I can't upgrade into November also I want to be off my At&t contract next year
You can say im holding out also im just doing it in a different way as much as I love my 900 not having WP8 is getting to me so im buying a 720 and buy a newer flagship later

Free today, dusted tomorrow... 
wait for the Lumia 928 which will hopefully not have such a bad design flaw... Very bitter having been a Nokia customer for many years. 

A new flagship is all well and good, but I doubt the 928 is it. The 928 is much too verizon-ey. It's almost like Verizon requires makers to make the phone uglier and sharper before they'll carry it.
If the 928 is the new flagship, count me out. I'll get a free 920 or take my business to HTC's new windows phone.

Unless the rumors are wrong, the 928 is basically going to be a 920 with a different flash.  Given that, you can't go wrong with a free 920 if you are okay with AT&T over Verizon.

Of course, but unless you are on one of TMobile new plans, you are paying the payment for a phone bundled into your wireless plan. You might as well get a new phone if you are forced to pay for it anyway. Seriously considering T Mobile when my contract is up if the rates are discounted enough.

The 920 has been out 6 months, and its successor will be announced in London next week! Kinda infuriating!!

It's not a successor. If the rumors are to be believed, EOS is an entirely separate product line from Lumia.

Tbh, most rumours point to the Lumia 925 'catwalk', as the phone to be showcased by Nokia. EOS has been mentioned by one Chinese source, which has famously been way off the mark on previous rumours!

It's the circle of life, man.

There's not a phone on the market that can stay on top of the pack for longer than 6 months. Technology is progressing, and it's a good thing. If you always want the best phone, get prepaid and use your savings to buy out of contract whenever something new comes out.

My upgrade is due in November. As much as I would love to have a 920 with WP8, I'll hang on to my 900 a little longer. With any luck the next great phone will be out by then.

Just got the wife a Black Lumia 920 and I have to admit that I'm more than ever convinced that WP is simply astonishing once you try it.

I mean nova 3, thought we were getting it today. Were there any Xbox releases today. Sorry for off topic but oh well

My fiance is ready to re-up. We are moving her to my shared plan. These phone deals never works for me, so I am excited.

Wonder what percentage of people that take advantage of this deal have no idea about next week's planned announcements? Maybe people that want a free phone, period, since the new versions presumably won't be out for a bit and certainly won't be free... Tempting, but I'll wait :-).

I'm well aware of the announcement. However, I am quite content with the 920, I bought a refurb last week for a buck. Thankfully the phone has issues so I am able to return it without the re-stocking fee and get a brand new one instead. Love the phone so far aside from the horrible, I mean horrible call quality, hopefully it's an issue with the re-furb and not something else.

I just got one of these 3 weeks ago from amazon for $50 :(
But we were able to upgrade my girfriends line for her today and now she is happy.  :)

Just got my Lumia yesterday for $99. Called the corp store where I received it from and they are crediting back my purchase and allowing me to price match online and get it for free :).

Eh, I went for this deal. Free is free right?! If the EOS is announced and ends up coming out (not just announced but shipping) soon, I'll sell 920 and my iPhone 4S for the new Nokia and not be upset at all!