Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 gets teeny but rapid update

YouTube for Windows Phone 8

We’ll just do this as a PSA post as there probably no new features on board, but just 24 hours after being released to the Store, the official (and new) YouTube app got an update.

Version is now live on the marketplace, and if a update sounds minor, we’ll, you’d probably be right. Most likely this is a quick bug fix for something that could affect a lot of users, so it’s good to see such a high profile app get its due.

You can pick up the update for YouTube on Windows Phone 8 here in the Store. Thanks, Skynetz, for the tip!

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Official YouTube app for Windows Phone 8 gets teeny but rapid update


Same problem.  It added another 400MB to mine.  I have been trying to avoid a hard reset but I'm now well over 8GB and may have no choice. 
Six months of waiting for Other storage to be fixed isd messed up.  2 months since Belfiore promised something to address this glaring OS problem.  I will puch in the eye over TCP/IP the next person to suggest Shrink Storage (doesn't work for me) or a Lumia-only app to fix an OS error on my HTC 8x. 

The app is Lumia 920 exclusive, doesn't work on my Lumia 810. How did this problem even surface? I don't remember it ever happening in WP7. I'm contemplating grabbing a Nexus 4 until they can sort this out.

I get an error message every time I open the app but it works after you dismiss it, so I don't know what it's for.

I couldn't pin anything before this update though, now I can, although it's just a blank tile, I was hoping for channel logos.

I get the same error. Its annoying but tolerable because the app is so good and this is just the initial release.

I always get this error report message, too. Also, my app version is 3.0.4888.1 not Not sure if I should downgrade now.

Negative reviews and comments from 7.8 users are really starting to get ridiculous, like a bunch of impatient 5 year-olds.

^This.  And I'm a WP7.5 user :)
They are just apps, and having them is not going make their devices WP8 devices.  I just don't understand the impatience and complaining; I really don't.

United we stand decided we fall lol
I feel for 7.8 users... I was one of them.
Hopefully 7.8 users upgrade soon and enjoy the wp8 goodness

actually .. my phone became laggy after 7.8 .. I love wp coz it's snappy and gorgeous ..
I was one of the early adopters .. i don't need to buy a phone every year .. i'll upgrade to wp8 but not now ..
I don't know why microsoft is not stepping it up .. i recommend wp to my friends .. my brother got 8x because of me .. why don't they show us big changes?

I don't see the attraction of this app, its good to get a solid update but mytube/metrotube are still streets ahead with performance and design

Metro tube is for us techies. This app is for all the regular folks who don't know about third party apps being better for using YouTube.

The fact that MetroTube and MyTube do no support VEVO is the main reason I have not reinstalled either of the apps. All three apps can do just about the same things except MetroTube has a different UI and MyTube has that awesome video background player.

the attraction is that there is an actual Youtube app in the store indicating some type of traction that windows phone is gaining in terms of official high quality apps. Yes 3rd party apps are nice but i think your missing the point of how this Youtube app is affecting the whole windows phone ecosystem. 

YourTube? Lol people just hyped cuz its something new, I still think MetroTube is better, plus their hard work and dedication to the platform

Its to do with the live tile, binding and updating didn't work 100% i submitted like a couple bug reports

Maybe Google/YouTube is switching their severs in an attempt to 'break' Microsoft's app?
This wouldn't be the first time this cat and mouse tactic has been used by the tech community.

They made more (probably al) comments viewable in a video. Before, you were limited to like 15 or so comments. It also now lets you see all channel videos because previously you were also limited. It has pretty much all the features metrotube has. I would say they are on par with each other with a slight edge to the official youtube because it renders videos faster and loads results faster. wow having tested the official app for 10 minutes now i can say that it is considerably faster from when i last used it.

Although I still prefer MetroTube, this is a nice official App (well, after the nightmare that was downloading it, of course). Good thing though, I'm using both as I have 2 youtube accounts.

Now I just wish they'd pull the alternate YouTube apps just like they're going to do with Facebook apps.
Don't get me wrong, apps like Metrotube or Supertube are fine, but I'm talking about stuff that blatantly steals Youtube's logo and branding.  I mean, it's ridiculous that Microsoft's own app, the only official Youtube app.... is the third listing behind two web wrappers.  There's no reason that there should be 23 different programs that are all allowed in the store and all illegally have Youtube in their name.
And honestly, I don't even care about the legality of it.  I care about the poor experience it gives undiscerning customers who wouldn't know any better.  I couldn't give a Windows Phone (or Windows RT device either) to my parents without being concerned about the suspicious apps they'd install in what's supposedly a curated and more importantly SAFE store experience.  That is a huge problem.

Too many haters here. Kudos to youtube for finally pulling their finger out and releasing a major improvement. Fair platform to build on now.

Good that it now works like a proper app rather than just going onto IE. But this new version the scrolling is not smooth

I'll probably keep using MetroTube, it runs smoother IMO, and has more options, such as getting subscription updates on a live tile.

I've not updated YouTube on my WP8 device, and don't plan to. I want to be able to download youtube videos and I don't wants adverts. As I understand, the latest update removes teh ability to download, and future updates may include adverts. Does anyone know how I can turn off the update notification for Youtube? or is there another way of installing an old version of an app in case I accidently hit "update all" one day?