Nokia Lumia 820 Giveaway

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)

Just a quick reminder, if you're in the United Kingdom and are interested in winning a Nokia Lumia 820, you only have a few more hours to enter the Expansys/Windows Phone Central giveaway.

We have gotten our hands on (courtesy of Expansys) a red Lumia 820, a wireless charging pillow, and a set of Bluetooth Monster headphones to give away.

All you need to do to enter is:

  1. Live in the United Kingdom
  2. be a registered member, which you can do here.
  3. post in the comments below what local app you'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store.  It could be a UK banking app, retailer app, or anything that would make life more covenant in your neck of the woods.

We'll shut things down at midnight on Thursday, May 9th and randomly draw one winner shortly there after. Again, you need to be a UK resident to qualify.  Good luck everyone!


Reader comments

United Kingdom, here's your chance to win a Nokia Lumia 820 (Reminder)



Lloydstsb and instagram just to shut up everyone complaining about it. Id personally rather lloydstsb since I use my phone to go on the site so often.

Never thought i'd be adult enough to say this but I would definitely love to have the Lloyds TSB banking app on Windows Phone. Never knew how much I used it until I switched to a Nokia Lumia 800. Less adult choice would be the Virgin Media TVAnywhere app currently only available for iOS I think but would love love love that one!

Waitrose app or any other similar to the game app which is really good. Loyalty card apps which show live tile points and promotions

Nationwide Banking App
(Already shown my support on the nationwide website).. even if they won't introduce one at least make a mobile website like santander did.

An official sky+ app so can control tv from my phone same as android, hsbc, iplayer, 4od and other tv on demand apps

believe it or not i think everyone is forgetting the fact that windows phone is not compatible with adobe flash player for mobile browsing, i believe adobe flash player would make the experience of mobile browsing more interesting. 

I would love to see London24 release a series of Apps, these are the guys who run news papers such as Romford Recorder or Dagenham Post.
It would be great to get some local news apps on Windows Phone.

A weight watchers points app so i can check to see if my missus is telling the truth when she sat there munching on a KFC :P

Official Three app, to keep track of data usage (apparently the Tumblr app is a black hole for mobile data!) - or enable DataSense for Three

Sky Go
BBC iPlayer
HSBC Banking app
Official Football League club apps (e.g. Sheffield Wednesday)
Official National Lottery app

HSBC mobile banking is the number one app choice for me!
But I would also like to see "Tesco Clubcard" and "BBC iPlayer" apps.

Do I get to choose just one? We need a BBC News app, SkyGo, LloydsTSB, BBC iPlayer, ITV Player, 4OD, RingGo and a few others. Personally I'd like to see SkyGo coming to WP8 since most of the others can be accessed through i.e.

I like the idea of a metro style Barclays banking app but then I have already pinned their mobile banking app and get to see balances, do any transfers, make payments, etc. I can log in with a 5 digit code and don't think it could easily be improved upon.
However a NFC app like an extension of Wallet would get my vote. I think it is really cool when I go to Aldi for example and just press my NFC enabled bank card on the reader and go. Don't know why more people don't pay this way. Yes that or any other app using NFC functionality.

BBC app, featuring news and iPlayer.  We have one of the top news sites in the world in public ownership, and the code already exists, but it's been banned from the Store.

Sky+ app to remote record / control Sky box like the iOS version can
BBC iPlayer
MyEE so I can check what data I have left through an app

I'd like oyster card integration in the Wallet app... does that count?
Paying for the tube with my Phone would be really convenient.

Yet another shout out for banking apps, i'd love to see a First Direct app.
And DS Cloud, from Synology.

Iplayer is a must, or Skybet (or any betting app really, there are so many on every other platform!) 

I would like to see

  1. A LloydsTSB banking App
  2. An "official" BBC News App with a LiveTile
  3. A British Gas App linked to your energy account (incl. alert when meter reading due and input readings)


Keelham farm shop at Queensbury. Best food ever. Would live to know what specials the butchers and deli counter had each day and be able to order online.

Been a long time wp user and reader of wp central so thought I'd use this as an perfect excuse to sign up and show my support for WP!...
Anyways my choice for a local app I'd like to see come to the Windows Phone Store, like many others have said, would be a sky app.

Would love to see a fully functional O2 app like ios and android also would be great to see a Lloyds tsb app :)

Id like to see a Tesco Clubcard app. Something that can display my barcode on screen (i lose the keychain thing too much). Would also be nice to be able to manage vouchers with it - more useful when they do the clubcard exchange thing around christmas. 

BBC should get up off their ass and give us a BBC iPlayer app!!! We need our shows on the go Just as much as iphoners and androids!!

Would love these:
Lloyds TSB
Skype (Fully integrated into phone and work the same as iMessage & Facetime)
Sky Go + Sky+ Remote Record
Sky Sports Score Centre
BBC iPlayer
Lotus Notes Traveller (Yes my company still use Lotus Notes and refuse to switch to outlook)
Odeon Cinema
Datausage (Calls,txts and data)
Microsoft Built in RDP App
Betfair (dont think there is any betting apps at moment?)
Games (Halo, Forza, Subway Surfers, Seige Hero)

I'm going to be boring I'm afraid and agree with the others wanting a LloydsTSB app. Would make my life a whole lot easier

There's a few local apps I'd like to see: An Orange Cash app. Orange Cash is a reloadable credit card and they have an app for Android so that you can load your card from your mobile; Boots Advantage Card and a First Direct banking app.
Also, I wish they'd introduce NFC payments already.

I would love a Nationwide banking app. NatWest/RBS have one for WP, and the Nationwide app for iOS was pretty good, so I would love them to bring one to WP (I have alread asked them!).
I would also love a BBC Radio app. I like the TuneIn radio app, but I seem to miss a lot of radio shows I like to listen to.
I also think BT should launch a rival app to Sky Go. I would love to be able to watch BT Vision content on my Windows Phone.

I would like to see DataSense or similar come to WP in the UK. I signed up with Orange in January and they have awful signal where I live. It confuses me how my data usage (which is supposed to be 750mb) is double that for two months running now, when I'm always connected to wifi and do only my downloading there. I pay £31 a month for my contract yet, I've been charged £43 and now this month £58! The closest Windows Phone has to this sort of application is Nokia Express, exclusive to Lumia phones but unfortunately for owners, it only acts as a compressed browser. Useful for most, but not entirely like DataSense so I understand.

Data counter.
A merged app of buses due and tubemap would be great or something similar!

HSBC banking app for me please - although they have phoned me and told me in writing that they have no intention of making one.
Trello would also be very high on my list - they have a Windows 8 app already

Sky Go would be cool. But personally I would appreciate a couple of banking apps, Santander and HSBC

A app to play music to my xbox from my phone so i can choose song pause skip and all that by using my phone instead of the xbox guide. It would be even better with voice enabled to understand pause skip and so on. I would die less lol

I really wanted to see whether I could find an app for independant coffee shops and cafés in London and the rest of the UK - it's really annoying to go and buy a coffee for, say, £2.80 to then see a shop further down the road with cheaper coffee and a nicer atmosphere! 
So maybe the app could list customer reviews ans recommendations too which would make it easier and less daunting to walk into a new coffee shop - I know this is something I often feel as I never know where to go and tend to stick to the places I know. 
It'd also be great to list other aspects such as whether they accept cards, cash, have food, snacks, whether the food is home made etc. 
It probably wouldn't be that hard to do but I have no idea how as I don't develop applications!

Id like to see Sky+ app to be able to remote record my Sky TV programmes like I could on IOS. Only thing I miss. Thanks.

A dedicated BBC app would be a good one. It was a real shame when Laurence Gripper's app disappeared, and the content is worth someone putting a good metro/modern UI interface on it.

Definitely a Barclays Mobile banking app. 
Having to remember my membership number or carry my PINsentry everywhere is not desireable.

BBC iPlayer, ITV player, 4OD & Sky
Barclays bank, TFL oyster support app, Royal mail/parcel tracking, unified app for UK national newspapers.

Love to see a decent Non-league football (the real kind) app.  Fixtures, directions, live scores, news etc.  Ability to add fixtures to your calendar.  Maybe with some forum integration.  Would be amazeballs on Windows Phone.

Greggs (bakery shop) app so I can salivate over the Chicken Bakes. Also, because they are revamping all Greggs stores in the forthcoming months - a new Windows Phone application would be perfect to compliment the revamp of Greggs' strategy. 

Going with a Lloyds TSB app as well - would make life easier.  Am sure it would look awesome on an 820 as well  ;)

Barclays banking application please. Also need a new phone so that I can give my wife my Nokia Lumia 800 as she has a BlackBerry Curve. I need to bring her into the touchscreen era.

Simples, I'd like the BBC iPlayer app to actually turn up! I mean, I know they've said they're working on it but still!
Either that or a live location based app for public transport, showing you how to get to somewhere and using your location to pull where the nearest and quickest options are! Don't know if thats what Nokia Transit is like, I've got an 8X :)

Lloyd TSB, iPlayer - 4OD etc. (TV services), Argos & Asda would be handy and Rightmove!