Nokia announces Lumia 928 destined for Verizon, available May 16th

Lumia 928 Verizon

Colour us surprised, but not so. Nokia has announced the Lumia 928, which will be heading to Verizon and will be available May 16th. According to a post over on Nokia Conversations, we're looking at a new flagship Windows Phone from Nokia that confirms previous rumoured specifications. Pricing for the Lumia 928 will be $99.99 after a $50 main-in-rebate, when taken out with a two-year contract. 

The Lumia 928 sports a 4.5-inch AMOLED display (PureMotion HD+), 8.7MP camera (PureView, Carl Zeiss, OIS and Xenon flash), 4G LTE connectivity, wireless charging, three HAAC microphones and a loud speaker. It's an improved Lumia 920. Check out a quick video with Ifi Majid, who heads up product marketing in North America, showing off the new Nokia Windows Phone:

As a limited time offer, those who purchase the Nokia Lumia 928 will get a $25 credit for Windows Phone apps and games.

Update: Nokia US added this video to introduce the Lumia 928 on Verizon, showing off unique features:

Source: Nokia Conversations


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Nokia announces Lumia 928 destined for Verizon, available May 16th


Great. Now that this is announced, perhaps we can stop pestering the rest of the World with posts about this only-American phone. :P

I wouldnt be so sure of that. The 920 at the time was exclusive because it was both new AND perhaps more importantly, a 4G phone. EE needed that hero device (amongst others such as the iPhone5 etc) to propel their 4G tariffs to market, which of course were EE's big selling and PR point. With that 4G tarriff excusivity ending and other UK carriers bringing competition, realistically the 928 could be available through any of the big names. However, this will seem insignificant when the true replacement for Nokia's flagship is announced next week... ;)
EE, by a mile have not been fantastic with me however, after a few bumps, im still glad everyday i took the plunge on my 920 with them. The experience and dare i say, excitement, of owning a high end Nokia in 2013 is great. Remember to live for now though man. :)

Honestly hate being a beta tester or first generation owner. (Lumia 920). Shouldn't be upset since EOS is coming. Still...

Not with the existence of Android on the market. Because of Android, no tech exist beyond 4-6 months without being called "old".

How the hell do you call 920 owners beta testers? That's pure rubbish. Are Samsung GS3 owners supposed to be pissed because they "beta tested" for the GS4? Of course not, 'cause that's ridiculous. New phones come out. Get over it. Not to mention we had pretty much this same phone 6 months ago while our friends on Verizon were waiting patiently with only rumors to hold them over. Stop feeling so entitled, and enjoy the phone you've got!

I be pissed or more or less jealous. Gs4 is not first generation, nor GS3. Lumia 920 with w8 is more or less first generation. So yeah owners of L920 are somewhat beta testers.

Nah, I'd say the 900 was first generation. If anything, those guys were "beta testers" and have a right to be pissed. I guess. But definitely not 920. There's absolutely nothing "beta" about that phone, especially compared to the 928m which is basically the same friggin' phone.
Believe me, everyone who bought a 920 on AT&T knew that eventually Nokia would come out with a variant, and eventually a newer flagship successor to the 920. Your phone doesn't get to keep it's brand new flagship status forever.
Honestly, you people amaze me.

Well mine crashes every day. I would say I'm beta testing WP8. It cannot handle some apps and I have to soft reset daily.

I have been waiting for this article for SO LONG. It feels really good to FINALLY have a release date of a flagship Nokia WP on Verizon! 

Ohohohokay, let me get this straight, I have had my eyes GLUED to my computer screen since the first rumor about the Nokia "Laser" last year, Nokia FINALLY after all this time officially announces it, and I am the ONLY one whos grateful that this phone is finally coming out, and doesn't give a crap about the colors? Really?

This means that maybe Instagram, temple run 2 and he pack joyride may be available around that time. Based off a rumor.

It's really annoying they don't publish whether the screen is RGB or pentile. Screen resolution specs are becoming as elastic and meaningless as contrast ratio specs on TV's are.

On their website, it does NOT say RGB stripe like the 920 does...might not be a good sign. I would have to see the screen in person to see if the resolution is high enough to make up for Pentile.

WTF.......Verizon gets this kicka@# phone with 32GB.
What does T-Mobile get??? A stripped down version. The Catwalk with only 16GB. What puzzles me is people upset about color options. At least Verizon is getting a true high end phone. Can't say the same for T-Mobile.

If you're referring to the 928 Engadget. If you're referring to the Catwalk I believe here but also on wmpower.

Obviously there are people using T-Mobile that would be glad to pay alot for a flagship device. ($549 is still a deal, though.) However, I'd say that most T-Mo customers would rather have a quality midrange device than pay outright for a high end one. T-Mobile markets towards that demographic.

How can you say they market to low end / mid level devices? Do they not have iPhone 5, note 2, G3, G4, HTC one? These are the top of the totem pole phones. I'm just saying give us Tmo customers at least one high end W8 with 32GB. I know everybody doesn't have money like some people. So I understand they gotta have low end phones. Enough is enough though. 16GB was acceptable back in 2010 for a HD7. Nowadays people need more than that. All I'm asking is for 1 phone compatible with the 920/928

Looks great and I learned a lot of features i hadn't tried before.  BUT! what's up with the speaker on the back of the phone!!  (0:15 of the second video)  Terrible just terrible.  It'll get muffled when laying flat.  I hope they took that into account.

Even more terrible is the micro USB port on the top of the phone.. Why on earth did they do that? Hope whatever they announce on the 14th and now on has it on the bottom like 920..

Looks like a great phone. I would have bought one and stayed on Verizon if they had it 6 months ago, but the 920 was only on ATT. When I'm up for another upgrade, we'll see what's up again...

920 owner here. Very slick design..love the squared side transition to curved glass face. Lighter...energy efficient amoled display. Good job Nokia!

How much will it be without contract?  I may need to ditch the 8x and head to Nokia and don't mind paying out of pocket to get it..

I wish the charging/chime would respond that quickly when I put my 920 on the wireless charging pad! Its not bad by any means but the delay is weird. My Pre never had such a delay.

Think I'll grab this on Verizon's Device Payment Program in case something new just happens to appear a few months after.

So the camera has no improvements over the Lumia 920 one besides the Xenon flash? Good, that way I can live with myself (and my 920). :)

anyone else notice these 2 items on the official specsheet at NOKIA US

those are STRANGE bands for just being a Verizon Device:

LTE network bands: 4, 13
WCDMA network: 900 MHz, 1700 - 2100 MHz, 2100 MHz, 1900 MHz, 850 MHz
is there a TMO version coming soon?

Has anyone done a spec to spec comparison? Looks like the only differences between 928 and 920 are the industrial design and the screen ?

Even better low light camera especially with the new XENON Flash in addition to LED Flash light, Much better Speakers... I want this phone with a 4.8 screen... ;)

That's why I want color. I'm grateful the phone finally released. I guess I assumed they would launch with colors like the 920..what to do, what to do?

What if they would release a special Post-mother's day unit with the red color. Just like what they did with the 822 for the valentine. Oh well a man can wish.

Awesome. I watched the Nokia video. Awesome. I might get this for the wife and dump her crappy tbolt and maybe get my son to switch from his icrapphone at that price. He uses his iPod for music so no loss there. And I'll wait for the next big thing, if I can, cuz that looks awesome, even without the sd card. Wow.

No microSD slot is a real bummer. Wish it had a smaller screen, too. I'll still probably end up getting it though.

i would take this over my current phone the 8X but i was able to upgrade and i didnt want to wait at all. too bad nokia could of gotten alot more customers in the US if you just realeased the 920 on all the carriers.

Colored aluminum may take longer to create than black and white. How come the iPhone has only black and white? Nokia has the chops, they will release a colored aluminum phone soon. Great phone, lighter and more powerful camera and mics, like the look too, and my cyan 920 is no slouch.

TAKE MY MONEY! Just wish there were more colors and was on AT&T.

I knew Nokia was gonna release a high end Lumia like this. This has an AMOLED display-something the L920(IPS) lacked (I miss my Infinite contrast ratio, perfect 180° viewing angle that my L900 has), and should be less taxing on the battery with dark colors and blacks.

This is all great and awesome and what not guys, but I would like to revisit a gripe a few of us had a a little while ago, if I may. And this is regarding group messaging/texting, more specifically, the lack there-of.
There were some rumblings on the forums that there is a remedy on the way, slated to arrive in May. So is this still a feature we wil have to live without till this update? For those of us (i.e. me) who do not rely on social media and still pay for text messaging, group texting is a very helpful and convinient way of carrying a conversation.
So my conundrum is do i stick with my trophy which does everything the phone is supposed to adequately and wait it out or switch to this amazing phone we've all been waiting, nay, dieing for, and live without a feature that I and many like me rely on heavily and hobble an otherwise amazing smartphone experience.

One of the most interesting things to me is no change in the base specs.  And while I know Windows Phone 8 runs well on current hardware (dual core 1.5 Ghz CPU, 1 gig ram, 32 GB storage, 720P) do we know the same will be true on Windows Phone 9?  Where is a little future proofing with improved specs - 2 GB RAM, Quad Core, and 64 GB storage (HTC One equivalent).  Don't tell me no one uses 64 GB and therefore we don't need it.  I know people putting a 64 GB card into their 32 GB GS3.  Also,  there are still people that buy phones because they want a little future insurance with a higher specced device and also there are now games that can take up to 1 GB on a phone and with some HD movies that 32 GB can disappear pretty quickly.  And I guess we'll have to wait for Windows Phone blue to see 1080P phones because windows phone only supports 720P at this time.

Another exclusivity agreement? Nokia never tires of failing I see. No wonder they're plastered all over the news about their investors wanting to lynch them.

Any idea when the preorders will start for this device. Verizon has nothing on thier site that this phone is even being offered on the 16th

Nokia is in a really good period ! So much new smartphones for the brand, and good smartphones ! That's so good to see that Nokia is not dead ! This new phone confirms the new era of the company. The Lumia's phones are great and now the other brands like Samsung, Apple, HTC and others must be careful. In addition, Nokia is going to show that Windows OS is also a good choice. I'm really impatient to see the new iPhone 6 and iOS 7 to compare these phones !

I'm fine with basic black, but I can't understand why there is no SD card? My basic music collection takes about 16GB...and that's AFTER taking the worthless songs out! Add in the data for offline maps, translator and HD video, and that little bit of memory will run out quick. My 822's internal memory is more than half gone and that's just from apps!
BTW, what's the deal with Pandora not being able to run while recording video? And why aren't there any non-skid cases for the 822 available? Sheesh!